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Benefits of Being a Solo Rider


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While riding a motorcycle with a passenger and group riding can be fun, it’s hard to beat some of the benefits that come with riding solo.

Check out some of the top reasons to ride alone and find some tips on planning your next solo trip.

Best Parts of Riding Alone

Here our some of ours and our reader’s picks for why it’s great to ride alone:

  • No pressure: When you’re riding with a big group, you’ll need to keep pace and stick with the plan. Riding alone allows you to take the journey at your own speed, and change course if necessary.
  • Peace and reflection: When it’s just you, you’re free to clear your mind and focus on the trip. You can disconnect the Bluetooth headset and enjoy the ride.
  • Full control of the route: Group rides require planning. While a rough plan is always smart to have, riding solo allows you to explore new routes or roads or stops along the way.
  • Full control of the timing: When you’re riding by yourself, just like you’re able to take the riding at your own pace, you can take the stopping and the starting at your own pace too. Just need to stop for a quick snack, no problem. Want to check out a trailhead for a few hours, do it. You’re the boss.
  • New experiences and interactions: There’s something about riding a motorcycle alone that can really open yourself up to new experiences and interactions. You’ll notice things you may not have in a group, you’ll interact with strangers you probably wouldn’t have if you were riding with friends, and all sorts of people will be more interested in approaching you and striking up a conversation.

Riding a motorcycle gives you access to a level of freedom that non-riders can’t always relate to.

Riding alone really opens up that freedom you have on two wheels.

Whether you’re taking a weekend day trip or a long distance ride, taking the journey by yourself can be a rewarding experience.

How to Plan for a Solo Motorcycle Trip

If you’re new to solo riding, some prep work can be smart.

Some of the basic things to think about for a solo ride include:

  • Making sure you’ve got the right type of bike for the journey.
  • Making sure your bike is properly maintained and serviced.
  • Packing the proper gear for your trip.
  • Having a rough idea for your route and a plan for your destination. A good motorcycle GPS Navigation system can come in handy.
  • Letting someone know where you’re headed.
  • Having an emergency plan in case something goes wrong.

If you’re interested in motorcycle camping and long distance solo trips, you should work your way up to them before you embark on a month-long expedition.

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