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ATV Size & Weight by Engine CCs


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Depending on what style and engine CCs you go with, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are available in a wide range of sizes and weights. 

How Much Does an ATV Weigh?

On average, you’ll find ATVs in the following ranges:

  • Average dry weight: 200 to 950 lbs.
  • Average length: 44 to 95”
  • Average width: 30 to 50”

The overall dimensions and weight of the ATV will vary depending on:

  • Whether it’s a sport, utility, or youth quad.
  • The size of the engine. 
  • Additional design features. 

Considering what size ATV you should get is important. Certain sizes are better suited for different types of riding, and some ATVs may actually be too big for certain trails. 

Continue reading to learn more about the weight and dimensions of ATVs by the size of their engine.  

ATV Dry Weight vs Wet Weight or Curb Weight

When looking at the listed weight for a particular ATV or UTV, make a note of whether it is listed as the vehicle’s dry weight or wet weight.

Dry weight refers to the weight of the vehicle without an fuel, oil, or other consumables added.

Wet weight refers to the weight of the vehicle when there is gas in the tanks and oil in the engine.

ATV Size & Weight by Engine Size

Use the table below to get an idea of the size and weight ranges for different ATVs by engine size. 

Weight ranges are given as the “dry” weight, which means without oil, fuel, cargo, passengers, etc. 

ATV Engine SizeWeight (Dry)LengthWidth
50cc200 to 230 lbs.44 to 58″30 to 35″
70cc225 to 265 lbs.44 to 58″30 to 35″
90cc250 to 270 lbs.55 to 65″35 to 40″
200cc350 to 420 lbs.65 to 70″40 to 45″
250cc375 to 460 lbs.65 to 75″40 to 45″
300cc475 to 550 lbs.70 to 75″40 to 45″
350cc490 to 575 lbs.70 to 80″40 to 45″
400cc500 to 590 lbs.70 to 85″40 to 50″
450cc525 to 675 lbs.70 to 85″40 to 50″
500cc600 to 700 lbs.70 to 92″40 to 50″
650cc610 to 725 lbs.82 to 92″40 to 50″
700cc650 to 800 lbs.80 to 92″40 to 50″
800cc675 to 825 lbs.80 to 95″40 to 50″
1000cc775 to 950 lbs.85 to 95″40 to 50″

ATV Weight Chart

Here is a chart that shows how much a quad weighs on average by engine size.

ATV Engine SizeWeight (Dry)
50cc200 to 230 lbs.
70cc225 to 265 lbs.
90cc250 to 270 lbs.
200cc350 to 420 lbs.
250cc375 to 460 lbs.
300cc475 to 550 lbs.
350cc490 to 575 lbs.
400cc500 to 590 lbs.
450cc525 to 675 lbs.
500cc600 to 700 lbs.
650cc610 to 725 lbs.
700cc650 to 800 lbs.
800cc675 to 825 lbs.
1000cc775 to 950 lbs.

How Wide is an ATV?

Check out the table below for average ATV widths by engine size.

ATV Engine SizeWidth
50cc30 to 35″
70cc30 to 35″
90cc35 to 40″
200cc40 to 45″
250cc40 to 45″
300cc40 to 45″
350cc40 to 45″
400cc40 to 50″
450cc40 to 50″
500cc40 to 50″
650cc40 to 50″
700cc40 to 50″
800cc40 to 50″
1000cc40 to 50″

How Long is an ATV?

Refer to the table below to get an idea of the average length of an ATV by engine size. 

ATV Engine SizeLength
50cc44 to 58″
70cc44 to 58″
90cc55 to 65″
200cc65 to 70″
250cc65 to 75″
300cc70 to 75″
350cc70 to 80″
400cc70 to 85″
450cc70 to 85″
500cc70 to 92″
650cc82 to 92″
700cc80 to 92″
800cc80 to 95″
1000cc85 to 95″

What size ATV do you need? (ATV Weight by Type)

The appropriate size and weight ATV for you will depend on where and how you want to ride. 

In most cases, larger dimensions and weights are associated with bigger engines and/or features. 

For the most part, Sport ATVs will be slightly lighter than Utility ATVs. 

And, a bigger engine typically means a faster, more powerful vehicle. 

A bigger ATV may be better suited for hauling cargo or being put to work. While a lighter ATV will be easier to handle on narrow trails and over rough terrain. 

If you’re new to riding ATVs or are introducing your child to off-roading, a lighter, less powerful quad is often the best choice. 

You’ll also need to consider where you’ll be riding. 

If you’re working in open fields with a utility ATV, overall dimensions are less of a concern. 

But, if you plan to ride on trails and need to transport your ATV back and forth – you should probably pay attention to the dimensions of your 4×4. 

For example, many off-road riding trails come with ATV width restrictions of no wider than 50.”

ATVs that exceed the posted width restriction may have a difficult time navigating through the trails, crossing bridges, and getting through gates.

Will an ATV fit in the bed of a truck?

Another important consideration you’ll need to make when choosing the size ATV you want is how you’re going to transport it from place to place. 

If you have a trailer to tow your ATV, the overall size may be less of a concern.

But, if you plan to transport your ATV in the back of your pickup truck, you’ll definitely need to make sure it fits. 

Most full-size pickup trucks are able to fit any standard sized ATV. 

However, smaller and mid-sized pickup capacity may vary. 

Before trying to load your ATV into your truck, be sure to take measurements and make sure there’s enough room to secure it tightly. 

Most truck beds are available in the following lengths:

  • Short Bed pickups: 5’5” to 5’8”
  • Standard pickups: 6’5”
  • Standard Long Beds: 7’
  • Long Beds: 8’

The inner dimensions of most truck beds (between the raised wheel wells) are typically designed with a width of 4.” Most pickup trucks should be able to carry ATVs that are 48” wide or less. 

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