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Engine Ice Hi Performance Motorcycle Coolant

If you’ve got a liquid cooled engine, you’re going to need a reliable coolant that will get you through the heat of summer and keep your engine running smoothly.

You’ll need something that’s designed for motorcycles and does what it says it will.

It doesn’t hurt if it’s not too expensive too.

Looking for the best motorcycle coolant for hot weather?

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Top Picks for Motorcycle Coolant

Our top picks for the best motorcycle coolants are:

  1. Engine Ice motorcycle coolant
  2. Evans Powersport Waterless Motorcycle Coolant
  3. Maxima 50/50 Motorcycle Coolant
  4. Kawasaki Aluma Cool Engine Coolant

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Motorcycle Engine Coolant: More Top Rated Options

In addition to Engine Ice motorcycle coolant, some other great choices for the best radiator coolants for your motorcycle include:

Engine Ice Motorcycle Coolant

Engine Ice is a high performance coolant for your motorcycle.

Engine Ice features:

  • Boil over temperatures at 256 degrees.
  • Freeze protection to -26 degrees.
  • An average reduction in operating temperature of 10 to 20 degrees.

This is a propylene glycol based coolant that’s designed to protect pump gasket and radiator seals in high-stress conditions. Propylene glycol coolant is a less toxic and more environmentally-friendly choice than most ethylene-based coolants.

Engine Ice comes pre-mixed with de-ionized water and there is no need to dilute it with distilled water.

Using a coolant with de-ionized water helps protect the motorcycle’s coolant system from corrosion, mineral build up, and gasket failure.

If you’ve been using regular coolant, you’ll need to flush the system before switching to Engine Ice.

Protect your bike from overheating on even long distance rides in the hottest weather.

Evans Powersport Waterless Motorcycle Coolant

Evan’s Powersport pre-mixed coolant is another engine coolant that’s specifically designed for motorcycle and works great in high temperatures.

Maxima 50/50 Motorcycle Coolant

This is another ready-to-use motorcycle coolant that’ll work for most applications.

This coolant is another solid choice for hot weather and long rides.

Kawasaki Aluma Cool Engine Coolant

This is a Kawasaki-specific coolant designed to protect aluminum cooling systems from corrosion.

This coolant does not require mixing and works well in all sorts of Kawasaki models.

Avoid Overheating Even in the Peak of Summer

Summertime is when most of the year’s riding happens for many motorcycle owners.

If that describes you, you’ll want a motorcycle engine coolant that will protect your bike even in the hottest weather.

All of the coolants described here are great choices that are going to work for most bikes in most climates. These are all pre-mixed and ready to use.

It’s always a smart idea to flush your coolant system before switching to a new type of engine coolant.

Do you have experiences with any of these motorcycle engine coolants? Maybe you’re using something different? Share your experience in the comments below.