Get Started on Your First Motorcycle Project




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If you’re just getting started on your first motorcycle project you’ll want to do a little prep work before you start tearing into your bike. Find some useful tips to get your motorcycle restoration off on the right track.

If you’re a brand new home mechanic, you’ll want to start here. The pages in this section will help you get you started on the right track, answer some common questions, and help you avoid common mistakes.

Not sure what bike you should get? Find out some of the best motorcycles to rebuild and restore.

If you’ve got a specific make and model of motorcycle in mind or want to learn more about availability and cost of parts, manuals, and donor bikes, this is the section for you.

The first step to any motorcycle project is finding the right bike. Here you’ll find tips on where to look and how to buy a motorcycle that will make for a good build.

Are you wondering how to approach a motorcycle project? Learn all about how to restore a motorcycle right here and find some tips on doing it right.

Chances are you’re going to make some mistakes when you’re working on your first motorcycle project. We’ve compiled a list of common mistakes to help you avoid them.

If you’re buying a project bike, there’s a good chance it doesn’t run. Here you can find some ways to diagnose and solve some common issues you’ll run into.

After you’ve rebuilt the bike and gotten it running, you’ll need license plates and registration so you can ride it. Find some tips on on getting a title and registration for your bike in your state.

If you’re totally new to motorcycles (not just rebuilding them), you’ve probably got some questions. Find some FAQs for new riders here.

First Steps for Your Motorcycle Project

1. Get the Motorcycle Service Manual

2. Get the Right Tools & Supplies

3. Set Up Your Workspace

4. Understand the Different Types of Engine Rebuilds

Getting to Work: Motorcycle Maintenance Topics

Once you’re ready to get into the work, you can find tips for troubleshooting and repairing different components of your motorcycle in the sections below.