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How to Install Dirt Bike Grips

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Keeping a good set of grips on your dirt bike is key to adequate control and safety. 

Dealing with loose grips is a surefire way to get distracted and not have full control over your bike. 

Luckily, replacing your old grips and installing new ones is an easy task. Follow the steps below and get back on the trail!

How to Change Dirt Bike Grips

To change your dirt bike grips, you’ll need a few things:

  • A sharp blade/box cutter. 
  • Acetone/cleaner.
  • Rag/paper towels.
  • New set of grips.
  • Grip glue.
  • Safety wire and safety wire pliers (optional).

The steps go like this: remove your old grips, install the new ones, secure them on the handlebars.

Find more details below. 

Step 1. Remove your Old Grips

First, you’ll need to remove your old grips from the handlebars. 

If they’re particularly worn or torn, you may be able to slide them right off. 

Otherwise, you can use a box cutter or razor blade to cut them off. 

If you plan to keep and reuse the grips, you can also try lifting up the end with a flat head screwdriver and spraying in some soapy water to loosen them up and slide them off.

Step 2. Clean the Handlebars

With the old grips removed, you’ll need to clean off the handlebars to ensure a tight, secure fit for the new grips. 

Use some soapy water, contact cleaner, or acetone to scrub away any grime, old grip glue, and dirt. 

Take the time to inspect the throttle tube for any cracks or wear as well.

Step 3. Install New Grips

Once the handlebar and throttle tube has been cleaned off and dried, you’re ready to install the new grips. 

Apply a small amount of grip glue near the end of each handlebar. This ensures that the glue will be spread evenly as you slide the new grips on. 

Slide the grips onto each side of the handlebar (the large diameter grip goes over the throttle tube), and bring them to a stop in the desired location. 

Allow the grip glue to dry completely. 

Step 4. Secure the New Grips

To provide your grips with some extra security, you can use some safety wire. 

Most MX grips come with grooves that are designed to hold safety wire. 

To secure the grips with safety wire:

  • Select a groove near each end of the grip.
  • Wrap the wire inside one of the grooves on the grips.
  • Wrap it around 2 times without overlapping so you’re left with two opposite ends to twist together.
  • Use the safety wire pliers to twist the wire. 
  • Cut the twisted edge no more than ¼” from the wrap. 
  • Tuck the end forward and down into the grip to hide the sharp edge and to keep it away from your hands while riding. 
  • Repeat in another location on the grip.

With your grips installed and secured, you can reinstall your bar end plugs and get back to riding! 

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