Find the Best Motorcycle Dolly: Reviews & Recommendations


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If you’re looking for some ease of organization for your motorcycle, a rolling garage dolly is the way to go.

The Condor motorcycle dolly is one of the best top-of-the-line choices that will work with any bike.

Simply roll in on, lock the front wheel to the chock, and move your bike around the garage with ease. may earn an affiliate commission when you make a purchase through the links on this page.

Top Picks for the Best Motorcycle Dolly

Our top picks for motorcycle dollies are:

  1. Condor motorcycle dolly
  2. Extreme Max Motorcycle Dolly
  3. Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly
  4. BikeMaster Adjustable Small Motorcycle Dolly

Continue reading to learn more about the features and highlights of each one.

Best Motorcycle Dolly: More Top Rated Options

If you’re looking for some more budget-friendly options or a more compact motorcycle dolly, check out some of the choices below.

In addition to Condor motorcycle dolly, some other great choices for the best rolling motorcycle dolly include:

Condor Motorcycle Dolly Features

The Condor motorcycle dolly with a built in wheel chock is the top choice for a professional-grade rolling dolly.

The Condor dolly features:

  • Maximum load capacity of 1,300 pounds.
  • 90″ to 94″ overall length.
  • 4-inch wheels to get over cracks or imperfections in the floor.

This dolly will work with pretty much any motorcycle – from smaller dirt bikes to heavy cruisers like Goldwings.

The large, sturdy wheels allow you to easily move and spin your motorcycle to put it exactly where you need it to go.

Quality construction, professional appearance, and easy assembly.


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Black Widow Cruiser and Chopper Steel Dolly

This 1,250 pound-capacity motorcycle dolly from Black Widow is a great choice for large and heavy bikes.

The track measures a total of 94″ by 8″ with an adjustable plate for the kickstand.

Extreme Max Motorcycle Dolly

The Extreme Max motorcycle dolly is a great low-cost option.

It’s available in standard length (76″) and extra long (91″) with a carrying capacity of up to 1,250 pounds.

Roll your bike onto the platform and position the adjustable kickstand tray beneath the bike’s kickstand and you’re free to move it around.

Black Widow Pro Aluminum Dolly

The Black Widow motorcycle dolly is a high-quality, affordable choice.

It has a 1,500 pound weight capacity with a 89″ x 9″ track designed to handle larger touring motorcycles.

It’s low profile makes for easy roll-on, roll-off loading and unloading.

BikeMaster Adjustable Small Dolly

The BikeMaster adjustable motorcycle dolly is a good choice if you’re looking for something with a smaller overall footprint.

This sits under your rear tire and the kickstand to allow you to move the bike around more easily.

Why should you get a motorcycle dolly?

If you’ve ever run into storage or organization problems in your garage, a motorcycle dolly is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

It’s also a great thing to have if you’re working on a motorcycle project where you may not be able to easily move the bike around on its own.

Do you have experiences with any of these motorcycle dollies? Maybe you’re using something different? Share your experience in the comments below.


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