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From both ahead and behind, a motorcycle’s outline is ________.


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From both ahead and behind, a motorcycle’s outline is ________.

  1. Easy to see. 
  2. Slightly larger than a car’s.
  3. About the same as a car’s.
  4. Much smaller than a car’s.

Find the answer to this question and an explanation below. 


This topic may show up on your motorcycle permit test. 

The answer is: D. Much smaller than a car’s.

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Explanation: Being Seen on a Motorcycle

In order to pass your motorcycle permit exams and to become a safe rider, it’s important to know why a particular answer on the motorcycle written test is correct. 

Given their size, a motorcycle’s overall outline when viewed from the front or the back is much smaller than a car’s outline. 

In many collisions involving a motorcycle and a passenger car, the driver of the passenger car often claims they never saw the motorcycle at all. 

Additionally, many drivers are not consciously looking out for motorcyclists. 

These two factors work against motorcyclists, so making yourself as visible as possible is key to avoiding collisions. 

Some ways you can make it easier to be seen by other drivers on your motorcycle include:

  • Wearing bright colors and reflective clothing. 
  • Turn on your headlight at all times. 
  • Using turn signals and hand signals. 
  • Make sure you have a working and visible brake light. 
  • Use your mirrors and check your blind spots. 
  • Use your horn when necessary. 

Unfortunately, increasing your visibility is never going to completely remove the risk of another driver not seeing you and causing a potential collision. 

Some of the best advice for motorcyclists is to pretend that you are invisible. Be proactive in avoiding hazards and behave as if the drivers you are near do not see you. 

You can find more information about this topic in the motorcycle rider’s handbook.

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