3 Wheel Motorcycle License, Registration, and Insurance in Alaska

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Ready to get on the road with your trike or autocycle?

Keep reading for an overview of the licensing, registration, and insurance requirements for 3-wheel motorcycles in Alaska.

Do you Need a Motorcycle License for a Trike in Alaska?

Yes, you’ll need to hold a valid motorcycle license to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle. 

If you complete the Alaska motorcycle skills test requirements on a trike, your motorcycle license will be limited to 3-wheel motorcycles only. 

For more information, please check out our guide on how to get a motorcycle license in Alaska.

Do you Need a Motorcycle License for an Autocycle in Alaska?

In Alaska, a motorcycle license is required to operate an autocycle like a Slingshot.

Alaska 3 Wheel Motorcycle License Test

In order to get a trike motorcycle license, you’ll need to:

  • Pass a motorcycle knowledge exam. 
  • Pass a motorcycle skills test. 

If you complete an approved motorcycle training course, you will not be required to take the skills test and written exam with the AK DMV.

You’ll have the option of completing the skills test/rider course on a 3-wheel motorcycle, but doing so will limit your license to trikes ONLY.

Prepare for your DMV tests with our Alaska motorcycle permit practice test

Be sure to refer to your state’s motorcycle operator handbook and the 3-wheel motorcycle supplement from MSF. 

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How to Register a Trike or Autocycle in Alaska

Alaska title and registration for 3-wheel motorcycles, trikes, and autocycles is a similar process to that of 2-wheel motorcycles. 

In general, you’ll need the following items and information:

  • Proof of ownership (Title, MCO, previous registration documents, Bill of Sale).
  • An application for registration and title. 
  • Proof of completion of any necessary safety inspections. 
  • Proof of insurance coverage. 
  • Payment for your license plates, registration fees, and taxes. 

For more details on registering and titling your trike or autocycle, please refer to our guides on the following topics:

Alaska Insurance Requirements for 3-Wheel Motorcycles and Autocycles

You’ll need to have a valid motorcycle insurance policy in order to register and operate a trike or autocycle in Alaska. 

The minimum liability coverage you’ll need is $50K per person bodily injury, $100K per accident bodily injury, and $25K for property damage per accident. 

The right insurance coverage is a good idea to protect yourself, your financial health, and your vehicle in the event of an accident, theft, or damage. 

Get more details in our guide to motorcycle insurance here. 

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Note that state laws and regulations are subject to change, for any questions or further details about 3-wheel motorcycles in Alaska, please contact the DMV or visit their official website.