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Guide to Renting a Motorcycle


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Just like renting a car, you can rent a motorcycle too!

However, renting a motorcycle carries a little more allure and benefits than renting a car beyond getting yourself from point A to point B.

Here are some reasons why you might benefit from renting a bike:

  • If you’re vacationing away from home and want to ride.
  • If you want to test out a different type of motorcycle.
  • If you’re shopping for a new bike.
  • If you’re a new rider and want to gain experience with different bikes.

How much to rent a motorcycle?

On average, the daily cost to rent a motorcycle will typically range from about $75 to $275.

The cost for renting a motorcycle will vary depending on:

  • Where you are.
  • What type of bike you’re renting.
  • How long you plan to rent for.
  • Any additional insurance coverage you’ll opt for.

Just like car rentals, many motorcycle rentals charge by the rental day, with extra costs for certain bike models, upgrades, and add ons.

Where to rent a motorcycle?

In the United States, you’ll be able to find motorcycle rental companies near most major cities.

Some popular rental businesses (including dealerships that offer rentals) include:

  • Harley Davidson.
  • Indian Motorcycles.
  • Twisted Road.
  • Eagle Rider.
  • Hertz Ride.
  • Riders Share.

Some of these businesses offer a range of makes and models, while others specialize in renting a certain type of bike.

Requirements for Renting a Motorcycle

Considering a motorcycle license is a little more difficult to get than a driver’s license, the process for renting a bike carries some extra requirements as well.

In order to rent a motorcycle, you’ll need:

  • A valid motorcycle license/endorsement that allows you to operate the size of bike you want to rent.
  • To meet the minimum age requirements, which, like car rentals, is at least 25 years old in many places.
  • To purchase insurance coverage along with the rental fee.

Depending on where you rent the motorcycle and what type of bike you get, you may need to abide by certain restrictions such as:

Many rental companies will have safety gear available for you to borrow or rent.

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