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Trike Motorcycle Sizes, Weight, Dimensions


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A 3-wheel motorcycle, whether it is factory standard or a kit conversion, is going to be a bit bigger than its 2-wheel cousins. 

This page will provide you with a quick overview of what to expect in terms of the weight and size of a trike. 

Remember, 3-wheel motorcycles will handle a lot differently than 2-wheel motorcycles. The extra weight and size is part of that. 

How Much Does a Trike Weigh

Adding an extra wheel, a larger axel, changing the suspension, and swapping out the final drive can add some considerable weight to a motorcycle. 

However, trikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The exact curb weight will depend on the design and overall size of the trike. Just like standard motorcycles, some makes of trikes lean towards the heavier side than others. 

If you go with a smaller, scooter-type trike, you can expect an average weight of about 600 to 700 pounds. 

Most motorcycle-oriented trikes and cruiser trikes will weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,200 pounds. 

Here are some of the rough weights of some popular trike models:

  • Can-Am Ryker: ~620 lbs.
  • Can-Am Spyder: ~1,000 lbs. 
  • Harley-Davidson Tri Glide: ~1,200 lbs. 
  • Honda Goldwing Trikes: ~1,100 lbs. 
  • Piaggio MP3 500: ~550 lbs. 
  • Yamaha Niken GT: ~600 lbs. 

How Much does a Harley Trike Weigh

Just like the weight of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Harley trikes trend towards the heavier size. 

For example, the Harley-Davidson Tri Glide models all weigh about 1,200 pounds dry. 

How Much does a Honda Goldwing Trike Weigh

The Honda Goldwing is a popular base motorcycle for adding a trike conversion kit. 

A 2-wheel Goldwing is a fairly heavy motorcycle at about 900 pounds. 

The conversion kit typically adds about 300 to 400 additional pounds, which places most Honda Goldwing trikes (GL1800 and GL1500 models) at about 1,100 to 1,200 pounds. 

How Wide is a Trike Motorcycle

Adding an extra wheel will obviously increase the overall width of a trike motorcycle. 

This is the main factor in changing how a 3-wheel motorcycle handles compared to a 2-wheel motorcycle. Specifically, a 3-wheel motorcycle will typically:

  • Corner and turn much differently. 
  • Require a full lane and eliminate more granular lane positioning. 
  • Stop and accelerate differently. 

If you’re used to riding 2-wheel motorcycles, it is a good idea to get yourself used to the extra width and differences in turning before riding in traffic. 

Most motorcycle trikes range from about 50 to 66 inches wide at the widest point. 

Scooter-oriented trikes are much smaller at about 30 to 35 inches wide. 

  • Can-Am trikes range from about 55 to 62 inches wide.
  • Harley trikes run about 55 to 57 inches wide.
  • Honda Goldwing Trike kits typically run around 57 to 62 inches wide. 

Exact width will vary depending on the design, features, and wheel size. 

How Wide is a Harley-Davidson Trike

Harley-Davidson Tri-Glides are some of the larger trikes you can ride. 

These models will typically be about 55 inches wide.

How Long is a Trike

For the most part, trike motorcycles are about the same length as 2-wheel motorcycles. 

Cruiser-type trikes typically range from about 85 to 110 inches long.

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