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A motorcycle can be parked in which of the following places?


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A motorcycle can be parked in which of the following places?

  1. In the striped space next to a handicap parking space.
  2. On the sidewalk.
  3. In an empty parking space.
  4. Between two vehicles that are already parked in adjacent parking spaces.

Find the answer to this question and an explanation below. 


This topic may show up on your motorcycle permit test. 

The answer is: C. In an empty parking space.

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Explanation: Parking a Motorcycle

In order to pass your motorcycle permit exams and to become a safe rider, it’s important to know why a particular answer on the motorcycle written test is correct. 

Due to their smaller size, some new riders mistakenly think that they can park their motorcycle anywhere. 

However, parking rules for motorcycles are the same as any other vehicle. 

You can only park your motorcycle in marked parking spaces or along the curb, unless indicated by a painted curb color or No Parking signs. 

Motorcycles must never block a handicap access space, a sidewalk, or any other place where parking a vehicle is prohibited. 

Parking your motorcycle where it is not allowed can result in a parking violation or having your motorcycle towed. 

Additionally, motorcycles are entitled to a full parking space of their own. In some parking lots, there may be motorcycle-specific parking spaces. 

You can find more information about this topic in the motorcycle rider’s handbook.

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