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How Much Does a Motorcycle Cost? Pricing Break-Down

There’s a special formula for the ideal number of motorcycles that you should own, which is: N + 1. 

N being the number of bikes you currently have. 

So yeah, you’re probably not alone if you’re feeling the need for another bike. Most riders can always find a good reason to add another motorcycle to their garage, whether it’s a project bike or a brand new model. 

But, keeping all the bikes is going to cost you. We’ll break down the price you can expect to pay for a new or used motorcycle, plus some of the other costs to consider when buying another bike.

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How Much Does a Motorcycle Cost?

The cost of a new motorcycle ranges from $2,000 up to $70,000.

That’s a huge spread!

Continue reading as we break down prices by model, motorcycle type, and more.

We’ve compared over 250 popular motorcycle makes and models to find the answers you’re looking for.

Plus, learn how much you can expect to spend on a used motorcycle.

How to Research Motorcycle Prices

Before you buy a motorcycle, just like any other vehicle, you should do some research into how much you can expect to pay. 

Whether you’re buying new or used, there are a handful of resources available to check out the current market value for specific years, makes, and models of bikes. 

When you’re looking to get the best deal on the motorcycle you want, it’s always a good idea to compare prices from a variety of different sources. This will give you the best ability to negotiate when you are finally ready to buy. 

The main places to compare real-time prices for new and used motorcycles include:

By comparing the price of the make and model you want from a couple of different sources, you’ll get a better idea of what you can expect the fair price to be. 

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, be aware that the MSRP listed on the manufacturer’s website is often just a starting point. Depending on the make and model, dealerships may mark up the listed price.

New Motorcycle Prices

The price of a new motorcycle covers a big range. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the prices for new models from some of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers. 

Prices of New Models from Top Brands

We’ve compared over 250 new model year motorcycles from the most popular brands to get an idea of what the prices of new bike will look like this year. 

On the low end, you’ll find mini motorcycles like the Honda Navi, Honda Grom, and Kawasaki Z125 Pro from about $2,000 to $4,000. 

On the higher end, you’ll see models like the Ducati Streetfighter, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 R, and the Harley CVO Road Glide and Street Glide ranging from $40,000 to $70,000. (Learn more about the prices of Harley CVOs).

The average price for new motorcycle in the list below comes in at $16,500. 

BMWAdventureR 1250 GS Adventure$20,345
BMWAdventureR 1250 GS$17,995
BMWAdventureS 1000 XR$16,945
BMWAdventureF 850 GS Adventure$13,595
BMWAdventureF 850 GS$12,595
BMWAdventureF 900 XR$11,695
BMWAdventureF 750 GS$9,995
BMWAdventureG 310 GS$5,695
BMWHeritageR 18 Transcontinental$23,995
BMWHeritageR 18 B$19,945
BMWHeritageR 18 Classic$17,995
BMWHeritageR nineT$15,945
BMWHeritageR 18$14,995
BMWHeritageR nineT Scrambler$12,995
BMWHeritageR nineT Urban G/S$12,995
BMWHeritageR nineT Pure$10,995
BMWRoadsterR 1250 R$14,995
BMWRoadsterS 1000 R$13,945
BMWRoadsterF 900 R$8,995
BMWRoadsterG 310 R$4,995
BMWSportM 1000 RR 50 Years M$36,995
BMWSportM 1000 RR$32,495
BMWSportS 1000 RR$17,895
BMWSportS 1000 RR 2022$16,995
BMWSportR 1250 RS$15,695
BMWTouringK 1600 Grand America Option 719 Midnight$32,210
BMWTouringK 1600 B Option 719 Midnight$30,310
BMWTouringK 1600 Grand America$27,465
BMWTouringK 1600 GTL$26,895
BMWTouringK 1600 GT$23,895
BMWTouringK 1600 B$22,545
BMWTouringR 1250 RT$19,695
DucatiAdventureMultistrada V4 Rally$31,495
DucatiAdventureMultistrada V4 Pikes Peak$30,395
DucatiAdventureMultistrada V4 S$26,895
DucatiAdventureHypermotard 950 SP$18,195
DucatiAdventureMultistrada V2 S$18,195
DucatiAdventureHypermotard 950 RVE$15,695
DucatiAdventureHypermotard 950$14,595
DucatiSportX Diavel S$26,395
DucatiSportDiavel 1260 S$24,895
DucatiSportDiavel 1260$21,795
DucatiSportX Diavel Dark$21,495
DucatiSportMonster SP$15,595
DucatiSuperSportStreetfighter V4 Lamborghini$68,000
DucatiSuperSportPanigale V4 SP2$39,500
DucatiSuperSportStreetfighter V4 SP$35,500
DucatiSuperSportPanigale V4 S$30,695
DucatiSuperSportStreetfighter V4 S$25,495
DucatiSuperSportPanigale V4$23,895
DucatiSuperSportPanigale V2 Bayliss$21,495
DucatiSuperSportStreetfighter V4$19,995
DucatiSuperSportPanigale V2$17,795
DucatiSuperSportStreetfighter V2$17,295
DucatiSuperSportSuperSport 950$14,595
Harley DavidsonAdventurePan America 1250 Special G.I. Enthusiast Collection$20,799
Harley DavidsonAdventurePan America 1250 Special$19,999
Harley DavidsonAdventurePan America 1250$17,319
Harley DavidsonCruiserLow Rider El Diablo$27,999
Harley DavidsonCruiserLow Rider ST$21,749
Harley DavidsonCruiserHeritage Classic$20,799
Harley DavidsonCruiserFat Boy 114$19,530
Harley DavidsonCruiserFat Bob 114$18,330
Harley DavidsonCruiserLow Rider S$17,530
Harley DavidsonCruiserStreet Bob 114$15,349
Harley DavidsonCruiserSoftail Standard$13,949
Harley DavidsonCruiserForty-Eight$12,299
Harley DavidsonCruiserIron 883$11,249
Harley DavidsonSportSportster S$15,499
Harley DavidsonSportNightster$13,499
Harley DavidsonTouringCVO Road Glide Limited$44,899
Harley DavidsonTouringCVO Street Glide$41,899
Harley DavidsonTouringCVO Road Glide$41,899
Harley DavidsonTouringRoad Glide ST$29,999
Harley DavidsonTouringStreet Glide ST$29,999
Harley DavidsonTouringUltra Limited$29,169
Harley DavidsonTouringRoad Glide Limited$28,729
Harley DavidsonTouringStreet Glide Special$27,449
Harley DavidsonTouringRoad Glide Special$27,449
Harley DavidsonTouringRoad King Special$23,429
Harley DavidsonTouringRoad Glide$21,430
Harley DavidsonTouringStreet Glide$21,430
Harley DavidsonTouringElectra Glide Standard$19,429
Harley DavidsonTouringRoad King$19,110
HondaAdventureAfrica Twin Adventure Sports ES$17,299
HondaAdventureAfrica Twin$14,499
HondaAdventureCB500X ABS$7,199
HondaCruiserRebel 1100$9,399
HondaCruiserShadow Phantom$7,899
HondaCruiserShadow Aero$7,799
HondaCruiserRebel 500$6,399
HondaCruiserRebel 300$4,699
HondaDual SportCRF450RL$9,999
HondaDual SportXR650L$6,999
HondaDual SportCRF300L Rally$6,099
HondaDual SportCRF300L$5,349
HondaMiniSuper Cub C125 ABS$3,799
HondaSportCB1000R Black Edition$12,999
HondaSportCBR500R ABS$7,199
HondaSportCB500F ABS$6,699
HondaSuperSportCBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP$28,900
HondaTouringGold Wing$25,600
IndianBaggerIndian Challenger Elite$34,999
IndianBaggerChieftain Elite$32,999
IndianBaggerIndian Challenger Dark Horse$28,999
IndianBaggerChieftain Dark Horse$28,499
IndianBaggerChieftain Limited$27,999
IndianBaggerIndian Challenger Limited$27,999
IndianBaggerIndian Challenger$24,499
IndianBaggerIndian Springfield Dark Horse$23,499
IndianBaggerIndian Springfield$22,499
IndianBaggerSuper Chief Limited$21,499
IndianBaggerSuper Chief$18,999
IndianCruiserChief Bobber Dark Horse$19,499
IndianCruiserChief Dark Horse$17,499
IndianCruiserChief Bobber$16,499
IndianCruiserScout Bobber Twenty$13,249
IndianCruiserScout Rogue$12,749
IndianCruiserScout Bobber$12,249
IndianCruiserScout Sixty$11,749
IndianCruiserScout Rogue Sixty$11,249
IndianCruiserScout Bobber Sixty$10,749
IndianStandardFTR R Carbon$16,999
IndianStandardFTR Championship Edition$16,499
IndianStandardFTR S$14,999
IndianStandardFTR Rally$13,999
IndianTouringIndian Challenger Elite$34,999
IndianTouringChieftain Elite$32,999
IndianTouringRoadmaster Dark Horse$30,999
IndianTouringIndian Pursuit Dark Horse$30,999
IndianTouringRoadmaster Limited$30,749
IndianTouringIndian Pursuit Limited$29,999
KawasakiAdventureVersys 1000 SE LT+$18,899
KawasakiAdventureVersys 650 LT$10,099
KawasakiAdventureVersys- X 300$5,899
KawasakiBaggerVulcan 1700 Vaquero$18,599
KawasakiCruiserVulcan 900 Classic LT$9,999
KawasakiCruiserVulcan 900 Custom$9,499
KawasakiCruiserVulcan 900 Classic$8,999
KawasakiCruiserVulcan S Cafe$8,099
KawasakiCruiserVulcan S$7,349
KawasakiDual SportKLR 650 Adventure$7,899
KawasakiDual SportKLR 650 Traveler$7,599
KawasakiDual SportKLR 650$6,899
KawasakiDual SportKLR 650 S$6,899
KawasakiHyperNakedZ H2 SE$20,700
KawasakiHyperNakedZ H2$18,500
KawasakiHyperSportNinja H2 R$57,500
KawasakiHyperSportNinja H2 Carbon$35,000
KawasakiHyperSportNinja H2$31,500
KawasakiHyperSportNinja H2 SX SE$27,500
KawasakiHyperSportNinja H2 SX SE+$25,500
KawasakiNakedZ900RS Cafe$12,399
KawasakiNakedZ900 SE$10,899
KawasakiNakedZ125 Pro$3,399
KawasakiRetro ClassicW800$9,999
KawasakiSportNinja 1000SX$13,199
KawasakiSportNinja 650$8,199
KawasakiSportNinja 400$5,499
KawasakiSuperSportNinja ZX-10R$17,399
KawasakiSuperSportNinja ZX-14R ABS$16,599
KawasakiSuperSportNinja ZX-6R$10,999
KawasakiTouringConcours 14 ABS$15,999
KawasakiTouring CruiserVulcan 1700 Voyager$19,299
KTMAdventure1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S$19,499
KTMAdventure1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R$19,499
KTMAdventure890 Adventure$13,399
KTMAdventure690 ENDURO R$12,499
KTMAdventure390 ADVENTURE$6,799
KTMStreet1290 Super Duke R EVO$19,599
KTMStreet890 Duke R$12,399
KTMStreet890 Duke GP$11,899
KTMStreet890 DUKE$11,299
KTMStreet390 Duke$5,799
KTMSuperSportRC 390$5,799
SuzukiAdventureV-STROM 1050DE Adventure$17,599
SuzukiAdventureV-STROM 1050XT Adventure$17,049
SuzukiAdventureV-STROM 1050DE$15,999
SuzukiAdventureV-STROM 1050$15,199
SuzukiAdventureV-STROM 1050XT$14,849
SuzukiAdventureV-Strom 650XT Adventure$10,799
SuzukiAdventureV-Strom 650XT$9,599
SuzukiAdventureV-Strom 650$9,104
SuzukiCruiserSuzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S.$15,299
SuzukiCruiserSuzuki Boulevard C50T$10,059
SuzukiCruiserSuzuki Boulevard C50$8,609
SuzukiDual SportDR-Z400S$7,099
SuzukiDual SportDR650S$6,999
SuzukiSport TouringGSX-S1000GT+$13,799
SuzukiSport TouringGSX-S1000GT$13,149
SuzukiStreetGSX-S750Z ABS$8,949
SuzukiStreetSV650 ABS$7,849
SuzukiTouringSuzuki Boulevard C50T$10,059
TriumphAdventureTiger 1200 Rally$22,500
TriumphAdventureTiger 1200 GT$19,100
TriumphAdventureTIGER 900 RALLY RANGE$15,400
TriumphAdventureTIGER 900 GT RANGE$14,700
TriumphAdventureTIGER 850 SPORT$11,995
TriumphAdventureTIGER SPORT 660$9,495
TriumphRocket 3Rocket 3 R$23,400
TriumphRocket 4Rocket 3 R 221 Special Edition$24,300
TriumphRocket 5Rocket 3 GT$24,100
TriumphSportSPEED TRIPLE 1200 RR$20,950
TriumphSportSPEED TRIPLE 1200 RS$18,500
TriumphSportSTREET TRIPLE$10,945
TriumphSportTRIDENT 660$8,395
TriumphStandardTHRUXTON RS$16,645
TriumphStandardSCRAMBLER 1200 XE GOLD LINE$16,645
TriumphStandardSCRAMBLER 1200 XC GOLD LINE$15,245
TriumphStandardSCRAMBLER 1200$14,445
TriumphStandardBONNEVILLE BOBBER$13,495
TriumphStandardBONNEVILLE T120 BLACK GOLD LINE$13,195
TriumphStandardBONNEVILLE T120 GOLD LINE$13,195
TriumphStandardSPEED TWIN 1200$12,595
TriumphStandardBONNEVILLE T120$12,395
TriumphStandardBONNEVILLE T100 GOLD LINE$11,545
TriumphStandardSCRAMBLER 900$11,295
TriumphStandardBONNEVILLE T100$10,795
TriumphStandardSPEED TWIN 900$9,695
YamahaAdventure2022 Super Tenere ES$16,299
YamahaAdventure2022 Tenere 700$10,299
YamahaDual SportXT250$5,299
YamahaDual SportTW200$4,899
YamahaHyperNaked2022 MT-10 SP$16,899
YamahaHyperNaked2022 MT-10$13,999
YamahaHyperNaked2022 MT-09 SP$11,099
YamahaHyperNaked2022 MT-09$9,499
YamahaHyperNaked2022 MT-07$7,899
YamahaHyperNaked2022 MT-03$4,799
YamahaSport2022 XSR900$9,999
YamahaSport2022 XSR700$8,799
YamahaSport2022 Bolt R-Spec$8,599
YamahaSport2022 V Star 250$4,599
YamahaSport Touring2022 FJR1300ES$18,199
YamahaSport Touring2022 Tracer 9 GT$14,999
YamahaSuperSport2023 YZF-R1M$26,999
YamahaSuperSport2022 YZF-R1 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition$18,099
YamahaSuperSport2023 YZF-R1$17,999
YamahaSuperSport2022 YZF-R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition$9,299
YamahaSuperSport2023 YZF-R7$9,199
YamahaSuperSport2022 YZF-R3 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition$5,499
YamahaSuperSport2023 YZF-R3$5,499

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Motorcycle Prices by Type

The type or style of the motorcycle will also have an effect on its overall cost. 

On the higher end of the price spectrum you’ll find touring motorcycles, supersports, and cruisers. 

On the lower end, you’ll find street bikes or standard motorcycles, and dual sports. 

What is the average price of a motorcycle?

The MSRP of a new motorcycle varies widely from make to make and model to model. 

On average, a new motorcycle will generally cost around $8,000 to $17,000.

How much is a cheap motorcycle?

When you think about a cheap motorcycle, you’ll usually be shopping in the entry level range of a manufacturer’s selection. 

These bikes will typically feature smaller engines and be much smaller and lighter than more advanced bikes. 

New cheap motorcycles typically range from $4,000 to $6,000. 

Used Motorcycle Prices

The cost of a used motorcycle will vary greatly as well. 

Along with some of the factors we’ll get into below, used bike prices will depend on:

  • Make and model. 
  • Year. 
  • Condition of the bike. 
  • Features and add-ons. 

A used motorcycle that is running will generally range from about $2,000 to $20,000. 

It’s a pretty big range, that’s for sure. 

On average, you can usually find a good selection of decent used motorcycles for about $5,000 in most areas. 

Learn more about buying a used motorcycle and getting the best deal.

If you’re in the market for a project bike, you may find that it doesn’t have a title. We’ve got you covered there too: Buying a Motorcycle with No Title

Factors that go into the Cost of a Motorcycle

The price range for new and used motorcycles can vary pretty widely.

There are a variety of factors of the current value for a specific motorcycle, including:

  1. Desirability & Availability 
  2. Specs & Features.
  3. Location. 

We’ll break these down below. 

1. Desirability & Availability 

The first factor in the price of a motorcycle is fairly simple: supply and demand. 

Regardless of whether the motorcycle is new or used, the laws of supply and demand will apply to the cost.

Makes and models that are more popular tend to be more expensive than less desirable motorcycles. 

Next, when a certain motorcycle is limited in availability, the price will also typically be higher. 

This could include limited edition motorcycles or models with a limited number of bikes in production each year.  

2. Motorcycle Specs & Features

Next, the specs and features of the particular motorcycle will play heavily into the price of the bike. 

A motorcycle with a larger, more advanced engine is going to cost more than an economical bike with a small engine.

Additionally, extra features on a motorcycle will also contribute to a higher price. This could include options such as:

  • Paint and finish. 
  • Upgraded intake and exhaust. 
  • Luggage and storage options. 
  • Fairings. 
  • Performance upgrades. 
  • Audio and lighting systems. 
  • Tires and suspension upgrades. 
  • Gear shifters. 

The more and better features you add on will increase the motorcycle’s price compared to the base stock model. 

3. Location

Finally, where you live can factor into the cost of a certain motorcycle. 

This plays into the laws of demand again. Some areas will simply have more of a certain bike available. 

This is true for both the new and used market. 

For new bikes, if your local dealerships haven’t purchased enough of a certain make and model motorcycle, the prices you’ll see may be higher. 

For used bikes, and especially project bikes, certains years of specific models will be more or less available depending on where you live. 

Also, if it’s a year, make, and model that’s popular for collectors and rebuilders, you can expect to pay a higher price. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, it can sometimes pay to expand the radius of your search area. Traveling a little farther or arranging shipping for the motorcycle may actually work out in your favor. 

Other Costs to Consider When Buying a New Bike

So, you’ve found the bike you want at the right price. All good, right? 

Nope, there are still some other costs to think about whenever you buy another motorcycle. 

Obviously, the cost to purchase a bike will vary depending on whether the bike is running or not. 

But, if you’re rebuilding the bike, that’s kind of a different animal in and of itself. 

A new motorcycle will come with some immediate costs aside from the purchase price, including:

  • DMV title and registration fees.
  • License.
  • Taxes. 
  • Motorcycle insurance. 
  • Maintenance. 
  • Fuel. 
  • Riding gear. 

DMV Title and Registration Fees

The first thing you’ll need to consider when buying a motorcycle is the immediate cost of ownership through the state DMV

These fees will include:

  • Title transfer fees.
  • Lien recording fees, if you’ve financed the bike. 
  • Registration fees. 
  • License plate fees. 

Depending on where you live, you’ll typically be paying your motorcycle registration fees annually or every other year. 

Motorcycle registration fees will either be a flat rate or dependant on the value of your bike. 

Again, depending on where you live, you may also be required to have the bike pass a periodic safety inspection, which will typically carry some extra fees each registration period. 

Learn more about the steps and costs to title and register a motorcycle in your state

Motorcycle License

Unless you’re riding a small scooter or alternative type of motorcycle, you’re going to need a valid motorcycle endorsement to be able to legally ride your new bike. 

There are upfront costs to getting a motorcycle license including motorcycle safety courses, license fees, and taking the motorcycle permit test.

Plus, in many states, there will be an extra cost to renew a license when you have a motorcycle endorsement. 

While this is a necessary part of riding and a relatively small cost of ownership, it’s still something to consider. 

Learn how to get a motorcycle license in your state


Sales tax is also dependent on where you live and where you purchase the bike, but this will apply to both new and used motorcycles. 

In many states, the sales tax will range anywhere from 4 to 8% of purchase price or current market value of the bike – usually based on whichever is higher. 

Motorcycle Insurance

Next, you’ll need to consider the cost of a motorcycle insurance policy. 

In order to ride the bike legally and register it, you’ll need to first have active coverage for the bike in most places. 

There are a variety of factors that go into what your policy will cost you, which is why it’s always smart to compare quotes from a few different providers while you’re getting ready to purchase that new motorcycle

Learn more about the ins and outs of motorcycle insurance here. 

Motorcycle Maintenance

In order to keep your new motorcycle running and running well for as long as possible, you need to keep up with regular maintenance. 

The cost of maintenance will vary depending on whether you do it yourself or if you take it to the shop. 

Regardless of which route you choose, it’s important to keep up with it. Regular maintenance will require:

  • Oil changes. 
  • Valve adjustments. 
  • New tires. 
  • Timing adjustments. 
  • Carburetor tuning. 

If you’ll be taking it to a mechanic, you’ll need to factor in the cost of labor. 

If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need the knowledge and tools to perform each service item correctly. 


While it’s true that motorcycles have better gas mileage than cars, you’ll still need to pay for gas. 

And, certain bikes are better on fuel consumption than others. 

With gas prices surpassing $4-6 in many places right now, the cost of filling up your motorcycle is another important thing to consider. 

Riding Gear

Finally, it’s always important to think about the cost of your motorcycle riding gear

If you’re a new rider, you’ll need to outfit yourself with all the new gear to stay safe while riding your new motorcycle. 

If you already ride, you will need to replace and upgrade your riding gear periodically. 

Helmets need to be replaced, riding boots wear out, and different weather conditions call for different types of riding jackets and pants. 

Quality gear can come with a hefty price tag, but your protection, safety, and comfort are not areas to skimp on. 

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