Motorcycle Service Manuals for Rebuilds & Repairs


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The correct motorcycle service manual should always be one of the first things you get when starting a motorcycle project.

Once you’ve bought your old motorcycle and have your workspace setup, you’ll need to find the shop manual.

You can find online PDF versions of the original manufacturer’s service manual for many old motorcycles – some free, some paid.

For a first-time motorcycle project, the manufacturer’s shop manual for your bike’s year and model is key to a successful build.

PDF Motorcycle Repair Manuals

Sometimes it can be hard to track down a full, good quality service manual for your older motorcycles – even when they’re in PDF format.

If you’re having trouble finding your bike’s repair manual or simply want to rest assured that you’re getting a clean file with the right information, has pretty much ever single manufacturer’s service manual you’ll ever need.

These are the holy grail when it comes to repairing or restoring your bike yourself. has a huge variety of downloadable service manuals for all the major motorcycle manufacturers and a handful of obscure ones too.

They’re reasonably priced and backed by some great customer support. visitors can get 15% their shop manual orders with code: motorcyclezombies at checkout.

Order yours today and fix your bike the right way. may earn a commission when you purchase items after clicking links on this page. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps us bring you more great motorcycle content and resources.

BMW Motorcycle Repair Manual

If you’re working on a BMW motorcycle, has PDF manuals for a variety of model years for:

  • C Models.
  • F Series.
  • G Series.
  • K Series.
    R Series.
  • S Series.

Harley Davidson Service Manual

Harley owners can find a huge selection of shop manuals for models including:


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  • Sportster.
  • SS.
  • FL Models.
  • EL Models.
  • ST Models.
  • Road Glide.
  • Road King.
  • SX.

Honda Motorcycle Service Manual

Honda motorcycle make an excellent choice for a restoration project. has shop manuals for models including:

  • CB series.
  • CJ models.
  • CT series.
  • CX series.
  • Goldwing.
  • Grom.
  • Nighthawk.
  • Silverwing.
  • Super Cub.

Indian Motorcycle Service Manual

Find a variety of shop manuals for your Indian motorcycle rebuild including:

  • Scout.
  • Chief.
  • AMI-50.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Service Manual

Kawasaki motorcycles are another great project bike. Find PDF repair manuals for models like:

  • Z Series.
  • KZ Series.
  • KLR motorcycles.

KTM Motorcycle Repair Manual

KTM riders can find a variety of service manuals and parts catalogs for a wide variety of years and models.

Suzuki Motorcycle Repair Manual

Suzuki motorcycle service manuals for a range of years available a include:

  • GS Series.
  • GSX Series.
  • GSR.
  • GT Series.
  • T Series.

Yamaha Motorcycle Service Manual

You can find a range of Yamaha shop manuals for models including:

  • FJ.
  • GT.
  • RX.
  • XS.
  • XT.
  • VMAX.
  • Virago.

Free Motorcycle Service Manuals

Listed below are links to the free online shop manuals and aftermarket repair books you can buy for some common vintage motorcycles:

Free Honda Motorcycle Service Manuals

Free Kawasaki Motorcycle Shop Manuals

Free Suzuki Motorcycle Service Manuals

Free Yamaha Motorcycle Shop Manuals

With the shop manual you’ll be able to get a sense of how components work together on the bike, troubleshoot issues that show up, learn the installation and removal sequences so you don’t break anything, and find tightening patterns and torque limits so you don’t strip any threads.

Motorcycle Maintenance Books

If you can’t find the original motorcycle manufacturer’s shop manual, aftermarket repair books like Clymer manuals or Haynes manuals can serve as a good substitute.

Aftermarket manuals often walk through procedures in a different way. Sometimes the expanded explanations are helpful, other times the original manufacturer service manual will be the best source of information. For things like torque values, tightening patterns, and service-limits, it’s a good idea to reference the OEM shop manual.

What’s Covered in the Motorcycle Shop Manual?

Before you start taking your bike apart, spend some time reading the manufacturer’s shop manual to get a sense of whether or not you have:

  • The correct tools in the correct sizes.
  • Proper measuring equipment.
  • The space to perform a particular job.
  • The right parts to perform a repair.
  • The proper specs for tightening and tuning.

The shop manual will save you a ton of time, energy, and money in the long run. You’ll be happy to have it at the start of your project.

Have any links to a motorcycle shop manual that aren’t listed above? Share them in the comments below and we’ll add to our list.


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