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Guide to the Best Commuter Motorcycle


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Doing your daily commute on two-wheels can certainly add some challenges, but also has a lot of positives to it.

The benefits of commuting on a motorcycle include:

  • Shorter commute time and less time sitting in traffic.
  • Easy parking.
  • Adds more fun to getting from point A to point B.

However, there are some things motorcycle commuters need to consider, such as:

  • How miserable riding in poor weather can be if you’re not prepared.
  • Storage and carrying issues.
  • Thinking about storing and changing into street clothes and riding gear.

One of the big factors in loving or hating your commute on a motorcycle depends on the bike you choose.

Learn what makes a good commuter motorcycle and find some of our picks for the best commuter bikes.

What Makes a Good Commuter Motorcycle?

Like any best type of motorcycle, it really depends on the nature of your ride.

If your commute and daily errands is mostly in the city, you’ll want something quick, light, and nimble. If you’ve got more distance to cover, you may want to look for a bigger bike.

In general, here are some good traits to look for in a commuter motorcycle:

  • Good fuel efficiency.
  • Easy to handle and agile in traffic.
  • Powerful and quick enough to get through and ahead of other traffic.
  • Comfortable to ride daily.
  • Adequate storage for what you need to carry.

Whether your traveling from school, work, or running errands the right bike can make all those daily tasks a whole lot more enjoyable.

Best Commuter Motorcycle Models

With your unique needs and nature of your commute in mind, here are some of the best commuter motorcycles to start comparing:

  1. BMW G 310 R
  2. BMW F 900 R
  3. Ducati Scrambler
  4. Honda CB300R
  5. Honda CB500X
  6. Honda NC750X
  7. Kawasaki Z400
  8. Kawasaki Z650
  9. Suzuki SV650
  10. Triumph Street Twin
  11. Yamaha MT-07
  12. Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle

Remember, if you’re mostly in the city, something smaller and quick will be a great choice. If you cover longer distance, something with a little more size, power, and comfortable seating may be a better option.

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