What to do with your motorcycle helmet when parked?

Motorcycle riders have it a bit harder than car drivers when it comes to storing their stuff when they’re parked.

Add to that that you will always have extra stuff to store if you’re wearing the necessary motorcycle safety gear.

Motorcycle storage options can quickly become a problem.

The main thing you’ll have to store when you park your bike is your helmet.

Your options here include:

  • Bringing it with you, which is not always a practical option depending on where you’re headed.
  • Leave it on your bike. Depending on where you are, this could leave it vulnerable to theft.
  • Lock it with a helmet lock.
  • Lock it in a luggage compartment.

A helmet lock is a good option for leaving your helmet with the bike assuming it’s not rainy or windy, and there’s not risk of people messing with your helmet or birds, you know…

An enclosed storage compartment solves all the problems, but really depends on the type of motorcycle you have. A helmet-sized storage compartment might not be practical on every bike.

How to Use a Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Some bikes come equipped with a built in helmet lock. Alternatively, you can opt for an aftermarket, universal helmet lock.

To use a motorcycle helmet lock:

  • Unlock it and thread the D-rings through the locking component.
  • Shut and lock the helmet lock.
  • Consider leaving the helmet open side down so nothing falls into it.

In most situations, a helmet lock that allows you to leave your helmet with the bike should suffice.


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