Motorcycle Written Test Questions & Answers

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Use this free motorcycle practice test to test your knowledge and prepare for the written test you’ll need to pass in order to receive your motorcycle license.

These sample questions are just like the ones you might encounter on the real test. (Answer key at the bottom).

1. Which of the following should your NOT do when carrying a passenger on your motorcycle?

  • A) Brake earlier when stopping
  • B) Ride faster than normal
  • C) Keep more space around you

2. What does over ridding the headlights mean?

  • A) Riding too fast at night
  • B) The high beam headlight is off
  • C) Oncoming car lights don’t hit you

3. What does a wobble describe?

  • A) A new rider
  • B) A faulty brake
  • C) The front wheel and handlebars shake quickly

4. What do brightly colored and reflective helmets and clothing do?

  • A) Make motorcycle riders easier to see
  • B) Should only be worn while riding at night
  • C) Do not do much in terms of visibility

5. What should you do if you must travel on a slippery road?

  • A) Keep the bike upright
  • B) Grab the brakes hard to get traction
  • C) Slow down and coast with your feet on the roadway if necessary and keep the bike as upright as possible

6. How does a rider start a lean on their motorcycle?

  • A) Press in the direction of the turn
  • B) Turn the handlebars
  • C) Lean away from the turn

7. Which of the following is the safest place to ride?

  • A) In a car’s blind spot
  • B) Next to other cars
  • C) In a lane with no traffic

8. A lane of traffic provides how many paths of travel for a motorcycle?

  • A) 3
  • B) 2
  • C) 1

9. What should you do if a dog begins chasing your motorcycle?

  • A) Disrupt its timing
  • B) Kick it
  • C) Stop

10. Where does the majority of a motorcycle’s stopping power come from?

  • A) Engine breaking
  • B) Clutch
  • C) Front brake

About the Motorcycle License Written Test

Regardless of whether your state requires you to take your motorcycle written test at the DMV or if it allows you to waive the DMV test with a motorcycle safety course, you still need to pass a knowledge exam.

If your state DMV allows you to complete rider’s education to skip your written knowledge exam, you’ll still be taking a written test as part of the classroom portion of the course.

Some states allow you to complete a rider education course to skip the skills test, but still require you to pass the written test at the DMV.

Everything you’ll need to know in order to pass the motorcycle knowledge test is found in your state’s motorcycle operator manual or will be covered in the classroom training part of your rider education course.

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Most of the motorcycle written exam will cover scenarios regarding traffic safety, bike operation and maintenance, and rider safety. Topics you’ll find in the motorcycle operator manual include:

  • Preparing to Ride – gear, motorcycle inspections, rider responsibilities.
  • Riding within Your Abilities – control, following distance, spotting hazards, dangerous situations, group riding.
  • Being in Shape to Ride – alcohol and drugs, reducing risks.
  • Earning your license – process and requirements.
  • Hand signals.
  • Pre-ride checklist.
  • State specific motorcycle laws and regulations.

The test will include a mix of multiple choice and/or true/false responses. Remember, there’s always only going to be one correct answer. If you are unsure, go for the answer that results in the safest outcome.

Motorcycle License Written Test Details by State

Find your state below to see how many questions are on the motorcycle knowledge exam, what score you’ll need to pass, and whether or not completion of a motorcycle rider education course will waive your written test requirements.

State NameNumber of QuestionsPassing ScoreDoes Rider Education Waive the Written Test?
Alabama3024 (80%)Yes
Alaska2520 (80%)Yes
Arizona3025 (83%)Yes
Arkansas2520 (80%)No
California3024 (80%)No
Colorado2521 (84%)Yes
Connecticut1612 (75%)No
Delaware2520 (80%)Yes
Florida2520 (80%)Yes
Georgia2015 (75%)Yes
Hawaii2520 (80%)No
Idaho2520 (80%)No
Illinois1512 (80%)Yes
Indiana2521 (84%)Yes
Iowa2520 (80%)No
Kansas2520 (80%)Yes
Kentucky3024 (80%)No
Louisiana2520 (80%)Yes
Maine2520 (80%)Yes
Maryland2521 (84%)Yes
Massachusetts2518 (72%)No
Michigan2016 (80%)Yes
Minnesota4032 (80%)No
Mississippi2520 (80%)No
Missouri2520 (80%)Yes
Montana2520 (80%)No
Nebraska2520 (80%)Yes
Nevada2520 (80%)Yes
New Hampshire2520 (80%)Yes
New Jersey5040 (80%)Yes
New Mexico2520 (80%)Yes
New York2014 (70%)No
North Carolina3729 (78%)Yes
North Dakota2520 (80%)No
Ohio4030 (75%)No
Oklahoma2520 (80%)Yes
Oregon3528 (80%)Yes
Pennsylvania2016 (80%)No
Rhode Island2520 (80%)Yes
South Carolina3024 (80%)No
South Dakota2519 (76%)Yes
Tennessee3024 (80%)Yes
Texas2016 (80%)Yes
Utah2520 (80%)No
Vermont2520 (80%)Yes
Virginia2520 (80%)Yes
Washington2520 (80%)Yes
Washington DC2520 (80%)No
West Virginia2519 (76%)No
Wisconsin2520 (80%)Yes
Wyoming2520 (80%)Yes

Motorcycle Rider’s Handbook

The motorcycle rider handbook is where you’ll find all the questions and answers for your written test. Be sure to read through it and study before taking the test.

Below you’ll find a link to the PDF version of your state’s motorcycle operator manual. Some states use their own, while others use a version of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s manual.

Answer Key

  1. B) Ride faster than normal
  2. A) Riding too fast at night
  3. C) The front wheel and handlebars shake quickly
  4. A) Make motorcycle riders easier to see
  5. C) Slow down and coast with your feet on the roadway if necessary and keep the bike as upright as possible
  6. A) Press in the direction of the turn
  7. C) In a lane with no traffic
  8. A) 3
  9. A) Disrupt its timing
  10. C) Front brake

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