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Best All-Around Motorcycle

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If you ask 10 different riders, you’re probably going to get 10 different answers to what is the best all-around motorcycle.

Why? Because it depends on the type of riding you like to do.

Very few bikes are really good at absolutely everything. While some bike are designed to do it all, like many adventure motorcycles, even most of these excel in one area over another.

The first thing to think about when you’re looking for the best all-around motorcycle for you, is what kind of riding are you going to be doing the most. Will you be commuting most of time? Are you going to ride off-road? Take long distance trips.

Keep reading to learn what makes an all-around motorcycle and find some examples to help you pick the best bike for you.

What Makes a Good All Around Motorcycle?

Choosing a best all around motorcycle totally depends on what kind of rider you are.

Do you need something that can handle the dirt? Or, do you spend most of your time on paved roads? That’s probably the most important question you’ll need to answer for yourself as off-road suspension and ergonomics is going to be a big differentiator between many all-around bikes.

Here are some things to look for in an all-around motorcycle:

  • Decent fuel capacity so you don’t need to stop and re-fuel too often on long trips.
  • Large and powerful enough to handle comfortably at highway speeds and distances, but small enough to get through city streets, clogged traffic, and handle in the twisties.
  • Luggage room or carry capacity for long trips or trips to the grocery store.
  • If you plan on going off-road, it’ll need some better suspension or at least enough ground clearance for imperfections off the pavement.
  • It should be reliable and not require too much maintenance.
  • It should also be relatively affordable.

With those things in mind, you can move the different levers of each characteristic depending on the type of riding you like to do the most.

Best All-Rounder Motorcycles to Check Out

Need somewhere to start? Check out some of these recommendations for the best all around motorcycle.

  1. Ducati Scrambler
  2. Honda CB500X
  3. Honda CB650R
  4. Kawasaki Versys-X300
  5. Kawasaki KLR650
  6. Kawasaki Z650
  7. Suzuki SV650
  8. Yamaha MT-07

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