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How to Register a Motorcycle in Montana

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In order to ride your motorcycle on public roadways in Montana, you’ll need to make sure it is registered and that your registration is valid. 

When you buy a motorcycle, you’ll first need to transfer the title and get an insurance policy. Next, you’ll need to get it registered and get your Montana motorcycle license plates and stickers. 

Note, you should also be sure to have a valid Montana motorcycle license when you register your motorcycle too. 

This page will provide you with an overview of the steps to register a motorcycle in Montana for the first time, and then we’ll go over your options for renewing your motorcycle registration before it expires. 

Remember, your registration documents and proof of insurance should be kept on your bike when you ride. 

Montana Motorcycle Registration Steps

Registering a motorcycle in Montana is basically the same process as registering any other vehicle.

If necessary, you’ll also need to complete any motorcycle inspections as required by the Montana DMV.

How to register a motorcycle in Montana:

  1. Visit your local county treasurer’s office. 
  2. Provide your title and previous registration documents. 
  3. Pay your registration fees and taxes. 

If you’ve just moved to Montana, you’ll need to register your motorcycle within 60 days. 

Renew Motorcycle Registration in Montana

In order to avoid any traffic tickets or late fees, you’ll want to make sure that your Montana motorcycle registration and license plate stickers are valid. 

In Montana, motorcycles are registered permanently. 

Depending on the type of bike you have, you may also need to complete the necessary motorcycle inspections to keep your registration valid. 

Montana Motorcycle Insurance

In addition to renewing your motorcycle registration, you’ll also want to make sure that your motorcycle insurance policy is up to date. 

Your annual registration renewal is a great time to compare motorcycle insurance quotes and check for cheaper rates

How much does it cost to register a motorcycle in Montana?

The fees for Montana motorcycle registration are as follows:

  • Street-legal only motorcycle: $53.25.
  • Dual-sport fee: $114.50.
  • Motorcycle safety fee: $16.
  • Highway patrol fee: $10.
  • Off-highway motorcycle: $61.25.

For more information about Montana motorcycle registration and registration renewals, check out the official DMV website at: https://dojmt.gov/driving/ 

Need more information? Check out our overview of the requirements for motorcycle titles and registrations in Montana.

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