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How Much is ATV/UTV Insurance?


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Like the cost of motorcycle insurance, your ATV insurance premiums will vary depending on a variety of factors. 

Your policy premiums will be a good thing to know when you’re thinking about the overall cost of ATVs.

When searching for a policy, you’ll want to balance the cost of your premiums with the coverage you need to stay protected. Luckily there are some tricks to getting the cheapest ATV insurance while staying adequately covered. 

Use this page for an overview of the cost of ATV and UTV insurance, and find out how you can save the most money. 

Find more information about ATV/UTV insurance here. 

Average Cost of ATV & UTV Insurance Coverage

The average cost of ATV insurance varies from state to state, and depends on whether you opt for minimum coverage of a full coverage policy.

On average, the cost of your ATV policy will generally be cheaper than a street motorcycle policy. 

For minimum coverage, you can expect to pay about $75 to $150 per year, or $8 to $12 per month.

For full coverage, you can expect to pay between $800 to $1,600 per year, or  about $65 to $150 per month. 

ATV Policy TypeAnnual Premium Monthly Cost
Minimum Coverage$75 to $100$8 to $12
Full Coverage$800 to $1,600$65 to $150

Again, the full cost of your policy will vary. Check out what goes into the cost of your insurance premiums below. 

Factors that go into ATV Insurance Costs

Like your dirt bike or motorcycle insurance, your ATV insurance cost will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your age. 
  • Your driving experience and driving record. 
  • Where you live. 
  • How much you ride your ATV. 
  • What you use your ATV for. 
  • The type of ATV you own. 
  • The year, make, model, and size of your ATV. 
  • The type of coverage, limits, and deductibles you choose. 
  • Discounts that may apply to your policy. 

Just like car or motorcycle insurance, your policy is going to be more expensive if you’re younger. 

Larger, more powerful ATVs and UTVs are generally more expensive to insure than a vehicle with a smaller engine. 

Also, a policy with higher limits (i.e the maximum amount the insurance company will cover) will be more expensive than a lower limit policy. 

You can counteract higher limits by raising your deductible, which is your out-of-pocket expense when you need to file a claim before your coverage kicks in.  

And, similar to motorcycle insurance, comprehensive coverage can tend to increase your costs quite a bit – especially for newer ATVs and UTVs. Like motorcycles, these types of vehicles are common targets of theft. 

How to Get the Cheapest ATV Insurance

The bare minimum coverage is not always the best option. The key is getting the cheapest ATV insurance while remaining protected. 

Luckily there are a few ways to save money. 

  1. First, the easiest thing you can do is to start comparing quotes from a number of different insurance providers. 
  2. Next, try to apply all the discounts that the insurance company offers (bundling, multi-policy, safety course, anti-theft devices, etc.).
  3. Finally, you can adjust your limits and deductibles to match your budget, your risk tolerance, and the value of your 4×4 or SxS. 

Learn more about different types of ATV and UTV insurance coverages here. 

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