When riding with a passenger, you should instruct the passenger to:

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When riding with a passenger, you should instruct the passenger to:

  1. Sit as far back in the seat as possible. 
  2. Stay directly behind you and lean with you through curves. 
  3. Get on the motorcycle before you do. 
  4. Place their feet on the ground when you are stopped. 

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This topic may show up on your motorcycle permit test. 

The answer is: B. Stay directly behind you and lean with you through curves. 

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Explanation: Riding with Passengers

In order to pass your motorcycle permit exams and to become a safe rider, it’s important to know why a particular answer on the motorcycle written test is correct. 

When you ride a motorcycle with a passenger, there are some preparations you’ll need to make to ensure the ride goes safely. 

First, you’ll need to make sure your motorcycle is ready to ride with a passenger. You should check and adjust your tire pressure, suspension, and headlight to make sure everything is properly adjusted. 

Additionally, you should be aware that your motorcycle will handle differently with the added weight of the passenger. If you’ve never ridden with a passenger before, you should take some time to practice outside of traffic. 

When you ride in traffic with a passenger for the first time, go slower than you normally would and give yourself more space to stop and maneuver. 

Finally, you’ll want to provide your passenger with instructions and rules for the ride. Some things you should tell them include:

  • Mount the motorcycle after you have got on and started the engine. 
  • Sit far forward without crowding you. 
  • Hold on firmly to your waist, belt, or passenger handholds. 
  • Keep their feet firmly on the footrests at all times. 
  • Keep their legs and arms away from the exhaust and any moving parts. 
  • Sit directly behind you and lean with you through turns and curves. 
  • Avoid any sudden movements or unnecessary conversation.

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