Lost Motorcycle Keys


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All hope is not lost if your motorcycle keys are lost.

Whether you lose the keys yourself, or are buying a bike with no keys (better than buying a bike with no title), you’ve got some options to replace your keys.

Your main sources for replacement keys for your motorcycle include:

  • eBay. (quickest and cheapest)
  • A locksmith.
  • The motorcycle manufacturer. (most expensive)

Your motorcycle contains some clues about its lost keys.

On the side of your ignition switch or the fork locks, you’ll find some numbered codes.

The codes on your switches hold the key to the replacement key you need.

This code can often be provided to locksmiths who work with motorcycles or dealerships to make you some new keys.

However, if you’ve got an older motorcycle, you may be able to order some pre-cut keys for pretty cheap yourself.

How to Order Replacement Keys

In the case of many older project motorcycles, you can find replacement keys for sale on eBay.

You’ll just need to know the key-code on your ignition switch along with the year and model of your motorcycle.

Search this information along with “keys” in eBay and you can often find exactly what you need.

What to do if you can’t replace your lost motorcycle keys?

If you cannot get replacement keys that fit your switches, you’ve got one final option.

You can replace and rewire the entire ignition switch. This can be done with OEM or aftermarket switches.

The biggest drawback here is that your new key will not work on your fork locks, helmet locks, and other locks on your bike.