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How to Get a Title for a Motorcycle in Illinois

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When you buy a motorcycle or move from another state, you’ll need to transfer the title within the Illinois SOS’s specified time frame in order to stay compliant and avoid any penalties. 

This page will provide you with the details and requirements for getting a motorcycle title in Illinois.

After that, you’ll be ready to get your Illinois motorcycle registration and license plate

How do I transfer ownership of a motorcycle in Illinois?

The most important step in transferring ownership when you buy or sell a motorcycle is completing the title transfer. 

In order to transfer ownership of a motorcycle, both the buyer and the seller will need to fill out and sign the title. 

The seller should also create a Bill of Sale that both parties should sign and retain a copy of. 

After that, the buyer will need to take their application documents, including the signed motorcycle title, to their local SOS in order to complete the title transfer process. 

The seller may need to notify the SOS of the sale by submitting a notice of transfer and release of liability form. 

How to Fill Out an Illinois Motorcycle Title

The first step in any title transfer is having the existing title filled out and signed by both the buyer and the seller. 

Before you start to fill out your Illinois motorcycle title, be sure to:

  • Use blue or black ink only. 
  • Avoid crossing out or whiting out any items on the title as this can void it. 
  • Have taken care of any name changes beforehand. 
  • Have removed any old lienholder information, if applicable. 
  • Have both registered owners present to sign the title if the names are joined by “and.”

Always be sure to follow the instructions on your specific title and refer to your state’s official SOS for any questions. 

To fill out an Illinois motorcycle title:

  • Include the buyer’s information in the Assignment of Title section. 
  • Record the motorcycle’s odometer reading. 
  • The seller should sign on the “Signature of Seller” line. 
  • Record the date of the sale. 
  • The buyer should sign on the “Signature of Buyer” line. 

Illinois Motorcycle Title Transfers

A motorcycle title transfer proceeds like any other vehicle title transfer in Illinois.

Here is what you need to transfer an Illinois motorcycle title into your name:

  1. Complete an Application for Vehicle Transactions: https://apps.ilsos.gov/pert 
  2. Visit your local SOS office or mail in your application and documents. 
  3. Submit your ownership documents. 
  4. Pay the title fees.

How much does it cost to transfer a motorcycle title in Illinois?

The fees for Illinois motorcycle title transfers include:

  • Title fee: $150.
  • Duplicate title: $50.

For more information about motorcycle title transfers in Illinois, check out the official SOS website at: https://www.ilsos.gov/ 

Need more information? Check out our overview of the requirements for motorcycle titles and registrations in Illinois.

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