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What is the Fastest Production Motorcycle?

The fastest production motorcycle is considered to be the stock motorcycle (unmodified) with the highest top speed that was produced for the mass market during a given year.

Fastest Production Motorcycles

Other motorcycles that have been modified or that are produced for track/speed-specific purposes are not considered in the official list.

The fastest productions motorcycles over the years can be found in the table below.

Production Model YearsMotorcycle Make/ModelTop Speed
1894 to 1897Hilderbrand & Wolfmuller28 mph
1898 to 1900Werner Motocyclette22 mph
1901 to 1908Werner New Werner30 mph
1911 to 1931FN Four40 mph
1912Scott Two-Speed50 mph
1913 to 1920Williamson Flat Twin55 mph
1914 to 1920Pope Model L70 mph
1916 to 1917Cyclone V-Twin85 mph
1918 to 1931Excelsior V-Twin80 mph
1925 to 1940Brough Superios SS100100 mph
1927 to 1940Brough Superior SS100 Pendine110 mph
1934 to 1940Brough Superior SS100 Apline Grand Sports110 mph
1936 to 1940Vincent Series A Rapide110 mph
1936 to 1941Crocker V-Twin110 mph
1949 to 1952Vincent Black Lightening150 mph
1956 to 1963BSA Gold Star Clubman110 mph
1962 to 1967Norton 650SS115 mph
1968 to 1975BSA Rocket 3, Triumph Trident125 mph
1972 to 1975Kawasaki Z1132 mph
1975 to 1982Ducati 900SS135 mph
1976 to 1981Laverda Jota146 mph
1984 to 1988Honda VF1000R150 mph
1984 to 1996Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja158 mph
1986 to 1988Suzuki GSX-R 1100160 mph
1987 to 1988Yamaha FZR1000160 mph
1987 to 1999Honda CBR1000F164 mph
1988 to 1990Kawazaki Tomcat ZX10165 mph
1989 to 1995Yamaha FZR1000167 mph
1989 to 1990Bimota YB6170 mph
1990 to 2001Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11176 mph
1992 to 1993Bimota YB8 Furano172 mph
1996 to 2007Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird180 mph
1999 to 2007Suzuki Hayabusa194 mph
2000 to 2005Kawasaki ZX-12R186 mph
2006 –Kawasaki ZX-14186 mph
2007 to 2008MV Agusta F4 R 312193 mph
2009 – 2019BMW S1000RR188 mph
2013 –Ducati Panigale R202 mph
2014 –Lighting LS-218218 mph
2019 –BMW S1000RR (2nd Gen)193 mph

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Motorcycle Top Speed Gentlemen’s Agreement

Prompted by pressure from regulators and politicians, there was an unofficial gentlemen’s agreement between some of the major motorcycle manufacturers following the Suzuki’s release of the 1999 Hayabusa.

This gentlemen’s agreement stated that motorcycle produced beginning with model year 2000, would not be able to exceed 200 mph with the tampering with speed limiting unit.

Plenty of non-production motorcycle and track-only motorcycles are built to exceed this 200 mph threshold.

What is the Fastest Motorcycle in the World?

Some of the fastest non-production motorcycle in the world include:

  • The Kawasaki Ninja H2R, a limited production model with a top speed of 250 mph.
  • The Dodge Tomahawk, a concept motorcycle with a top speed of 420 mph.

How Fast Can a Motorcycle Go?

As you can see from the lists above, motorcycles can be built to go fast.

However, most production bikes that the average motorcyclists rides and buys will typically fall in the top speed range from about 110 to 150 mph.

Motorcycle Land Speed Records

The motorcycle land speed record measures top speed over a fixed distance averaged over two runs in each direction of the course, with other nuanced rules depending on the governing body.

The motorcycles used to achieve these speeds are often heavily modified and are not street legal nor are they produced and sold to the public.

The table below shows the motorcycle top speed records over the years.

YearLocationRiderMotorcycle Used
1903Yonkers, New York, USGlenn CurtissCurtiss V-264 mph
1905Blackpool, UKHenri CissacPeugeot 1,489cc V twin87 mph
1907Ormond Beach, Florida, USGlenn CurtissCurtiss V-8136.27 mph
1920Daytona Beach, Florida, USGene WalkerIndian103.56 mph
1923Brooklands, UKClaude TempleAnzani108.48 mph
1924Arpajon, FranceBert le VackBrough Superior-JAP118.99 mph
1926Arpajon, FranceClaude F. TempleOEC-Temple121.44 mph
1928Arpajon, FranceOwen M. BaldwinZenith-JAP124.27 mph
1929Arpajon, FranceBert Le VackBrough-Superior129 mph
1929Ingolstadt, GermanyErnst Jakob HenneBMW WR 750134.67 mph
1930Arpajon, FranceJoseph S. WrightOEC Temple JAP137.23 mph
1930Ingolstadt, GermanyErnst Jakob HenneBMW WR 750137.74 mph
1930Cork, IrelandJoseph S. WrightZenith JAP150.74 mph
1932Tát, HungaryErnst Jakob HenneBMW151.86 mph
1934Gyon, HungaryErnst Jakob HenneBMW153 mph
1935A3, GermanyErnst Jakob HenneBMW159.1 mph
1936A3, GermanyErnst Jakob HenneBMW Type 255169.08 mph
1937Gyon, HungaryEric FernihoughBrough Superior-JAP169.72 mph
1937A4, ItalyPiero TaruffiGilera170.37 mph
1937A3, GermanyErnst Jakob HenneBMW173.68 mph
1951A9, GermanyWilhelm HerzNSU Delphin I streamliner180.29 mph
1955Swannanoa, New ZealandRussell WrightVincent-HRD184.83 mph
1955Bonneville, USJohn AllenTriumph192.719 mph
1956Bonneville, USWilhelm HerzNSU Delphin III streamliner189.5 mph
1956Bonneville, USWilhelm HerzNSU Delphin III streamliner210.64 mph
1962Bonneville, USJohnny AllenTriumph Tiger T110214.4 mph
1966Bonneville, USWilliam A. JohnsonTriumph224.57 mph
1970Bonneville, USRobert LeppanTriumph Special[8] Gyronaut X-1 streamliner[19]245.667 mph
1970Bonneville, USDon VescoYamaha “Big Red” streamliner251.66 mph
1970Bonneville, USCal RaybornHarley-Davidson265.492 mph
1975Bonneville, USDon VescoYamaha “Silver Bird” streamliner302.92 mph
1978Bonneville, USDon VescoLightning Bolt streamliner318.598 mph
1990Bonneville, USDave CamposEasyriders streamliner322.15 mph
2006Bonneville, USRocky RobinsonTop Oil-Ack Attack streamliner342.797 mph
2006Bonneville, USChris CarrBUB Seven streamliner350.884 mph
2008Bonneville, USRocky RobinsonTop Oil-Ack Attack streamliner360.913 mph
2009Bonneville, USChris CarrBUB Seven streamliner367.382 mph
2010Bonneville, USRocky RobinsonTop Oil-Ack Attack streamliner376.363 mph

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