Motorcycle Frames, Wheels, Controls & Suspension

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These pages will help you get your motorcycle’s controls, brakes, steering, and suspension ready for the road.

Controls & Brakes

Motorcycle Brakes

Learn all about your motorcycle’s braking systems. Find some tips on bleeding your brake lines, servicing the master cylinders, and changing your brake pads.

Servicing Motorcycle Cables

Learn how to keep your motorcycle’s cables in good condition.

Motorcycle Speedometer Repair

If your motorcycle’s speedometer is broken find some tips on fixing the issue here.

How to Change Motorcycle Grips

Frame & Suspension

Tear Down a Motorcycle to its Frame

If you’re doing a full rebuild or restoration, you’ll need to tear down the motorcycle to the frame. Learn how to approach the task to keep organized.

Replacing Steering Bearings

Learn how to replace and inspect your motorcycle’s steering bearings.

Fork Seals

If your forks are leaking oil, you’ll likely need to replace the seals. Find out how to remove and replace your motorcycle’s fork seals here.

Wheels & Tires

How to Change Motorcycle Tires

For most bikes, changing the tires is typically something you can do yourself. Find some tips to make the job easy and to avoid damaging your rims or puncturing your tubes.

How to Lace Motorcycle Wheels

If you have a motorcycle that has wheels with spokes you may need to re-lace the wheels if your have damaged spokes. Find out how to lace and true a motorcycle hub and rim.

Motorcycle Wheel Bearings

Learn how to remove and replace your motorcycle’s wheel bearings here.

Chain & Sprockets

Learn all about your motorcycle’s final drive components – the chain and sprockets.