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Project Motorcycle For Sale: Search Tool

Less than 10% of people actually do this. The ones that do save big. What are you waiting for?


Taking care of a task for your license or motorcycle? Be prepared to satisfy any motorcycle insurance requirements.

Please enter your ZIP to get your insurance quote.

Here you’ll find the perfect resource for finding a used project motorcycle for sale near you. We’ve compiled state-wide motorcycle classifieds search engines for every state.

Instead of having to search region-by-region, one at a time, you can now search the entire state to find the exact project bike you’re looking for.

Select the State where you want to Search for Used Motorcycles for Sale:

About the MotorcycleZombies.com Used Motorcycle Search Engine

Start your next motorcycle restoration project here!

The MotorcycleZombies.com used motorcycle search engine searches motorcycle listings by private sellers across the entire state. Currently, the engine runs on Craigslist postings, but we’ll be adding more resources as we move forward. Have any suggestions? Please get in touch.

No matter where a project ends, every motorcycle rebuild, restoration, or custom project begins with the search for the best-possible project bike.

Craigslist is definitely one of the best resources for starting a motorcycle restoration process – unfortunately, chances are pretty slim that the bike you have in mind is going to be for sale in your area.

Many home-builders – especially those who’ve caught the bug – are more than willing to take a little road trip for the perfect project bike. And that’s where the MotorcycleZombies.com Used Motorcycle Search Engines come in – you’ll be able to look for bikes listed in not only your state, but bordering states as well.

All you have to do is start with a query – it can be as broad as the motorcycle’s make, model, year, etc. or as specific as a “1969 Honda CB750 with title.”

Once you’ve found a few bikes you like, you can map out your route, borrow a truck, and use our Motorcycle Registration and Title pages to find out what documents you should try to get from the seller when making the purchase.

Don’t forget your bill of sale form.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: MotorcycleZombies.com is not affiliated with Google, Craigslist, or any other classifieds included in our used motorcycle search engine. Always do your due diligence before buying a used vehicle from a private seller.

1 thought on “Project Motorcycle For Sale: Search Tool”

  1. Any State in the US, I will travel or arrange transport.
    Looking to purchase a 2002-2003 Kawasaki ZX12R, the perfect find is the Black and Gold or rarer Blue and Gold… find me “the” bike and i’ll purchase.

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