Find the Best Motorcycle Speakers: Reviews & Recommendations

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If you’re looking for the best speaker in terms of appearance, functionality, and quality, the Kuryakyn Road Thunder motorcycle speaker is the way to go.

This handlebar mounted speaker has some of the best sound quality and volume you’re going to find.

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Top Picks for the Best Motorcycle Speakers

Our top picks for the best motorcycle speakers you can mount to your handlebars are:

  1. Kuryakyn bluetooth speakers
  2. LEXIN Motorcycle Speakers with FM Radio
  3. BOSS Audio Systems Bluetooth Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers
  4. GoHawk Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo System

Continue reading to learn about the features and highlights for each product.

What are the best motorcycle handlebar speakers?

Check out some of the top rated options.

In addition to Kuryakyn bluetooth speakers, some other great choices for the best motorcycle speakers include:

Kuryakyn Road Thunder Motorcycle Speaker System Features

This is a high quality speaker with a low profile that actually serves to enhance the look of your bike. Other speakers can look somewhat goofy.

The Kuryakyn Road Thunder speakers feature:

  • Mounts for handlebars between 7/8″ and 1.5.”
  • Horizontal design. Measures 10.6″ x 2.9″
  • 300 watt peak power.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • USB charging port.
  • AUX input ports.
  • Weather resistant housing.

These speakers install easily and feature simple controls on the left-hand side for easy adjustment while you’re cruising.

Great volume and clarity at highway speeds with all the functionalities you really need.

While they lack FM radio capabilities, most smart phones are going to allow you to stream your favorite radio stations anyway – whether or not you’re out of range.

These are definitely some of the more expensive motorcycle speakers out there, but for the look, functionality, and quality, they’re hard to beat.

LEXIN Motorcycle Speakers with FM Radio

The LEXIN LX-S3 motorcycle speaker system is a waterproof, handlebar mounted speaker with Bluetooth, USB, and FM radio capabilities.

The USB connection can work as either an audio source or as a device charger.

These will fit handlebars 7/8″ to 1.5.”

A simple control system on the face of the speaker makes on-the-go adjustments easy.

BOSS Audio Systems Bluetooth Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The Boss Audio System motorcycle speakers are a handlebar mounted system available in sets of 2 or 4 in black or chrome.

These are both Bluetooth and AUX cord compatible and are controlled with an inline volume adjuster.

Adjustable mounting brackets will work on bars from .75″ to 1.25.”

These speakers are water resistant and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

GoHawk Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo System

The GoHawk motorcycle stereo system is the best budget option.

These are dual handlebar mounted Bluetooth speakers with aux input and radio functionalities as well. All remote operated.

Designed to fit 1″ to 1.5″ handlebars. (7/8″ model available as well).

Each speaker is 4″ w x 5″ l and waterproof.

Which is the best motorcycle speaker system for your bike?

Some of the biggest considerations when choosing a motorcycle speaker for your bike include:

  • Mounting system and clearance. Do you have the right size bars and enough free space to mount the speaker system you want?
  • Durability. Are the speakers weather resistant and strong enough to stand up to any potential debris or moisture they might encounter while you’re riding?
  • Functionality. Will Bluetooth connection cover your needs or are you looking for something with FM Radio and a phone charger too?
  • Appearance. Does the look of your speakers go with the rest of your bike’s style?

The picks for the best motorcycle speakers in this review have something for every style and budget.

You’ve got the Kuryakyn Road Thunder Speakers at the top of the line, the LEXIN and Boss speakers in the middle of the pack, and the GoHawks as your budget option. Each vary in functionality and appearance a bit, but if you’re looking for music on your motorcycle – one of these speakers is sure to have what you need.

Do you have experiences with any of these motorcycle speakers? Maybe you’re using something different? Share your experience in the comments below.