Motorcycle Carbs, Fuel & Air

Motorcycle carburetors can be a headache if you don’t know what you’re doing. These pages will help you get your bike running right and tuned properly through all throttle positions. Learn all about your motorcycle’s carbs, fuel, and air systems.

Motorcycle Carburetors

How Motorcycle Carburetors Work

Understanding how your motorcycle’s carburetors work is the first step towards troubleshooting problems and performing a successful rebuild. Learn all about them here.

Clean & Rebuild Carbs

A proper carb cleaning is pretty much a must-do as part of any motorcycle project. Doing it completely and correctly the first time is going to save you a lot of problems as you get further into your build.

How to Sync Carbs

After you’ve taken apart and cleaned the carbs, you’ll need to learn how to synchronize them to get things running properly again.

How to Tune & Rejet Motorcycle Carbs

Any changes you make to your motorcycle’s engine, intake, or exhaust systems is going to require some carburetor tuning. Find some tips and guidelines for tuning and jetting your motorcycle’s carbs here.

Motorcycle Spark Plug Charts

Spark plugs are a useful tool in diagnosing carburetor issues. Learn how to read different spark plug colors and find out how to perform a plug chop.

Gas Tanks & Fuel

Motorcycle Gas Tanks & Petcocks

The gas tank and petcock are the first part of your fuel system. Learn all about it here, and find out how to fix fuel delivery issues.

Gas Tank Rust Removal

Old motorcycles that have been sitting for a while may have some issues with rust in the gas tank. You don’t want anything flowing through to your carbs and clogging them and you don’t want to have a leaking gas tank. Learn how to repair rusty tanks here.

What Kind of Gas Should You Use in a Motorcycle?

Curious what kind of gasoline you should be putting in your bike? We dispel some of the common myths and simplify the answer for you.

Air & Exhaust

Air Box vs. Pod Filters

What’s the difference between air boxes and pod filters? Find out if it’ll be worth it to put pods on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

Learn all about motorcycle exhaust wrap and the pros and cons. If you decide to go with wrapped exhausts, learn how to install it properly here.

Bike-Specific Tips

CB750, XS650, KZ650 Carb Procedures

Find some common carb tuning procedures for these popular project motorcycles.


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