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What does snowmobile insurance cover?


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Like your ATV or motorcycle insurance, there are different types of snowmobile coverage you can get. 

The right ones for you will depend on your budget, your snowmobile, where you keep it, how you transport it, and how often you ride. 

Check out the details for the types of snowmobile insurance coverages below. 

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Types of Snowmobile Insurance Coverages

The main types of snowmobile coverages you’ll need to choose from include:

  • Liability. 
  • Collision.
  • Comprehensive.
  • Medical payments.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist. 
  • Accessories, custom parts, and equipment. 
  • Trailer coverage. 

Liability Coverage for a Snowmobile

Liability coverage is the minimum amount of coverage you’ll need to carry. 

A liability policy includes:

  • Bodily injury liability. 
  • Property damage liability. 

These coverages pay for medical bills and damage that result from a snowmobile accident that you are responsible for. 

Your coverage limits will be used to pay for the injuries and damages sustained by the other person involved in the accident. It will not pay for your bills. For that, you’ll need some of the optional coverages described below. 

Snowmobile Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will kick it to pay to repair or replace your snowmobile if you crash. 

This coverage pays for your bills, regardless of fault. 

Comprehensive Snowmobile Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is required to protect you from damages that result from things other than a collision with another vehicle or stationary object. 

Comprehensive coverage for a snowmobile will cover:

  • Theft. 
  • Vandalism. 
  • Fires.
  • Falling objects. 
  • Floods. 
  • Weather-related damage. 

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage is used to pay for your injuries if you are involved in a crash, regardless of fault. 

Other Common Coverages

Other types of optional coverages that are offered by the main snowmobile insurance providers include:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which will pay your bills when someone else causes an accident and doesn’t have adequate coverage themselves. 
  • Accessories and equipment coverage, which can be used to insure upgrades and parts you’ve added to your sled. 
  • Trailer coverage, which is used to pay for damages that may occur to the trailer you use to transport your snowmobile. 

With all these additional, optional coverages, you’ll need to select your limits and deductibles. 

Remember, your insurance provider will generally pay no more than the value of your snowmobile when you file a claim. 

Full Coverage vs. Minimum Coverage for a Snowmobile

One decision you’ll need to weigh when choosing your snowmobile insurance policy is whether to go with minimum coverage or full coverage. 

A minimum coverage policy will be the cheapest option, but remember, it will only pay for damages and injuries for another person in an accident that you are at fault for. 

Minimum coverage will not pay for your own medical bills, damages to your sled, or a stolen snowmobile. 

To be the most protected against all scenarios, you’ll need a full coverage policy. This will ensure that your bills are paid and the cost to repair or replace your snowmobile is covered in a variety of situations. 

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