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Register & Title a Motorcycle in Nevada

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This page will cover the street legal requirements and motorcycle registration and title process in Nevada and provide some tips on how to register if you bought the motorcycle without a title.

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Nevada Title & Inspection Requirements for Used Motorcycles

  • Does Nevada have an equipment/safety inspection?
    • Not required.
  • Does Nevada require VIN Inspections for motorcycles bought out of state?
    • Required for out of state motorcycles.
  • Does Nevada require a title for old motorcycles?
    • Yes, all motorcycles are titled.

How to Title and Register a Motorcycle in Nevada

To register and title your bike in Nevada, you need the following:

Notarization Required on the following documents in Nevada:

  • Bill of Sale notarized or signed in front of DMV agent.

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Registering a No Title Motorcycle in Nevada

Option 1: Bikes from Nevada

Before sale is complete, ask previous owner to fill out a duplicate title:

Learn how to replace a lost motorcycle title in Nevada.

Option 2: Bikes from out of state

If the motorcycle was bought in a state that requires motorcycle titles:

Option 3: Register in a No-Title State

Register the bike in a non-title, no residency requirement, mail-in registration application state, such as Vermont.

Nevada Street Legal Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

Nevada motorcycles must have the following to be street legal:

  • Rearview mirrors.
  • Fenders on both wheels.
  • Handlebars maximum 6” above shoulder height.
  • Passenger footrest when carrying passenger.
  • Turn signals required for motorcycles manufactured after 1972.
  • Brake light may not display a blue light larger than 1” in diameter.

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This information was correct at the time of writing it, but state laws are subject to change.

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5 thoughts on “Register & Title a Motorcycle in Nevada”

  1. Matthew Guerrera

    My motorcycle is registered in ct. When I move to Nevada can I just transfer the plates and title ? Or is it treated as a new registration and subject to inspections ect…

  2. Was given a 2003 Honda shadow by a California family member. I live in California who now won’t register it as doesn’t have Calif. emission on the bike. The mileage is low at 2500 and where I live doesn’t even require smog. They are rejecting based on that but it’s really about taxes. They told me to get it out of the state. Frustrating.

  3. I bought a 300cc Chinese Scooter from a guy who stated he didn’t have a title for it. After buying it with a signed, hand written, bill of sale, he then stated he DID have the title, but has refused to hand it over. Meanwhile, the scooter sits because I don’t know how to proceed in getting it registered, in my name, so I can ride it. It’s my scooter and I want to ride it.
    Please suggest!

    1. motorcyclezombies

      That guy is an asshole. I’d suggest speaking to a lawyer for advice on how to proceed. This falls outside of the MotorcycleZombie.com expertise.

      Best of luck.

    2. Tell him you want the title or your money back. If he refused, to dig up records of all conversations regarding the deal, and go to the police.

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