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You should be sure to check your motorcycle’s mirrors:

Use this motorcycle practice test question to prepare for the real written exam at the DMV or during your motorcycle safety course

You should be sure to check your motorcycle’s mirrors:

  1. As part of your normal scanning routine. 
  2. Before slowing down or stopping.
  3. Before changing lanes.
  4. All of these.

Find the answer to this question and an explanation below. 


This topic may show up on your motorcycle permit test. 

The answer is: D. All of these.

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Explanation: Checking your Mirrors

In order to pass your motorcycle permit exams and to become a safe rider, it’s important to know why a particular answer on the motorcycle written test is correct. 

Your motorcycle’s mirrors allow you to see the road behind you and next to you, and are a valuable tool in being able to see what is happening around you. 

Checking your mirrors should be a part of your normal scanning routine as you ride, and you should also make sure to check them before:

  • Changing lanes. 
  • Slowing down. 
  • Coming to a stop. 

Checking your mirrors before you slow down or stop can help you avoid being hit from behind. If you see that a vehicle behind you is distracted or approaching at too high a speed, you should get out of the way. 

Remember, you must also move your head to check your blind spots as part of your normal scans and before changing lanes. 

You can find more information about this topic in the motorcycle rider’s handbook.

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