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Do you need insurance for a moped?


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Insurance requirements can be confusing. If you’ve got a moped, it’s a good idea to get clear on your state’s requirements for insurance coverage. 

Since moped definitions and requirements vary from state to state, so do the moped insurance requirements. 

50cc Moped Insurance Requirements

Here’s the quick answer regarding scooter and moped insurance requirements:

  • If the engine size is less than 50cc and the top speed is 30mph, moped insurance requirements vary by state. 
  • If the engine size is 50cc or larger with a top speed of more than 30 mph, you will generally always need an insurance policy. 

There can also be a little confusion regarding what a moped actually is

Most states’ definition of a moped is that it:

  • Has 2-wheels
  • Has an engine smaller than 50cc.
  • Can travel no faster than 30 to 35 mph

A few states define a moped as also having pedals. 

If your scooter meets those definitions, it is generally considered a moped or motorized bicycle. 

If it is larger than that, it will typically be considered a motorcycle for licensing, registration, and insurance purposes. 

Licensing and registration requirements for mopeds vary from state to state as well.

Some states require mopeds to be registered and operated with a motorcycle endorsement, while others don’t require special registration and can be ridden with a standard driver’s license

Generally, if a state requires mopeds to be registered, it will also require a minimum insurance policy. 

To ride a moped on public roads in a state that requires moped insurance, you’ll need to have a policy that meets the state’s minimum liability requirements. 

This type of coverage protects you financially in the event that you are responsible for an accident that results in injuries, death, or property damage. 

While the risk of that may be lower on a low-speed, 49cc moped, the risk is still there. It’s best to be covered.

Just like a motorcycle insurance policy, you’ll also be able to add additional coverages to your moped policy that can:

  • Pay for damages to your moped resulting from an accident, regardless of fault. 
  • Replace your moped if it’s stolen. 
  • Pay medical expenses. 

If moped insurance is required in your state, you’ll be able to confirm the minimum requirements when you compare quotes. 

What States Require Moped Insurance?

Unlike motorcycle insurance, which is required in nearly every state, moped insurance requirements vary

The 26 states that require moped insurance include:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington D.C.
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
StateMoped Insurance Requirement
AlabamaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
AlaskaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
ArizonaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
ArkansasNo moped insurance requirement
CaliforniaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
ColoradoLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
ConnecticutNo moped insurance requirement
DelawareNo moped insurance requirement
FloridaNo moped insurance requirement
GeorgiaNo moped insurance requirement
HawaiiNo moped insurance requirement
IdahoNo moped insurance requirement
IllinoisLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
IndianaNo moped insurance requirement
IowaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
KansasNo moped insurance requirement
KentuckyNo moped insurance requirement
LouisianaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
MaineLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
MarylandLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
MassachusettsNo moped insurance requirement
MichiganNo moped insurance requirement
MinnesotaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
MississippiLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
MissouriNo moped insurance requirement
MontanaNo moped insurance requirement
NebraskaNo moped insurance requirement
NevadaNo moped insurance requirement
New HampshireNo moped insurance requirement
New JerseyLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
New MexicoNo moped insurance requirement
New YorkLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
North CarolinaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
OhioNo moped insurance requirement
OklahomaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
OregonLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
PennsylvaniaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
Rhode IslandLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
South CarolinaNo moped insurance requirement
South DakotaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
TennesseeNo moped insurance requirement
TexasLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
UtahLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
VermontLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
VirginiaNo moped insurance requirement
WashingtonNo moped insurance requirement
Washington D.C.Liability Insurance required for Mopeds
West VirginiaLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
WisconsinLiability Insurance required for Mopeds
WyomingNo moped insurance requirement

Depending on your circumstances and the value of your moped, you’ll need to decide whether the minimum liability coverage is enough or if you want to add other types of coverage to your policy.  

Fortunately, moped insurance is fairly inexpensive. Given the size and value of most small-sized mopeds, insuring them is usually cheap. 

To get an even better deal, you’ll be able to see if you qualify for any discounts when you compare quotes. 

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