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Missouri Motorcycle Registration & Title Laws


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This page will cover the street legal requirements and registration and title process in Missouri and provide some tips on how to register if you bought the motorcycle without a title.

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Missouri Title & Inspection Requirements for Used Motorcycles

  • Does Missouri have an equipment/safety inspection?
    • Safety inspection required.
  • Does Missouri require VIN Inspections for motorcycles bought out of state?
    • Required for out of state motorcycles.
  • Does Missouri require a title for old motorcycles?
    • Title required.

How to Title and Register a Motorcycle in Missouri

To register your motorcycle, you’ll need:

  • Signed over title.
    • Bill of sale and old registration if bought in a state that doesn’t issue titles.
  • Missouri Application for Title
  • Tax receipt or statement of non-assessment
  • Safety Inspection
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Registration and title fees.
  • Sales tax.

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Notarization Required on the following documents in Missouri:

  • Bill of Sale

Register a Motorcycle with No Title in Missouri

Option 1: Motorcycles from Missouri 

Before sale is complete, ask previous owner to get a duplicate title:

Learn how to replace a lost motorcycle title in Missouri.

Option 2: Bikes from out of state

If the motorcycle was bought in a state that requires motorcycle titles:

Option 3: Register in a No-Title State

Register the bike in a non-title, no residency requirement, mail-in registration application state, such as Vermont.

Missouri Street Legal Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

Street legal motorcycles in Missouri must have:

  • Horn.
  • Handlebar height no more that 15” above seat.
  • Brake light must not display varying brightness for more than 5 seconds.

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This information was correct at the time of writing it, but state laws are subject to change.

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11 thoughts on “Missouri Motorcycle Registration & Title Laws”

  1. Bought a 53 pan owner has title but never had it changed over to his name 43 years ago and mo. Dmv.wants 2 hundred a year late charge for 43 years it was a basket then and still is. Somebody tell me what to do

  2. How could I acquire a title if I only have a bill of sale and I cannot get ahold of previous owner for a title? Bike was last titled in Florida but is now in Missouri.

  3. I’m thinking about buying a vintage motorcycle from someone in KS but they have no title. How could it be legally licensed in Missouri?
    The bike is a 1971 Honda.

  4. If my son buys a titled frame from California, then wants to title and build it in Missouri. What vin does Missouri require. Frame? Frame and motor? Harley wide glide frame.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      The frame VIN and CA title should suffice to title and eventually register it in Missouri. It may be a good idea to contact the DOR or your local inspection station to see if they’ll perform the inspection frame without the motor.

  5. I bought a 2001 gsxr. I’m the third owner. The second owner gave me the original title in the first owners name. He never registered the bike. Only the first owner signed the title. How Do I register the bike and get plates.

    1. This situation is known as an “open title.” The official way to go about this would be to have the person who sold you the bike title it in their name and properly transfer it over to you. However, if the “Assignment/Buyer’s” portion on the back of the title you received has not been filled out, you should be able to fill that out and go ahead with the registration/title process with no problem. Good luck.

  6. Hello,

    I have a question that may be difficult to answer. A friend of mine purchased a Harley 1200 Sportster while living out of the state. However, he never titled the bike after purchasing it. He has the title, and everything has been filled out. The only problem is that he is moving overseas and will not be available in person for the foreseeable future. The bike will remain at the family’s house. We’ve discussed selling it to me, but I’m curious about how this can be done if he’s not in the states. The title, which is from Tennesse, has a line for the buyer(s) to list and sign their names. Does Missouri require both people to be present when registering the vehicle? If not, then we talked about his dad adding his name and registering it. And then he would sell it to me after the bike has been titled in their name. Is there any legal way to do this that isn’t a large hassle?


    1. If the Buyer’s section of the Tennessee title has room for another owner, then yes, your friend’s father should be able to go ahead with the registration process and then sell it to you.

      Both of them should not have to be present in order to complete the transfer, though your friend/friend’s father may want to confirm this with your local DOR office and have a Power of Attorney form ready, if necessary.

      Unfortunately, the legal way to go about it is going to be somewhat of a hassle. They’ll need to get the title properly assigned to them before they can sell it, and then you’ll need to go through the process yourself.

      Good luck!

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