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Changing your motorcycle oil is not hard, but it can be messy without the right equipment.

A properly sized, quality drain pan is key to a successful oil change.

If you’re new to rebuilding motorcycles, you’re probably going to become real familiar with draining and changing your project bike’s oil. You may notice:

  • There’s a lot more oil in your project bike than you would have guessed (maybe a PO overfilled it or there’s some other stuff mixed in).
  • You may find yourself opening the engine cases or splitting them a few times if you didn’t make sure to do things right the first time.
  • You’re going to need some earlier oil changes after breaking in a freshly rebuilt engine.

In any case, a good oil drain pan (or a few) are going to come in handy.

This low profile motorcycle oil drain pan is a great option for bikes that sit low to the ground or to give you plenty of clearance to loosen the oil drain plug. may earn an affiliate commission when you make a purchase through the links on this page.

Top Picks for Oil Pans

Our picks for the best motorcycle oil drain pans are:

  1. TCMT low profile drain pan
  2. Hopkins FloTool 16 Quart Oil Drain Container
  3. Custom Accessories Simple Oil Change Pan
  4. Drymate ArmorAll Oil Spill Mat

How to Change Your Motorcycle Oil

Changing your oil isn’t rocket science. It’s motorcycle maintenance! And it’s easy to do.

To change your motorcycle’s oil:

  • Warm up the bike to operating temperature.
  • Position the bike over your oil change mat and oil drain pan.
  • Open the oil drain pan’s vent and the drain hole plug.
  • Slowly loosen the oil pan screw.
  • Allow the old oil to drain from the crankcase into the drip pan.
  • Carefully tilt the bike a bit to get any remaining drops if possible.
  • Replace the oil pan screw and refer to your service manual for the proper torque value.
  • Close your oil drain pan and vent, and wipe up any excess oil around the container.
  • Fill your bike with fresh oil.
  • Recycle your used oil when your oil drain container gets full.

Refer to your motorcycle service manual for how often you should change your oil, the type of oil to use, and how much oil you’ll need to put into your bike.

Best Motorcycle Oil Drain Pans: More Top Rated Options

In addition to TCMT low profile drain pan, some other great choices for the best oil drip pans include:

TCMT Low Profile Motorcycle Oil Drain Pan

This pan is perfect for bikes that sit with a lower ground clearance, but is also a good option to allow you to get to the drain plug and make sure you catch all the oil.

This low profile oil drain container features:

  • Dimensions of 15.7″ W x 26.8″ L x 2.8″ H.
  • Centrally located sloping catch hole.
  • Convenient handle and drain cap.
  • Vent plug.
  • 10 quart capacity to allow for a few oil changes before it needs to be emptied.

Hopkins FloTool 16 Quart Oil Drain Container

This 16-quart capacity oil drain pan container is a high-quality protect that does exactly what you need it to.

It’s well designed to catch and store oil from multiple changes with minimal clean up.

Sitting flat clearance is about 6.”

Store it upright or sitting flat without worrying about it leaking.

Custom Accessories Simple Oil Change Pan

If you have a separate container for storing your used oil, this simple oil catch pan is the perfect budget option.

It’s a basic oil drip pan with an easy-pour spout.

Holds up to 6 quarts and has a height of 4.25.”

Drymate ArmorAll Oil Spill Mat

Not an oil catch pan, but a great addition to your oil change routine.

This absorbent oil change mat will help you keep your garage floor clean and free of oil spills.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit under an entire car or just a small area.

Can be cleaned and reused over and over.

Do you have experiences with any of these oil drain pans? Maybe you’re using something different? Share your experience in the comments below.