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How to Sell a Dirt Bike


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If you’ve never sold a vehicle privately before, selling your dirt bike may seem a bit confusing. 

Fortunately, it’s a fairly straightforward process. And with the right preparation, precautions, and paperwork, you should be able to sell your bike with no problems all while getting the best deal.

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How to Sell Your Dirt Bike

When you’re getting ready to sell your dirt bike it pays off to get prepared. 

This includes preparing a good listing and getting all your paperwork in order. 

Preparing your Bike for Sale

Your first step in selling your dirt bike is getting it ready. 

This includes:

Once you’ve got the bike cleaned and tuned and everything in order, you’ll need to create your advertisements. 

Advertising Your Dirt Bike for Sale

Next up, you’ll need to get your ads ready. Whether you’re using online ads or a for sale sign, there is some key information you’ll want to include when selling your dirt bike. 

In your For Sale ads, be sure to mention:

  • The year, make, and model. 
  • The dirt bike VIN
  • The engine type and size (2 stroke vs. 4 stroke).
  • Specs and details. 
  • Mileage or riding hours. 
  • Asking price. 
  • Your contact information. 

When creating an ad online, you’ll also want to include quality pictures that show every angle of the bike. 

Paperwork when Selling a Dirt Bike

It’s important to get your paperwork in order so that you can transfer ownership and the buyer can title and register it in their name. 

Here’s what you’ll need to when selling your dirt bike:

  • Ownership documentation (title, MCO, previous Bill of Sale, etc.).
  • Bill of Sale. 
  • Registration documents. 

If you’ve got a street legal dirt bike, the process will be pretty much the same as selling any other motorcycle. 

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Where to Sell Your Dirt Bike

You’ve got options as to where to actually sell your bike. 

If you’re looking to cast the widest net and get the best price possible, selecting a few places to advertise it may be a wise choice. 

Your main options for selling a used dirt bike include:

  • At your local track or off-road riding area.
  • At your local off-road riding clubs. 
  • On Craigslist or other local classifieds. 

If all else fails, you can try to sell or trade in your used dirt bike to a local dealership. However, this option will typically get you the lowest price for the bike. 

Test Rides and Meeting Potential Buyers

Don’t be surprised if your potential buyer wants to take a test ride. 

That’ll be up to you to decide, but it’s usually a reasonable request. 

Your best bet is to meet at the track or a public OHV riding area to allow them to check out the bike and negotiate the sale.

Use your common sense to make sure both you and your bike are protected from thieves, scammers, or inexperienced riders.  

What is your Dirt Bike Worth?

A successful sale all comes down to pricing your dirt bike correctly. 

The value of your bike depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Year, make, and model of the bike. 
  • Condition of the bike.
  • Maintenance history. 
  • Aftermarket parts or modifications. 
  • Local market value. 

Obviously, some model years and brands are more valuable and more desirable than others. That may be the biggest initial factor in the value of your dirt bike. 

Next, you’ll need to consider how well the bike has been maintained and cared for. 

A high mileage dirt bike that has seen plenty of abuse will be worth less than a like-new bike. 

Additionally, you’ll need to think about any aftermarket parts you’ve added or modifications that you’ve made. Typically, a dirt bike that’s closer to stock condition will fetch a higher price than a heavily modified bike.  

To get the best idea of how much your dirt bike is worth, you’ll need to take all of the above into account, and do some research into your local market. 

Use resources like NADA, KBB, and your local Craigslist ads to get an idea of what similar dirt bikes are being priced at. 

You can start your search with the MotorcycleZombies.com Used Motorcycle Search Tool

A good rule of thumb when pricing your bike, is to list it over what you’re hoping to get from it. Be prepared for the buyer to negotiate a lower price. 

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