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Honda Motorcycles: Repair Resources, Info, Bikes for Sale and More


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Honda Motorcycles

Are you working on a Honda? Are you looking to buy one?

Find your Honda motorcycle model below for all the useful resources you’ll need to get the right shop manual, buy new and used parts, and find bikes for sale in your area.

Honda CB Series Motorcycles

Honda CBR Series Motorcycles

Honda CBX Motorcycles

Honda CM Series Motorcycles

Honda CT Series Motorcycles

Honda CX Series Motorcycles

Honda S Series Motorcycles

Honda SL Series Motorcycles

Honda ST Series Motorcycles

History of Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles was founded in Japan by Soichiro Honda in the 1940s after pivoting from piston ring production.

In 1949, after shifting focus towards affordable, quality motorcycles in Japan, Honda produced its first real motorcycle – the Model D or “Dream,” which featured a 98cc 2-stroke motor.

2-strokes evolved into 4-strokes, and by the 60s Honda motorcycles were dominating at the Isle of Man TT races.

In 1969 Honda released the CB750, which was the first mass market four and the first mass market motorcycle to feature a disc brake.

Honda motorcycles remain dominant today, and old bikes are still worthy choices for day-to-day riding.

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