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Should You Cancel Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy in the Winter?


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If you’ve stored your motorcycle for winter and won’t be riding again until the snow melts and the weather warms up, you may be wondering whether you should cancel your motorcycle insurance policy. 

At first glance, it seems like a good way to save some money while you’re not using your bike. However, the drawbacks may outweigh any potential benefits. 

Learn why below. 

Is it a good idea to cancel your motorcycle insurance in the off-season?

In most cases, it is not a good idea to cancel your motorcycle insurance policy in the winter. 

While you may be able to save a few hundred bucks or so, you may also end up facing fees, increased rates, and other risks associated with storing your bike with no coverage. We’ll go into some of the main ones below.

However, there are some options you have to save money on your motorcycle insurance when you’re not riding. 

Reasons to Keep your Motorcycle Coverage Through Winter 

There are far more downsides to canceling your motorcycle insurance during the winter than benefits. 

Check out the main reasons you should keep your motorcycle insurance through the winter. 

1. State DMV Registration Requirements

Many states have a continuous coverage requirement in order for your motorcycle to be registered with valid license plates. 

Failing to hold an active motorcycle insurance policy may result in penalty fees with the DMV or having your registration canceled. 

Your alternative option would be to cancel your registration along with your insurance coverage for the winter, but the hassle is typically not worth it. 

2. Cancellation Fees

While you may be able to recoup a few month’s worth of premiums if you cancel, you may also be charged with cancellation fees. 

Once you’re ready to get insurance again, you would be losing the benefits associated with a history of continuous coverage. 

3. Continuous Coverage Discounts

Insurance providers like to see a history of continuous insurance coverage. 

Continuous coverage can earn you loyalty discounts, and may make other providers more inclined to provide you with cheaper motorcycle insurance rates

4. If You Ride During the Winter

Another reason to maintain coverage is for those unseasonably warm winter days. 

If there’s a nice stretch of warm, dry weather, you may be itching for a ride. 

Without an active liability policy, you won’t be able to take advantage without putting yourself at major risk. 

5. Damage/Theft Risk

Finally, and most importantly, just because you’re not riding your motorcycle doesn’t mean your bike’s not at risk. 

Depending on where you live, theft is typically a risk all year long. During the winter, motorcycles may be even more prone to theft when they’re tucked away and not on the top of your mind. 

With no coverage, you’ll be paying to replace your stolen bike yourself. 

Damage to your bike can happen when it’s stored for the winter too. From things like fire and water damage to falling trees – a stored motorcycle may actually be at a greater risk from damage not related to riding. 

Maintaining your comprehensive coverage through the winter ensures you’re protected from all of that.

How to Save on Motorcycle Insurance in the Winter

Luckily, you’ve got some good options for saving money on your motorcycle insurance policy during the winter. 

In fact, many motorcycle insurance policies are designed to balance out the cost of premiums during riding season and off-season. Your policy may already be structured to be most cost effective while keeping you covered. 

First, most motorcycle insurance providers will allow you to add or remove different types of coverage throughout the year. 

If your motorcycle is stored, you may be able to keep just your comprehensive coverage to protect yourself from damages not related to riding. 

Some providers structure this option as “lay-up” insurance, which essentially pauses liability coverage, collision coverage, and other more-riding related coverages. 

Another option you have is to increase your deductibles during the winter. 

If you don’t think there’s too high of a risk of your motorcycle being damaged, raising your deductibles will allow you to save on premiums while still remaining covered. 

Finally, if you can’t adjust your winter payments, you can also shop around by comparing quotes from different providers.

You may find you’re actually able to get much better rates if you shop in the winter than during peak riding season. Get started for free right here at MotorcycleZombies.com! 

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