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How Change Motorcycle Grips


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If you’ve been riding for a while or are working on a motorcycle project, you’re probably going to need to change or upgrade your motorcycle’s handlebar grips at some point.

Grips can wear out over time, and upgrading your grips can be a great way to improve the comfort and look of your bike.

How to Install New Motorcycle Grips

To change your motorcycle grips, you’ll need to:

  • Remove the bar ends, if applicable.
  • Remove the old grips (see below for tips).
  • Clean off the handlebars of any old grip glue or gunk and finish them with some degreaser. You want to ensure your new grips won’t slip on the handlebars after you install them.
  • Install the larger diameter grip on the throttle side and the smaller grip on the clutch side.

To make the job of installing the grips easier, you can spray some hairspray or grip glue into the new grips before sliding them on. When the spray is wet, it will make getting the grips on the bars much easier, when it dries it will help keep them in place.

If necessary, use some grip wire to secure them further.

After installing new grips, check to make sure that the throttle opens and snaps closed as it should.

How to Remove Motorcycle Grips

You’ll have two main options when it comes to removing your old motorcycle grips. Which one you go with will depend on whether or not you want to reuse the grips in the future.

If you plan on getting rid of your old grips, a razor blade is a simple way to get them off.

If you don’t want to damage the old grips you can spray some soapy water between the grips and the bars. Try to wiggle the grips so the soapy solution can work its way all around. After a bit, you should be able to slide them right off.

If grip glue has been used, some GooGone can be handy to remove it before you install your new grips.

To remove motorcycle grips without damaging or cutting them:

  • Use a slotted screwdriver to make a gap between the grip and the handlebar.
  • Insert a generous amount of soapy water or penetrating oil.
  • Wiggle the grips and screwdriver around to disperse the soapy water.
  • Work the grips off the handlebar.

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