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Cost of an ATV (New & Used Average Prices)


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Are you looking to purchase a new or used ATV?

The cost and value of your All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) will depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The type of ATV.
  • The size of the engine.
  • Extra features and add-ons (winch, heated seats, etc.).
  • The condition of the 4 wheeler (new vs. used).

Whether you’re interested in the latest model or you’re interested in a used ATV, this page will give you a better understanding of different price ranges you can expect. 

Plus, if you’re interested in selling your ATV, you can find out how much yours is worth. 

How Much Does an ATV cost?

How Much is a Quad?

The cost of a four-wheeler can range quite a bit depending on a number of different factors.

On average, an ATV will cost between $5,000 to $15,000. 

Based on new quad models from top manufacturers, the average price is about $8,250 for a new ATV.

The price of an ATV will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Brand and manufacturer.
  • Engine size. 
  • Suspension. 
  • Tires. 
  • Additional features and accessories. 
  • Basic vs. premium specs. 

Sport ATVs tend to be less expensive than Utility ATVs due to being generally smaller in size, with less power, and fewer accessories and features. 

Small-size youth ATVs typically range from $2,000 to $5,000 with engine sizes in the 50cc to 250cc range. 

ATV TypeEngine SizePrice Range
Sport250cc to 450cc$5,000 to $11,000
Sport600cc to 750cc$7,500 to $11,000
Sport1000cc+$11,000 to $15,000
Utility250cc to 475cc$5,000 to $9,000
Utility550cc to 750cc$6,000 to $11,000
Utility750cc to 850cc$9,000 to $13,000
Utility1000cc+$12,000 to $15,000

One of the biggest factors in determining the cost of an ATV typically comes down to the size of its engine. 

In general, a larger engine means a faster, more powerful ATV that is larger in size and weight. This can all add to the cost. 

Next, additional premium specs and optional features can add to the final price tag. Some common ones include:

  • Power steering. 
  • Decent control. 
  • Engine braking systems. 
  • Winches. 
  • Advanced suspension. 
  • 4-wheel drive. 
  • Snorkel kits for riding through the water. 
  • Camo and hunting accessories. 
  • Lighting features. 
  • GPS navigation. 

ATV Cost by Popular Makes & Models

Refer to the list below for estimated MSRP on 4x4s from popular makes.

MakeModelATV TypeEstimated Cost
Arctic CatAlterra TRV 700 EPSSport$10,699
Arctic CatAlterra 450Sport/Utility$6,599
Arctic CatAlterra 600 EPSSport/Utility$8,799
Arctic CatAlterra 600 XTSport/Utility$9,199
Arctic CatAlterra 600 LTDSport/Utility$9,899
Arctic CatAlterra 600 SESport/Utility$10,399
Arctic CatAlterra 300Utility$4,649
Arctic CatAlterra 90Youth$3,359
HondaFourtrax ReconUtility$4,499
HondaFourtrax RancherUtility$5,599
HondaFourtrax Foreman 4×4Utility$7,499
HondaFourtrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4 EPSUtility$8,899
HondaFourtrax RinconUtility$9,499
PolarisScrambler 850Sport$11,599
PolarisSportsman XP 1000 SSport$16,599
PolarisScrambler XP 1000 S Limited EditionSport$16,599
PolarisSportsman 450 H.O.Utility$6,699
PolarisSportsman 450Utility$7,499
PolarisSportsman 850Utility$9,999
PolarisSportsman XP 1000Utility$14,499
PolarisSportsman Touring 570Utility/Touring$8,899
PolarisSportsman Touring 850Utility/Touring$12,699
PolarisSportsman Touring XP 1000 TrailUtility/Touring$14,599
PolarisOutlaw 70 EFIYouth$2,399
PolarisOutlaw 110 EFIYouth$3,599
PolarisSportsman 110Youth$3,599
PolarisPhoenix 200Youth$4,499
YamahaRaprtor 700Sport$8,799
YamahaRaptor 700RSport$9,399
YamahaRaptor 700R SESport$9,999
YamahaYFZ450R SESport$10,199
YamahaKodiak 450Utility$6,499
YamahaKodiak 700Utility$7,599
YamahaKodiak 450 EPSUtility$7,599
YamahaKodiak 450 EPS SEUtility$7,899
YamahaKodiak 700 EPSUtility$9,199
YamahaKodiak 700 EPS SEUtility$10,199
YamahaGrizzly EPSUtility$10,699
YamahaGrizzly EPS SEUtility$10,899
YamahaGrizzly EPS XT-RUtility$11,299
YamahaRaptor 90Youth$3,199
YamahaGrizzly 90Youth$3,199

How Much is a UTV/Side-by-Side?

When comparing a Side-by-Side UTV (SxS) to a 4×4 Quad, you can usually expect to pay a little more. 

UTVs are typically more expensive than ATVs due to:

  • Larger, more powerful engines. 
  • Larger size.
  • Additional features for towing and hauling. 
  • Passenger seating. 
  • Safety features. 

On average, a new UTV will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $26,000 depending on the make, model, and included features. 

Based on the average MSRP of popular UTV models, the average price of a new UTV is about $19,999.

UTV Cost by Popular Makes & Models

Refer to the list below for estimated MSRPs on UTVs from popular makes.

MakeModelSxS TypeEstimated Cost
Arctic CatWildcat XX SESport$22,999
Arctic CatWildcat XX LTDSport$22,499
Arctic CatWildcat XXSport$21,499
Arctic CatProwler Pro Crew LTDSport/Utility$19,499
Arctic CatProwler Pro Crew XTSport/Utility$19,099
Arctic CatProwler Pro LTDSport/Utility$16,999
Arctic CatProwler Pro XTSport/Utility$16,599
Arctic CatProwler Pro Crew EPSUtility$15,999
Arctic CatProwler Pro EPSUtility$14,399
Arctic CatProwler 500Utility$10,399
HondaTalon 1000X-4 SESport$26,999
HondaTalon 1000R SESport$26,099
HondaTalon 1000X-4 Fox Live ValveSport$23,999
HondaTalon 1000R Fox Live ValveSport$23,099
HondaTalon 1000X Fox Live ValveSport$22,099
HondaTalon 1000X-4Sport$21,999
HondaTalon 1000RSport$20,999
HondaTalon 1000XSport$19,999
HondaPioneer 1000-5 SEUtility$23,999
HondaPioneer 1000 SEUtility$21,999
HondaPioneer 1000-5Utility$17,299
HondaPioneer 1000Utility$15,899
HondaPioneer 700-4Utility$12,399
HondaPioneer 700Utility$10,999
HondaPioneer 520Utility$9,599
HondaPioneer 500Utility$8,599
PolarisRZR Pro R 4Sport$35,999
PolarisRZR Pro R 4Sport$35,999
PolarisRZR Pro RSport$31,999
PolarisRZR Turbo R 4Sport$29,999
PolarisRZR Turbo R 4Sport$29,999
PolarisRZR XP 4 1000 High LifterSport$27,999
PolarisRZR Pro XP 4Sport$25,999
PolarisRZR Turbo RSport$25,999
PolarisRZR Pro XP 4Sport$25,999
PolarisRZR XP 4 1000Sport$23,999
PolarisRZR XP 4 1000Sport$23,999
PolarisRZR Pro XPSport$22,999
PolarisRZR XP 1000Sport$20,499
PolarisRZR RS1Sport$17,999
PolarisRZR Trail SSport$16,699
PolarisRZR TrailSport$14,499
PolarisRZR Trail 570Sport$11,999
PolarisGeneral XP 4 1000Sport/Utility$27,699
PolarisGeneral XP 1000Sport/Utility$25,299
PolarisGeneral 4 1000Sport/Utility$24,199
PolarisGeneral 1000Sport/Utility$16,999
PolarisRanger XP KineticUtility$24,999
PolarisRanger Crew XP 1000Utility$20,399
PolarisRanger XP 1000Utility$18,799
PolarisRanger Crew 1000Utility$15,499
PolarisRanger 1000Utility$13,999
PolarisRanger Crew 570 Full-SizeUtility$13,799
PolarisRanger EVUtility$13,699
PolarisRanger Crew SP 570Utility$12,599
PolarisRanger 570 Full-SizeUtility$11,699
PolarisRanger SP 570Utility$10,999
PolarisRanger 500Utility$9,999
YamahaYXZ1000R SS XT-RSport$23,299
YamahaYXZ1000R SS SESport$21,199
YamahaYXZ1000R SSSport$20,499
YamahaWolverine RMAX4 1000 XT-RSport/Utility$25,499
YamahaWolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-RSport/Utility$23,899
YamahaWolverine RMAX4 1000 R-SpecSport/Utility$22,699
YamahaWolverine RMAX2 1000 SportSport/Utility$22,599
YamahaWolverine RMAX2 1000 R-SpecSport/Utility$20,699
YamahaWolverine X4 850 XT-RSport/Utility$18,999
YamahaWolverine X4 850 R-SpecSport/Utility$17,399
YamahaWolverine X2 850 XT-RSport/Utility$16,499
YamahaWolverine X2 850 R-SpecSport/Utility$15,399
YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch EditionUtility$15,999
YamahaViking VI EPSUtility$14,699
YamahaViking EPS Ranch EditionUtility$14,599
YamahaViking EPSUtility$13,899

Price of a Used ATV

Buying a used quad is a great way to get into off-roading for a cheaper price. 

Used ATV prices will typically range from about $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the make, model year, features, and condition. 

On average, you can expect to save anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on a used ATV compared to a new model. 

The price you can sell your ATV for will also depend on your local market. Do some digging on Craigslist or use the KBB or NADA powersports price guides as a starting point. 

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