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If you’re looking for a quality motorcycle goggle that can fit over your prescription glasses and won’t fog up, the Biltwell Script Moto 2.0s are a great choice.

Biltwell motorcycle gear and accessories is made well and built to last.

These glasses are comfortable, fit snug, and will allow you to keep your eyes protected and your mind on riding. may earn an affiliate commission when you make a purchase through the links on this page.

Top Picks for Motorcycle Goggles

Our top picks for the best motorcycle goggles are:

  1. Biltwell Script Moto 2.0 goggles
  2. LeHuman Motorcycle & Dirt Bike Goggles
  3. Pacific Coast Airfoil Over-the-Glasses Motorcycle Goggles
  4. Cynemo Motorcycle Goggles

Learn more about them below.

What are the best motorcycle goggles?

Good motorcycle goggles are a must-have if you’re wearing an open face helmet without a face shield.

They’ll protect your eyes by preventing dust and debris from hitting you, and they’ll reduce fatigue by reducing your need to squint by providing wind protection, reducing glare, and providing some UV protection.

The best motorcycle goggles will feature:

  • Anti-fog lenses so you can use them in all types of weather conditions.
  • Adequate airflow and moisture wicking.
  • Impact-resistant lenses that will stand up to and protect your from debris.
  • An adjustable strap that you can use with a variety of helmets.
  • Some some of silicone or anti-slip material to help prevent the goggles from slidding.
  • A comfortable fit.
  • Unobstructed peripheral view.

If you wear prescription eye-wear, you’ll also want to look for a motorcycle goggle that has enough room on the inside to go over your glasses.

All of the motorcycle googles on this page check those boxes in a variety of different styles and price ranges.

Motorcycle Goggles: More Top Rated Options

In addition to Biltwell Script Moto 2.0 goggles, some other great choices for the best motorcycle goggles include:

These options are cheaper than the Biltwell googles, but still offer you some comfortable over-the-glasses choices.

Biltwell Script Moto 2.0 Goggles Features

These one-size-fits-most Biltwell motorcycle goggles are one of the best over-glasses goggles you’ll find, and they’re a great choice if you don’t wear glasses too.

Biltwell Script Moto 2.0 goggles features:

  • Wide peripheral view.
  • Impact-resistant and anti-fog coated lenses.
  • Double d-ring elastic straps for an adjustable fit for a variety of different types of helmets.
  • Silicone strips on the straps to help prevent slipping.
  • Foam and fleece face pad and outer layer to reduce moisture and accommodate airflow.
  • Removable lenses with a variety of color and tint options.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of goggles that are going to be comfortable and last a long time, these Biltwells are the way to go.

They’ll definitely work best with a Biltwell helmet, but can fit other motorcycle helmets with minimal slippage too. If you find they don’t quite fit over your helmet, you can always tighten the straps and wear them on the inside.

LeHuman Motorcycle & Dirt Bike Goggles

These motorcycle goggles are a good choice if you’re doing any off-road or rural riding.

It features UV-protective, dust-proof, and wind-proof lenses in a lightweight and flexible goggle body.

Pacific Coast Airfoil Over-the-Glasses Motorcycle Goggles

These are lower-profile motorcycle goggles that will fit over most prescription glasses as well.

Simple design that does what it’s supposed to.

Buckle strap eliminates the need to stretch it over your head/helmet which will help prolong its useful life.

Cynemo Motorcycle Goggles

These goggles are a low-cost option with a vintage style.

These also feature windproof, anti-shock, and UV-protective lenses that will fit over many prescription glasses.

Available in a variety of color styles.

Protect your eyes, don’t sacrifice your comfort or your vision.

If you wear any type of open-face helmet, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a good pair of motorcycle goggles.

They’ll keep you comfortable and reduce fatigue on long rides and help to eliminate any danger wind, dust, and other particles can pose to you when you’re riding.

Do you have experiences with any of these motorcycle goggles? Maybe you’re using something different? Share your experience in the comments below.