Maryland ATV Registration & OHV Permits

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If you plan to enjoy Maryland’s off-road riding areas and trails, you’ll want to know the OHV permit requirements and ATV/UTV laws you’ll need to follow. 

This page will provide you with the details on OHV stickers and ATV registration for Maryland residents and out-of-state visitors. 

For more information and other details regarding ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles and recreation areas, please visit,, or your local county’s website. 

Maryland ATV Registration Requirements & ORV Stickers

Title and registration is required for Maryland ATVs. OHV permits are required depending on where you plan to ride your off-road vehicle. 

First, you’ll need to title and register your ATV with the Maryland MVA. To do so, you’ll need the following:

When you purchase an ATV from a dealership, they’ll typically be able to process the title for you and issue your ORV title decal. 

Where to Buy an OHV Permit in Maryland?

ATV titles are applied for through the MD MVA. 

Off-road permits can be purchased from the organization that controls the off road trails. 

For DNR permits, visit: 

For county road permits, visit your local county’s website. 

Maryland OHV Permit Cost

The titling fees for ATVs include:

  • Maryland Title: $35. 
  • Title Decal: $5. 

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ATV & Off-Road Vehicle Laws in Maryland

Be sure to check the rules, regulations and fees for the Maryland off-road trails you plan on riding. Local laws and regulations may vary. 

Riders must hold a valid driver’s license. 

Eye protection and a DOT-approved helmet is required. 

Regardless of whether a particular state or trail requires it, ATV/UTV and dirt bike riders and passengers should always wear the proper safety equipment and helmets while riding. 

Never operate an off-road vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Failing to obey the off-road vehicle laws of Maryland and the local jurisdiction may result in tickets, fines, and penalties. 

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