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Dirt Bike Sizes: What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need?


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Sizing your dirt bike and finding the right bike for your height, weight, and experience level is an important first step in choosing a new bike. 

This page will go over the different sizes of dirt bikes and how to match the right one for you or your kid. 

What Size Dirt Bike Do You Need?

There are two main factors to weight when selecting the right size dirt bike for you or your child:

  • The height of the rider. 
  • The experience of the rider. 

The first thing you’ll need to look at is the height/seat height of the bike. 

You’ll want to find a dirt bike that will allow you to place the balls of each foot on the ground and control the bike comfortably when stopped. 

This means that a shorter rider will require a short seat height. 

Next, you’ll need to consider the riding experience and the type of riding you’ll be doing. This is where the size of the engine comes into play. 

A dirt bike with a larger engine (higher CCs) is going to be faster, more powerful, and heavier than a smaller-sized dirt bike. 

A larger dirt bike will also be more expensive than a smaller one. You can learn more about how much a dirt bike costs here.

Small children and beginners should start with a smaller dirt bike that will be easy to control and get comfortable with. 

Be sure that you can comfortably and safely:

  • Touch the ground with both feet when stopped.
  • Reach the handlebars and controls. 
  • Manage the weight of the bike. 

Refer to the chart below to see what size bike you may want to get based on age and rider height.

Rider AgeRider HeightSeat HeightEngine Size
>8 years old>3’7″17-21″50cc
8 to 10 years old>4’7″21-25″50cc to 110cc
11 to 13 years old>5’2″31-35″110cc to 125cc
14 to 16 years old>5’2″31-35″125cc to 250cc
16 years old to adult5’5″+<38″250cc+

Dirt Bike Sizes for Kids (8 years old to 10 years old)

Younger children should be on shorter bikes with smaller engines. 

A short, lightweight bike allows the rider to develop the skills necessary to be in full control of the bike and learn how to ride safely. 

Kids up to 10 years old should typically be on dirt bikes in the 50cc to 110cc range.

Dirt Bike Sizes for 11 to 12-Year-Olds

As your kid grows up, they’ll not only get taller, but they also may need a bit more bike. 

At 11 to 12 years old, a 110cc to 125cc is often suitable for young riders. 

Dirt Bike Sizes for Teenagers

When your kid reaches their teenage years, they may have a bit more riding experience under their belt. They’ll also need a taller bike. 

In most cases, a bike in the 125cc range is going to be a good fit. 

Dirt Bike Sizes for Adults

As an adult, you’ll be able to select from a wider selection of dirt bikes. 

You’ll also need to take your weight into account. As a 200lb adult, you’re going to need a dirt bike with better suspension than one built for kids or lighter riders.

If you’re a beginner, try sticking to something with a smaller engine in the 125cc to 200cc range. 

With more experience, you can move on up to a 250cc dirt bike, or even a 450cc. 

Dirt Bike Size and Weight

While dirt bikes are typically much lighter than their street-oriented counterparts, some can still be pretty heavy. 

The overall size and weight of the dirt bike will depend on its:

  • Engine size. 
  • Design. 
  • Suspension. 
  • Cooling system. 
  • Fuel capacity. 
  • Additional features. 

To get a rough idea of the size and weight of a dirt bike by engine size, check out the chart below:

Engine SizeSeat HeightBike Weight
50cc17″ to 25″80lbs to 100lbs
110cc17″ to 25″90lbs to 150lbs
125cc25″ to 31″130lbs to 200lbs
250cc30″ to 38″200lbs to 280lbs
450cc35″ to 38″250lbs+

How Much Does a Dirt Bike Weigh?

Again, the weight of your dirt bike is going to depend on the engine size and the components it has. 

A larger bike is going to be much heavier than a smaller 50cc dirt bike. 

The weight range for most dirt bikes goes from about 80lbs to 400lbs. 

How Tall is a Dirt Bike?

The height metric you’ll want to focus on to size your dirt bike correctly is the seat height. 

Depending on the bike, dirt bike seat heights generally range from 17” to 38.”

The shorter the rider, the lower the seat height should be. 

Note that depending on the bike, there should be some room for adjustment to get a better fit. 

50cc Dirt Bike Sizes

50cc dirt bikes are going to be the shortest and lightest models available. These types of dirt bikes are perfect for small children learning to ride. 

A 50cc dirt bike will often feature a seat height of 17” to 25” and weigh anywhere from 80 to 100lbs.

125cc Dirt Bike Sizes

125cc dirt bikes are good for shorter riders and older kids with a little experience under their belt. 

These bikes will often range from 130 to 200lbs with seat heights of about 25” to 31.”

250cc Dirt Bike Sizes

250cc dirt bikes get us into the adult size range. 

A 250cc bike will weigh anywhere from 200 to 280lbs with a seat height of 30-38.”

450cc Dirt Bike Sizes

Finally, at the larger end of the size range, 450cc dirt bikes will be the heaviest and the tallest.

A 450cc bike will typically weigh at least 250lbs with a seat height of up to 38.”

What is the biggest dirt bike size?

The biggest dirt bike size you’ll see from most manufacturers is a 450cc 4 stroke engine. 

The bikes are much heavier, more powerful, and capable of greater top speeds than a smaller-sized dirt bike

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