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Honda NT1100 Motorcycle Review


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Unveiled in 2021, the  Honda NT1100 is a newer entry in Honda’s collection of motorcycles.

Based on the Honda Africa Twin, the NT1100 is the newest addition to Honda’s collection of motorcycles and it has been designed on the back of the iconic, original bike.

Developed by the renowned Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, this bike is an excellent combination of power, performance, and style. 

The NT1100 is only available in Europe and Japan, though there have been rumors of the bike being released in other countries as well.

While Honda hasn’t solidified any plans to bring the bike to the US, many are expecting the NT1100 to eventually make its way across the Pacific, or Atlantic. 

Specs and Features

The NT1100 comes with some great stock features like five different drive modes, cruise control, panniers, heated grips, and more. Take advantage of available upgrades for even more comfort and performance.

  • Engine: 1,084cc liquid-cooled
  • Power: 102 horsepower
  • Torque: 76 ft-lb
  • Weight:L 547 lbs (wet)
  • Seat height: 32.3 inches

The bike is available in standard manual transmission or with Honda’s dual-clutch automatic transmission. 


The Honda NT11000 starts at £12,399 in the UK.

The bike is currently not available in the US, and therefore, is not priced for the US market.

How It Rides

As with any touring motorcycle, the NT1100 rides comfortably and allows for long days of riding.

The natural seating position is comfortable for long distances, and the handling is precise.

The power output is impressive, giving riders plenty of power to tackle any road. 

The weight isn’t overbearing and the cornering is predictable.

The brakes provide good stopping power, and the bike handles well on all road surfaces. If you opt for the DCT, gear changes are smooth and effortless, though they might not always feel natural.

Who Is the Honda NT1100 for?

If you are looking for a strong, reliable, touring motorcycle, the Honda NT1100 is a great option.

With its comfortable fit and high power output, it’s also an excellent choice for experienced riders who are looking to push their limits. 

Fans of the Africa Twin looking for something familiar with a few added features should also check out the NT1100. 

Beginner riders may find the NT1100 to be too powerful or may prefer a cheaper option. Experienced riders, however, should be able to get the most out of this bike. 

The NT1100 might not be the most stylish bike you see on the road, but it certainly has plenty of power and performance for a highly enjoyable ride. This is the perfect bike for anyone looking to hit the open road on a reliable and comfortable machine.