Tools for Your Motorcycle Project

Every good mechanic needs a good set of tools. Find out which standard, specialty, and advanced tools you’ll need to complete your motorcycle project.

Standard Motorcycle Tools

Standard tools for your motorcycle cover the things that you’ll use for a variety of jobs and maintenance. These are things like sockets, wrenches, and drivers. These are must-haves for every motorcycle project and most maintenance work. Find out what you’ll need here.

Specialty Motorcycle Tools

Specialty tools describe tools you may not always find at your local hardware store. Sometimes these tools may only have one specific use for one specific bike. If you’re doing a lot of work on your bike, they may be worth purchasing. Otherwise, many specialty tools can often be rented from your local motorcycle shop.

JIS vs Phillips Screwdrivers

Not all “cross-head” screwdrivers are created equal. If you’re working on a Japanese motorcycle, getting yourself some proper JIS bits is necessary. Learn about the differences here.

Motorcycle Shop Manual

Your motorcycle’s shop manual is one of the first things you should get when starting a new motorcycle project. This is going to be key to learning the proper disassembly procedures, serviceable limits, and torque specs for your bike.

Set Up Your Workspace

A proper workspace is going to make your motorcycle project a whole lot easier. Find some tips on setting up your work area here.

Chemicals & Lubricants

There are a handful of chemicals and lubricants that are going to come in handy during your motorcycle project. Find what you’ll likely need here.


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