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Motorcycle Cable Maintenance: Clutch & Throttle

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Motorcycle cables work with an inner cable that pushes or pulls inside of an outer cable housing.

To prolong the life of your motorcycle’s cables, you should make sure they stay lubricated.

To remove cables on your motorcycle, loosen the cable adjusters. Unscrew the housing screws, if applicable. Slide the cable head from its slot and remove the cable.

While you’re at it, it may be a good time to service your brakes and brake cables too.

How to Lube Motorcycle Cables

To lube the cables on your motorcycle:

  • Cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic bag and slip the end of the cable through it.
  • Tie off the cable around the hole so it stays tight.
  • Pour some oil in the bag and hang the cable overnight.
  • Place something under the hanging cable to catch any oil drippings.

If your cables wear out or break down and need to be replaced, you should keep the end fittings.

If you ever swap out your handlebars or customize the frame, you may not be able to find long (or short) enough cables to work with your new setup and the cable-end seats in your controls.

You can make your own custom cables by cutting and soldering on the end fittings.

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