Best Motorcycle Air Filters: Pods & Aftermarket Replacements

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A good air filter will keep your engine running smooth.

Remember, if you’re changing the intake setup from stock, you might need to retune and rejet your carbs.

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Top Picks for the Best Motorcycle Air Filters & Pods

Our top picks for the best air filters are:

  1. K&N Pod Filters.
  2. K&N Air Filters for your airbox.
  3. UNI Foam Pod Filter.

Be sure to pick up some air filter cleaner and oil too: K&N air filter recharge kit.

K&N Motorcycle Pod Filters

If you’re looking to swap out your airbox for pod filters or upgrade your motorcycle’s air flow, K&N air filters are the way to go.

K&N filters are high quality, durable, and reusable. They’ll likely outlast the life of your bike!

Their pod filters are universal fit for a variety of intake sizes.

K&N air filters come pre-oiled and are ready to install out of the box.

These are designed to increase airflow, which means you’ll likely need to rejet if your bike has carburetors.

K&N Air Filter Replacements for your OEM Paper or Foam Filter

If you’re looking for a swap-in replacement for your OEM paper or foam disposable air filter, K&N has some option there too.

K&N bike-specific air filters are designed to fit specific makes and models of motorcycles as a high-flow stock replacement.

This will provide you with better filtration and more air flow than your stock air filter element.

Motorcycle Air Filter Oil

One of the benefits of swapping to a K&N air filter or similar filter is that you can clean and reuse it again and again.

However, the only way that works if you clean it properly and oil it again before you install it back on your bike.

The K&N air filter cleaning and oiling kit makes that easy.

The best oil to use on your motorcycle’s air filter is air filter-specific oil. K&N oil, which is available as an aresol or a squeeze spray, is a good choice for both K&N air filters and others.

How to Clean a Motorcycle Air Filter

Under normal conditions, it’s recommended that you clean and oil your motorcycle’s air filter about every 50,000 miles.

However, you should inspect the filter often and especially after riding in dusty, dirty, or wet conditions. If you live in a place with lots of trees and pollen, you may need to inspect your filter more frequently too.

To clean and re-oil your air filter, you’ll need to:

  • Spray on the air filter cleaning solution.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Allow the filter to dry out completely.
  • Apply with fresh air filter oil.

Doing this periodically will keep your air filter like new and help keep your bike running properly.

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Best Foam Pod Filter

If you’re looking for a cheaper pod filter option for your motorcycle, UNI 2-stage pod filters are a good choice.

Like the K&N universal air filter, these clamp directly to your carburetor.

These are designed with a red outer foam element that covers a black inner foam element to regulate air flow and filter out debris and particles.

It’s recommended to use a dry outside (red) filter in dusty conditions and an oiled outer filter in wet conditions.

What you Need to Know when Switching to Pods or High-flow Air Filters

Any time you start tweaking your motorcycle’s intake or exhaust system, you’re going to be changing the air/fuel ratios.

If you’re switching to pods or a high-flow air filter, you are probably going to need to do some work to tune and rejet your carbs.

While air filters can certainly have performance benefits, they are typically not plug and play. You’ll need to do a little work to get things just right for your motorcycle.

Happy wrenching!

Do you have experiences with any of these motorcycle air filters? Maybe you’re using something different? Share your experience in the comments below.