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If your motorcycle’s chain breaks while riding:


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If your motorcycle’s chain breaks while riding:

  1. The rear wheel will immediately lock up.
  2. The rear wheel will immediately lose power.
  3. The front wheel will lock up.
  4. The rear brake will not work. 

Find the answer to this question and an explanation below. 


This topic may show up on your motorcycle permit test. 

The answer is: B. The rear wheel will immediately lose power.

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Explanation: Motorcycle Chain Problems

In order to pass your motorcycle permit exams and to become a safe rider, it’s important to know why a particular answer on the motorcycle written test is correct. 

A broken chain or belt while riding will result in an immediate loss of power to the rear wheel. 

If this happens, you should close the throttle, apply the brakes, and stop your motorcycle in a safe spot off of the road. 

A broken drive chain will often be thrown from the bike, creating a hazard for you and others around you. 

In some circumstances, the drive chain may get caught or slapped and can result in a cracked engine case.

A motorcycle chain hitting your leg or anything else can cause some serious damage. That is another reason why it is important to always wear protective motorcycle pants. 

If your engine case is damaged by a broken chain, the chances are high that it will not be able to be repaired. 

You can prevent a broken chain or belt with proper maintenance and inspection. 

Inspecting your chain should be part of your pre-ride inspection as well. 

Motorcycle chains should be kept clean and lubricated with the appropriate amount of slack. 

If the chain is stretched or the teeth on the front and rear gears are worn, you should replace the chain and gears altogether. 

You can find more information about this topic in the motorcycle rider’s handbook.

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