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Driving a Motorcycle without a License


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Are you interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle but don’t have a license yet? Maybe you’re thinking it’ll be okay to ride a bike with just a driver’s license.

Think twice before you do. For one, unlicensed motorcycle riders are statistically more likely to be involved in a motorcycle crash than a licensed rider.

Second, if you are pulled over while riding without a motorcycle license you could face some harsh penalties and set yourself back from riding legally even more.

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Do you need a Motorcycle License to Ride a Motorcycle?

If you plan on riding a motorcycle with an engine size of 50cc and up, you’re going to need a motorcycle license or endorsement to operate the bike on public roads.

Your standard driver’s license will not suffice.

Operating a motorcycle is a lot different than driving a car, and if you don’t have at least the knowledge that comes along with getting a motorcycle license, you’re putting yourself and others at a much higher risk.

Riding a motorcycle is more difficult and comes with more risks than driving a cars.

In order to operate a motorcycle safely, you’re going to need to first gain the proper knowledge and riding experience.

That journey starts with getting a motorcycle license.

In most states, you’ll have the option to expediate the motorcycle licensing process by completing a motorcycle safety course. Completing a rider education course will provide you with the theory and foundational skills necessary to be a good rider.

In most cases, you’ll be able to enroll and complete a course with nothing more than your standard driver’s license.

Additionally, the course will often allow you to skip the DMV’s written and/or road test to get your full license.

Learn what you need to do to get a motorcycle license in your state.

Penalties for Riding without a Motorcycle Endorsement

If you decide to forgo the advice above and ride on public streets before you get your motorcycle license or permit, you can face some serious penalties.

Penalties for riding a motorcycle without a license may include:

  • A suspended driver’s license.
  • Fines.
  • Impounded motorcycle.
  • Jail time.
  • More expensive insurance coverage.

Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance without a Motorcycle License?

In most cases, you’ll be able to get insurance for a motorcycle you buy before you finish getting your license or endorsement.

You can even start today by comparing motorcycle insurance quotes on MotorcycleZombies.com.

However, if you plan to ride the bike on public streets, you’re going to need to have a valid motorcycle endorsement.

Can You Ride a Motorcycle Home After Buying it?

If the bike is currently registered with valid plates or you’ve purchased it at a dealer, you can typically ride the bike after purchasing it.

Some states may require you to get a temporary registration to do so in a private sale..

You’ll then have a grace period of about 10 to 30 days to title and register the motorcycle in your name.

If the bike is not currently titled and registered, you will not be able to ride it on public streets, and you’ll need to tow the bike home.

Find more tips on buying a used motorcycle and buying a motorcycle at a dealership.

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