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How to Choose the Safest Motorcycle


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Riding a motorcycle comes with some inherent risks – more so than driving a car.

Being a good motorcyclists is all about recognizing and reducing those risks.

Part of that comes down to choosing the safest bike.

Now, what is the safest bike, you ask? Well, that depends.

What is the safest motorcycle?

There is no one answer to THE safest motorcycle.

The main variable that affects safety on a motorcycle is you.

That means your safety is going to be determined by:

  • The gear you wear.
  • Your experience and skill level.
  • Where and how you’re riding.
  • How well you know your bike.
  • How well your bike fits you.

No single type, make, or model of motorcycle is necessarily going to be much safer than another. It really boils down to you.

How to Make Sure your Motorcycle is Safe

You are in control of how safe your motorcycle is and how safe you are while riding it.

The first component of motorcycle safest is yourself. You can increase your safety here by:

The next thing you can control is your bike. You can increase the safety of your motorcycle by:

  • Performing pre-ride inspections to make sure everything looks good.
  • Keeping up with your motorcycle’s regular maintenance schedule.
  • Keeping your headlights on.
  • Getting to know your bike and how it handles.

Safest Motorcycles for New Riders

When you’re just getting started, the safest motorcycle is going to be one that suits your size, your riding habits, your skill level, and allows you to practice and master the fundamentals of riding.

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