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Best Beginner Sport Bike


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Sport bikes are a motorcycle type of motorcycle, and can be a great choice for new riders too.

Find some advice on what to look for in a sport bike if you’re learning to ride and find some recommendations for some of the best beginner sport bikes to consider.

What is a sport bike motorcycle?

Sport bikes can typically be categorized as performance oriented.

These motorcycles are designed for speed, quick acceleration, strong brakes, and excellent cornering.

Sport bikes are designed for use on paved roads only.

Given the focus on performance, many sport bikes may sacrifice things like fuel economy and comfort.

What to look for in a beginner sport motorcycle?

Criteria for a good beginner sport bike is similar to any beginner motorcycle. You should look for a motorcycle that:

  • Allows you to sit comfortably with both feet touching the ground.
  • Is relatively light weight and on the low-to-mid engine size. Anywhere from 250cc to about 750cc is typically a good choice for new riders.
  • Look for a budget friendly motorcycle and opt for a used bike if you can.

A sport motorcycle can be a great option if you’re a new rider who is primarily going to stick to the pavement.

These bikes are fun to ride and can serve as a good option for commuters as well.

Sport bikes are typically easy to handle, lighter than comparable cruisers, and can be found with safety features like ABS.

Most sport bikes are a good balance of features for new riders. You’ll be able to go fast and turn easily on narrow roads and in the city, but you’ll also be able to ride comfortably at freeway speeds. If you’re commuting a small tank bag or saddle bag should be just enough to store what you need.

Best Sport Bikes for Beginners

Check out some of the best options for beginner sport bikes:

  1. Honda CBR250R
  2. Kawasaki Ninja 300
  3. Kawasaki Ninja 650
  4. Kawasaki Z400
  5. KTM Duke 390
  6. Suzuki SV650
  7. Yamaha YZF-R3
  8. Yamaha FZR400
  9. Yamaha MT-03

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