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Vermont Motorcycle Title & Registration (CLOSED as of Jul 2023)


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This page will cover the street legal requirements and registration and title process in Vermont and provide some tips on how to register if you bought the motorcycle without a title.

Learn more about motorcycle title transfers in Vermont.

CLOSED: Vermont Title “Loophole”

Unfortunately, as of July 2023, the VT DMV title loophole has been closed.

While the state of Vermont still does not require titles for vehicles 15 years or older, applicants are now required to:

Essentially, the DMV now requires that applicants certify that the vehicle does not need to be registered in their own state and that they have a legitimate reason for registering it there.

While this method had been a great option for registering restored motorcycles that had been previously forgotten, the loophole was closed to address issues of fraud, unsafe vehicle “workarounds”, and moving stolen vehicles.

How to register a no-title motorcycle in Vermont.

The Vermont title loophole is not so much a loophole, but just the process for registering old vehicles.

First, Vermont allows non-residents to register motorcycles by mail.

You’ll need a signed bill of sale to complete the transaction and pay sales tax on the fair price. Details below.

Additionally, Vermont does not issue nor require titles for motorcycles older than 15 model years and motorcycles 300cc or less.

Going through this process with an older or small displacement motorcycle will get you a current registration and plates.

The VT documents can then be used to title and register the bike in another state, if needed.

How to Register a Vehicle in Vermont

To register the motorcycle in Vermont you’ll need the following:

  • Registration Application
    • To complete the registration application, you’ll need to fill out:
      • Section 1 (for Vermont DL # you can write your state abbreviation and your DL #).
      • Section 3B (include the seller’s name, address, and date of purchase – the Bill of Sale you’ll include will contain their signature.)
      • Section 4 (check New Registration, Motorcycle)
      • Section 5 (fill out everything applicable here including the # of Wheels and CCs in the Cycle/ATV section
      • Section 6 (fill out Purchase Price only).
  • Bill of Sale
  • VIN Verification Form (if the bike is 500cc or more and does not have proof of a previous VT registration.)
  • Fees: $48 (for 1 year registration) + 6% of sale price or Fair NADA value (minimum value of $500), whichever is greater. Checks payable to Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
    • VT asks that you print the NADA page and send it in with your application.

Once you’ve gathered all of that, send it in to:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

In a few weeks you should see your check cashed, then you’ll receive your plate in the mail, and a week or so later you’ll receive the registration sticker and registration card.

Plates and stickers are mailed separately. This is a normal part of the process.

Check out the Vermont DMV’s registration document wizard if you need more help.

Find more information about Vermont motorcycle registration and registration renewal.

Vermont Title & Inspection Requirements for Used Motorcycles

  • Does Vermont have an equipment/safety inspection?
    • Periodic inspection required.
  • Does Vermont require VIN Inspections for motorcycles bought out of state?
    • VIN Inspection required for out of state motorcycles over 500cc.
    • VIN inspections not required for motorcycles with engines less than 500 ccs.
  • Does Vermont require a title for old motorcycles?
    • Titles are not required for motorcycles older than 15 years.
    • Titles are not required for motorcycles with engines less than 300cc.

How to Get a Vermont Motorcycle Title

Vermont does not require titles for motorcycles older than 15 years or less than 300cc.

You’ll need to provide the following to register a motorcycle in Vermont:

Application can be mailed in. Full instructions here. You do not have to be a resident of Vermont to register an old motorcycle.

Vermont Street Legal Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

Vermont requires street legal motorcycles to have:

  • Rearview mirror.
  • Fenders on both wheels.
  • Handlebars not higher than 15” above seat.
  • Passenger footrests and handholds when carrying passengers.

Learn more about street legal motorcycle requirements.

This information was correct at the time of writing it, but state laws are subject to change.

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  1. hi there im just curious, i received a 2006 suzuki katana 750 from my coworker who received it as a gift from his neighbor but never received the title, ive submitted all the paperwork to vt, will i have any issues transferring it back to my home state? seeing as he wasn’t the name on the original title?

  2. Hey there, my name is Mohammed I just recently found out about this website, and there is some confusion I have with me trying to register and title my ( 1982 Honda cm 450 )
    I have the paper of sell from the previous owner. The bike is not tilted or registered. Am based in Massachusetts USA, and was not able to register the bike in my state because of missing title.

  3. I leaned hard on this site and comment thread to get me through the process of registering a no-title scooter I received from my NC sister, who got it from a friend, who bought it from a NC dealer now out of business. And he never had a title for it. 2012 Tao Tao 149cc. VIN check was clean: no title, not stolen, never even registered. My sister gave it to my daughter for college not realizing that Florida basically had no options for us to make it street legal. Made many futile trips to the FL DMV with what I thought was sufficient paperwork (certificate of origin, bill of sale, proof of insurance, notarized odometer reading, etc.) only to be turned away every time. “If you don’t have the title you can’t register it.”
    As far as they were concerned the only option was a junk yard. Perfectly good scooter in a college town teeming with scooters. Enter the Vermont method.

    Now that my process has concluded, I feel I should post my timeline.

    3/17/23 – mailed application and check to VT. I called the VT dmv first to make sure I had the right amount of tax, because i couldn’t find a NADA value, so I went with the minimum tax on $500, confirmed by the super nice young lady on the phone. A nice helpful voice from a DMV? Welcome to Vermont.

    3/31/23 – check is cashed by VT
    4/14/23 – received plate in mail
    4/17/23 – received registration and sticker

    Entire process: 1 month.

    I hate the FL DMV with a passion. I’m tempted to never transfer it to FL and just renew the VT tag each year. But I’ve got 12 months to think it over. Eventually getting a title would be nice, though, if that’s possible. Didn’t see any FL examples on this thread so I’m not sure had hard-nosed they would be.

    So happy to finally have this nightmare resolved and thankful for this website!

  4. THANK YOU! We acquired a 1964 Lambretta from a family friend who had no idea what had happened to the title. Had no idea how was going to get registered, tagged, etc and then found this post. Followed the directions and sent the docs off to Vermont, and sure enough…just as described! Check got cashed about 10 days, a week later the Green VT plate arrived, followed by registration. We still need to figure out next steps to transfer title to DC…but have nearly a year to do that before VT registration expires. QUESTION in meantime while still have active VT reg/tag, for motorcycle insurance do we get VT insurance since its tagged and registered there? Or motorcycle insurance in DC where drivers license is from and the area will be mostly driven?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Your VT registration papers should now serve as your proof of ownership for the DC DMV – you’ll use them when you apply for DC reg/title. If necessary, you should be able to renew your VT tag too.

      You’ll want a DC motorcycle insurance policy if that is where the bike is going to be parked and ridden most of the time. Be sure to start comparing quotes right here at MotorcycleZombies.com.

      Thanks for sharing your success, and enjoy your new (old) ride!

  5. I have a 2012 Honda Crf250r that I’m trying to title/register in Massachusetts. Will the Massachusetts registry issue me a title if I bring them the Vermont registration after I receive it? The wording on the Vermont law is confusing me. It says they don’t issue titles on motorcycles over 15 years old, I think the registry in Massachusetts will be looking for a Vermont title along with the registration since the bike isnt over 15 years old yet. Am I wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated

    1. Did you end up using this loophole for mass? I’m trying to get plates for a crf250f that’s has a “off road only” title in mass. Sound like I can just send the bill of sale and not the title and be able to register it, but not sure ray will work.

  6. motorcyclezombies thanks much. I bought a 2017 yam wr250r from a guy who never made it road legal from the dealer (not sure how this is even possible). I thought it would have been np at the ny dmv with just the original certificate of origin signed over to me but I was wrong. Im so happy to see they cashed my check today

  7. Was looking into getting a title for a 1998 TW200. The DMV site says the following regarding taxes:

    Purchase and Use Tax is due at the time of registration and/or title at a percentage of the purchase price or the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) clean trade-in value, whichever is greater, minus value of trade-in vehicle or any other allowable credit.

    The clean trade-in value was my concern as the NADA site does not list trade-in for this bike. Sent an email and received the following:

    We would go by fair value in that case or purchase price whichever is higher. We do have a minimum taxable value of $500.00 if neither meets that amount.

  8. 3/2021 – Purchased a 2003 dirtbike (headlight/taillight only) with a bill of sale
    Asked the MI SOS (dmv) if I could make it street legal and register it with a BoS. Pretty much told me to go back and get the title or my money back. Oh well, just bought it for trail riding.

    4/2021 – Came across this post, read every comment and mailed in application and paperwork to Vermont. I did add to the bill of sale (it is a “street driven motorcycle”) as mentioned by another commenter. Check cashed, VT plate received, VT registration per the well documented timetable.

    Summer 21- did some trail riding and decided it was time to make it street legal. Bought the tusk kit from Rocky Mountain ATV (having a head/tail light already made it pretty easy). Mounted the plate and I was pretty much Michigan street legal except for the tires. Purchased motorcycle insurance and took a motorcycle endorsement course to make myself street legal. Cruised around the neighborhood, jumped over some small children, and was hero to all middle aged men on my block.

    4/2022 – VT registration was up for renewal so I figured I would try the MI SOS again. Get called to the window by the same lady from the year before. “I would like to transfer my motorcycle registration from VT to MI.” “Do you have a title?” “No, here is my insurance and registration, VT doesn’t issue titles for motorcycles over 15 years.” She checks her system and says, “this vehicle has a MI title last issued 10 years ago and it’s a 2 wheeler not a motorcycle.” I stated, “well it’s street legal at this time and was registered as a motorcycle with VT.” “Do I need to do some paperwork to prove it’s street legal here in MI?” She gets up and walks over to the big book of rules as I stand there thinking about putting street legal tires on it and taking it to the police station for an inspection. She confirms that VT doesn’t issue titles over 15 years. Issues me a plate, registration, and application for new MI title. $43 and I’m out the door.

    Takeaways- I think adding “street driven motorcycle” on the bill of sale was key to success.
    – My dirt bike is now street legal with a tag, registration and title making more valuable when I do sell it so this experiment has paid off. Good luck in your process and thanks Motorcycle Zombies!

  9. Vermont Motorcycle Reg. 15 years or older and under 300cc. No vin Check Required.
    1/5/22 Mailed out Vermont Reg with a check.
    1/13/22 Vermont Cashed my check.
    1/19/22 Vermont plates show up in the mail.
    1/24/22 Vermont Reg card and sticker arrive.
    1/28/22 I go to my states DMV and transfer reg. Walk out with plate issued in my home state. Lady was nice at the DMV. She looked up in her book Vermont rules on older motorcycles and all that stuff. She talked to her manager and I was all set. Just had to pay registration fees.

  10. Hey everyone, I’m looking to build a 2006 CRF230f dual sport. I’ve seen post of others doing it in Vermont so I believe it’s possible. My question is, am I able to ride it on the road before having the off-road to on-road inspection completed, or can I just register through here and get my plates in the mail, and be all good to go?

  11. I am looking at buying a 1974 Honda Z50 in which the seller already obtained the VT title and registration through this process. He lives in PA and I live in NC. He has not gotten a PA title yet, he still has the VT title he received. Would I be able to transfer it to an NC title in my name or would the seller have to get a PA title first then transfer that title to me?

  12. Quick question on the fee’s. I am working on a 1967 Suzuki T20. The bike is not on the NADA site and any of the other 1969 ( which is as far back as Suzuki’s go on their site) bikes come up with an N/A for the pricing. I only paid 300 for the bike. Would I just need to round up to 500 and pay the 6% of that?

  13. Alright, last fall a friend of a friend that restores bikes was selling a 2005 sportster for too cheap to pass up. I’ve been to the vintage bike shows of these guys, saw the work they’re doing in the garage. Older guys that go way back with my friends family. Only downside was they bought it off someone they knew in Cali who couldn’t find the original title. Went to local dmv here in Michigan but they told me without a title I was SOL Started digging around and found this. Got all my paperwork in order. Had the local sheriff come out and do the VIN inspection. Bike isn’t listed as stolen or anything, but he did say it’s a salvage title in Cali, and that I’ve got a whole lot more hoops to jump through to get it to a rebuild title here in MI. Anyone know if I send in the Vermont stuff if they’ll flag it for that or will I still be good since it’s older than 15 years? Sheriff still filled out the Vermont form for me, but was skeptical it would work. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

    1. Any update on this? I’m in the same boat right now as I have a clean NJ title and went to register this in VA and was told the VIN is marked as salvaged. Without salvaged paperwork, I can’t even get a new title. Since it’s and 03′ technically VT doesn’t require the title. This may be my only option…

  14. I noticed that at the top it says a title is not needed if it is 15 years or older and under 300cc, then towards the end it says it can be 15 years or older or under 300cc. I am trying to register something that is 12 years old, but only 150cc. Does it have to be both or can it be either?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Either one. VT does not title motorcycles that are older than 15 year or motorcycles under 300cc.

  15. Hi, I’ve got a 2004 CRF 450cc Honda with a title in my name in my home state and the bill of sale. Not plateable in my star. I read that I need to give them the title if over 300cc. I recently played a 1980 bike through Vermont and tossing the idea of the CRF. I guess it’s not that big of a deal if I give them my home state title. Just looking for some advice on bikes that they say need a title or do I keep title I already have and just get the BT title?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      2004 model year is older than 15 years old, so Vermont will not issue a title for that bike. However, Vermont will not process an on-road registration for an off-highway vehicle.

  16. Question: If my VIN is non standard (11 alphanumerics instead of the 17) as it was built in Japan, will that be a problem for registering with VT? Alternatively is it possible to fudge in any way?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      If it’s an older bike, it shouldn’t be a problem. No, you should not “fudge” any information.

  17. Ok. I bought a 1981 Honda Passport back in 1998 but never put the title in my name. I bought the bike when I was much younger and never rode it on any legal roads rent stored it. Now I am older and want to get it on the road legally. Not sure but I think I may have trouble titling it at the BMV because it is from 1998 so my question is can I send this title in as proof of bill of sale in Vermont? Do I need to try and contact the person I purchased it from and obtain a separate bill of sale or will this work?

    Thanks Nick

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Assuming the old title is signed by you and the previous owner, it should work. It may be worth giving VT DMV a call to confirm that an old title will work in place of a bill of sale in a situation like this. However, it probably makes the most sense to try to go through your home state first.

  18. Yes! Got my plate in the mail today! I’ve known about this workaround for some time now but reading this blog convinced me to get moving on it.

    This 1979 Honda was bought in pieces as a donor bike a couple of years ago but I realized it had all the original parts, so I remounted the motor just to sell it for parts. The buyer chickened out and said it would take forever to put it together, so just to show him, I reassembled it and had it running by the end of the weekend. I figured I’ll go all the way and re-title it, too!

    It’s so wild to think this bike was in bins just a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s running with a new license plate! Resurrected, legal, and on the road again!

  19. YES! One gigantic step closer!! Took less than one month!

    2006 Triumph Daytona 675. NEVER registered/titled…(was used as a track bike all it’s life) etc.

    Mailed out paperwork: March 6, 2021
    VT Received: March 9th, 2021
    April 1, 2021 recieved a copy of the VT registration form dated/Validated on March 25, 2021.

    I now have a green VT motorcycle license plate in my hands!

    Now I just wait for the rest of the paperwork and I hope to be able to get a VA title.

    1. UPDATE:
      4-16-2021: Received VT registration today.

      I have a DMV appointment here in two weeks.. .HOPING I can get a VA title. I’m sure I am going to have to explain to them that VT doesn’t issue titles and they’ll have to look it up in their code book..etc. But hoping this isn’t an issue. I’ve read issues that it might cause from other states if the bike was ever previously titled… they can’t issue a new title to the new owner… however since there is NO title and they should be able to verify that via VIN.. hopefully this goes smoothly. I will update again.

      1. 3rd and FINAL update!!

        I had my DMV appointment today. I brought in my BIL, VT registration card and the Viriginia forms that needed to be filled out.

        They looked slightly puzzled and asked why I had a VT registration even though I live in VA. I just told them I was going to move to VT and that got cancelled due to what is happening currently in the world..lol.

        She went back and forth multiple times looking at their book and talking with a couple people. I was there for roughly 30 minutes.
        Then after she signed my forms and I paid $15 for a titling fee, I NOW have a VA title!!!! On a bike that they previously told me 6/7 months ago was impossible to title due to not validating the original owner paying sales tax and or me having the MSO which was under his name.

        I followed the directions listed on this site. Filled out the paper work and sent it to VT. One month later I get a license plate. Two weeks later I get the registration paper under my name. Two weeks after that I take it to the VA DMV and I know hold in my hand a 100% legal/legit title. I can now sell the bike without worry and best of all I did everything legally.

        THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂

        1. 4th and seriously last update:

          I got a VA title on Friday afternoon. I posted the motorcycle up on Sunday afternoon and with in two hours the bike was sold…lol.

          Again, this would not have been possible/or nearly as fast if I did not have a title. I am still blown away that everything worked out the way it did and how fast it was. I bought the bike back in 2009 for $4,500, and I sold it yesterday for $6,000. Truth be told if I wait I could have probably gotten $6,500, but this was fast and there was no haggling or tire kickers.


          Go the VT way and get a legal title!!

      1. Not in VA. We don’t require a BIL to be notarized unless it’s something like less than 5 years old. Anything after that time period could be written on a napkin… as long as it’s “signed” by both parties…

  20. Hello. So I bought a 49cc taotao moped recently. The person I bought it from didn’t have the title for it. It is a 2020 model but I figured since it’s less than 500cc would I still be able to send in the paper to Vermont? I called Vermont dmv and asked about the requirements and told me that I should be fine with it being 49cc. Just wanted to make sure I’m good before I mail in the papers. Thanks!

  21. 2006 Kawasaki Ninja
    1. 1/20/21 – Mailed form VD-119, Check, NADA, Bill of Sale, Photos of VIN&ODO.(not req’d) I did also call and confirm the taxes/total prior to mailing.
    2. 1/25/21 – VT received my forms
    3. 2/25/21 – Check Cashed by VT
    4. 3/10/21- I received my VT Plate
    6. Soon – Transfer to Home state

    1. So you just sent them photos of the VIN & ODO?

      I’m confused about the part where bikes over 500cc need to be verified by a cop or inspection station. Thinking I had to have someone verify with the bike physically in front of them.

      1. Brad,

        When I called the VT DMV the nice lady told me because of Covid there is no need for a VIN / ODO verification (they are waiving it). My bike I registered with them was 675cc’s. I got my plate and registration just a couple weeks ago. NOW is a good time to do this because you do not have to go through the extra hassle/verification for that process. COVID sucks but because of it this step was completely skipped which is nice!

  22. Dumb question but I am closing near doing this now. My Daytona 675′ is from 2006. Which makes it exactly 15 years now in 2021… Does that mean I still have to wait one more year so that it is OVER 15 model years to be able to register it in VT? I feel like I am confused by that part now. I thought anything 15 or older you could register it. Note that this bike has never been registered by any previous owner so it has no record anywhere. Where I am at in VA they will not register it since the original owner never registered it in his state… I’d have to contact the original owner, who would then have to pay sales tax which isn’t going to happen or if he’s even still alive…etc.

    I know VT doesn’t issue titles for motorcycles OVER 15 years but if the motocyle is 675cc’s and now 15 years old I think from what I read they want a title in order for your to register it with them? Or maybe I’m just confused now. I feel like I’ve read so much that this is now putting me in a loop..

    1. motorcyclezombies

      You should be good to go with a 2006 model year motorcycle in 2021. Vermont issues titles to vehicles 15 years old and newer based on the calendar year and date.

      i.e. 15 years and 1 month old is older than 15 years old.

      Here’s the latest example of this situation from the VT DMV website:

      “…from January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021, Vermont will title vehicles (including Motorboats, ATVs, and snowmobiles) with the model year 2007 or newer.​”

      1. ahhhh… I was looking at it as “complete” years. IE: My bike wouldn’t be older than 15 model years until 2022 or the up coming January..etc.

        That makes sense. It was just confusing me when it said
        “Is your motorcycle 15 model years or newer?” That’s a weird way or wording it I suppose… But you are correct..We are in March now so technically it is 15 years old + 3 months. So now I don’t have to click Yes to that, and can click No.

        Man I REALLY hope this works! I will probably be calling and filling the paperwork out this weekend. Even on their site they say that the VIN check isn’t needed due to the pandemic so that’s one nice thing, that would have slightly been a hassle.. I’m still unsure if I should just for good measure pay the $10 online and get a copy of the VIN stating that there is no prior record. I don’t mind paying higher taxes..etc. I just want to be able to eventually title the bike here in VA.

        It’s amazing to me how hard something so simple can really be in a state that just wants taxes (VA), but not willing to use common sense. *Fingers crossed! and I will definitely update here shortly.

  23. This website is FANTASTIC.
    I sent my bill of sale, tax money, and Vermont registration application in the mail on Jan 22, and I just received my title and stickers today, March 1st.
    Received the plate in the mail a week ago.

    They waived the vin inspection because of covid.
    Registered a 2009 Honda Ruckus.
    I live in Oklahoma.

    Once again thank you this was a perfect outcome to a rainy day.

    1. Awesome. Glad to hear! I’m still waiting on my plate. Just saw they accepted my check on 2/25 so I’m expecting the plate any day now.

  24. On 12/17/2020 mailed completed VT registration tax & title application; bill of sale/odometer disclosure statement; printout of NADA value report showing Average Retail, and check for amount calculated based on VT DMV registration wizard. I had also called the DMV prior to mailing–be prepared for a long hold and then give a call back number, they will actually call you back, then be polite when they call–they confirmed what I was mailing and all the fields in the form I needed to fill out and patiently answered all questions i had relating to fill out the form. Don’t be afraid to call them and ask questions! They also confirmed on the phone call that during and due to COVID 19, that the Visual VIN Verification requirement waived during COVID Pandemic continues to be waived, no inspection and no form necessary. Here is the link: https://dmv.vermont.gov/RegistrationNew
    then click on Registration Required Documents Wizard and follow the prompts.
    Today is February 9th and I received my license plate and registration receipt in the mail. This was for a previously untitled 2005 Honda Shadow 1100, so it met the requirement of over 15 year old model year, you’ll tell the system that as one of the questions answered in the wizard and it then allows for a title-less registration. Thank you MototcycleZombies.com for posting such valuable information–it works!!! Now i am legal for the upcoming season and will be able to register a non-titled motorcycle in my home state because there will be prior registration without title! Safe riding all!!!

      1. Hello Zombies,

        Do I need a bill of sale if it’s mine? My brother passed away and the bike belongs to me and I need to do this.

        Thank you,

        1. motorcyclezombies

          You will need some sort of documentation to demonstrate that the bike is yours. (Most commonly a signed over title and/or Bill of Sale).

    1. I tried this filled everything out correctly and copies of everything on their paperwork, copy of NADA w/date on it . I mailed everything out the right way with all the fees on 12/21/20. December 21st 2020 and I haven’t heard anything from them yet. They still haven’t cashed my check. I don’t know if I could call them and see if they received it or continue to wait. I sent a return envelope with my info also … any help or suggestions would be appreciated please. Thank you everyone.

    2. Update: Received the Vermont Registration card and license plate tab in a separate mailing yesterday, Feb 25th. So about two months from start to finish, but I am now legal in USA!

  25. Im trying to register a 2004 Yamaha YZ125. It has everything needed to be street legal, lights, mirror, horn, etc. To go VT route, it will cost atleast $500? Will VT process and accept my application for a YZ? Will stating that its street driven/legal on Bill of Sale be sufficient enough? Also, my bike has no odometer or hour meter, what would I put down on the registration application, nothing? Do I need to get my bikes VIN verified or inspected? Whats the Fair NADA Value for 2004 YZ125? All I have is Bill of Sale and Current OHV Registration. Can VT DMV even tell the YZ wasnt origanlly street legal, does it matter or will it go unnoticed?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      It’s likely that VT will require some sort of official paperwork stating that the bike has been converted for on-road use.

  26. So I bought a 2019 Dual Sport Bashon Brozz Chinese 250cc bike. Never registered or tagged in GA. The GA DMV didn’t like the paper the Certificate of Registration was printed on. It was the original waxy paper it comes on. I mailed my paperwork off on 12/29/20 the Vermont DMV. It arrived on 1/4/21. I expect it to take a couple more weeks. I’ll report back with an update with a denial or report of tags and registration.

      1. Well good news. My VM tag arrived today. It took 31 days to process and mail, and 7 days in the mail. My 2 checks still haven’t cleared in my bank account. Some delay for that. I expect the VM registration to arrive in a few days or a week. Once that arrives I’ll tag it in my state. Pretty easy process. Only down side is having to pay 6% tax in 2 states, but it’s still cheaper then trying to get a bonded title through my insurance (that was the other option.)

  27. hi any advice would be greatly appreciated so i purchased a 2001 yamaha from a friend bout 2 and1/2 years ago with out paperwork other than bill of sale now he had bought it at lien sale a year or so prior but never registered it and couldnt find lein paperwork when selling it to me. after getting it all running and what not i also have insurance on it as well but i had gotten a ticket from chp for no registration which states me as owner on the ticket would that work as proof of ownership for vt ad i am having issues with ca registering. thank you for you time

      1. No update yet. It’s been 33 days and waiting.
        Still waiting to see if my check for registration fee and check for tax value get cashed. I’ll update when something new happens.

  28. Just wanted to post that this article was the only reason I managed my bike titled, so a big thank you to MotorcycleZombies! I bought a 2020 Honda Grom and the person that bought it new from dealership never got it titled before selling it. He was unresponsive after, so I was l stuck with a untitled bike, but I used this process and just got my plate from Vermont, ready to be transferred to VA.

    Just for anyone wondering the timeline now that Covid has been delaying things: I sent my application on Oct. 23rd. My check was cashed Nov. 16th. I got my plates today, Nov. 27th. Awaiting my registration, which should be here in a week or two.

    1. I am also in VA. I have a motorcycle that has NEVER been registered and was told I would have to go back to the original owner for him to pay tax and then register it. Once he registers it and titles the bike he could then sign it over to me… That’s not going to happen since it’s been so many years.

      What did you give to VA dmv so they would title the motorcycle? Just the VT registration/plates? I feel like VA is going to still ask for some type of title or paper work, no?

      1. motorcyclezombies

        VT, and a handful of other states, do not issue titles at all for certain vehicles (age limit, engine size, etc.). The registration in these states serves as your proof of ownership in place of a title.

  29. Sent in an app for a 1981 Suzuki SP250. Bill of sale only. Got my plates within 4 weeks.. registration 2 weeks after. They did call me to clarify NADA and charge my CC card right then.
    Also sent in an app for 1979 Honda XL500 at the same time… haven’t heard anything back yet…. 🙁 I’m not sure if it’s the whole 500cc VIN issue but I listed it as a 497cc, which it technically is.

  30. Hi, Quick question. Just ran through the process took about 6-7 weeks so far. Submitted paperwork in mid October, check was cashed at end of October. Over this weekend (late November) I just received the registration paper and sticker though I have not yet received the plates.

    Will the plates be sent separately? Or should I not expect to receive anything?


    1. That is totally normal. The plates and the stickers are always sent separately. They’ll typically arrive within a week or two of each other.

      1. Great to know! Thanks for the quick reply. This is such a great resource, really appreciate all the work you’ve done here.

      2. Quick follow up question, When I originally went through the process I had not completed any formal VIN verification (this was for an old harley). The only thing i did was take a clear picture of the bike and VIN on the frame.

        If I were to run the process for a handful of bikes in an estate would I need to get a formal VIN verification or should my picture method be sufficient. Many Thanks!

  31. I sent in my application registration and title with all appropriate fees. They told me that because my title states “offroad only” that i would need to get my bike inspected at a vermont inspection station? Is there any way around this? I am a nj resident.

    1. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to get some paperwork showing that the bike has been inspected and is suitable for highway use. An NJ inspection station or authorized inspector may be able to do that for you.

    2. Assuming your bike is more than 15 years old….Send your paperwork to VT with a Bill of Sale and not your title. In the bill of sale put “street driven motorcycle” It will slip by. I have done this.

  32. I have a 1980 sportster that fell out of the Ca dmv system. I have my original pink slip with my info on it. I want to start riding it again. Will I need a vin verification if was already in my name?

    1. A VIN verification is typically required when there are no records in the system. But since you’ve got the title in your name, the registration process shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

  33. Has anyone done this and managed to get a title? I have a 1994 YZF750R with no title that I would like to get titled in the State of Colorado. I called my DMV and they said that with the Vermont registration, I would still have to go through a bonding process. Has anyone successfully managed to get a title with this method and how did you do it?

  34. I’m in Maryland and the only thing stopping my from doing the VT registration is the requirement of VIN inspection requirements for motorcycles over 500cc. I called up inspection stations and they don’t know how to do a VIN inspection. The cops won’t do the paperwork. Anybody from MD knows how to do it

    1. Due to COVID-19, Vermont DMV has temporarily waived the visual VIN inspection requirement for new registrations. If you have all your other paperwork, fees, and taxes together (along with the NADA print-out), you should be good to go.

  35. Ok so I read all the comments and did not see this issue. I bought a used Kikker 5150 110cc. No vin, no title, don’t even know the year and neither did the previous owner. I’ve made all the required mods to make it street legal in California (blinkers, tail light, mirrors, etc.) I’m sure I can fudge the year since I know the range this model was built in and there’s now way for anyone to verify it.
    Here’s the issue:
    NADA does not list Kikker as a manufacturer/model and does not have a section for custom builds. How do I get a value on my bike?
    Also does mileage need to be filled out? Bike did not have a speedometer until tomorrow when I put it on, lol.
    And I guess I should have started with this, but will this even work with a custom build?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      This scenario sounds more like a Custom-Built/Home Built/Kit vehicle process, which you’ll need to go through with your home state DMV.

      1. Since VT has temporarily waived the inspection does that mean don’t send vininspection form?and do I send proof of insurance?

  36. Heres an update on the process. My first application went through just as outlined on this site (a few months ago). My second application was just sent back to me stating that I have to pay tax on a minimum of 500 dollars even if the NADA says the value is less. No big deal just thought Id relay this new info.

  37. Hey, I currently live in Illinois, I have a 1984 honda xl350r that I bought for 400 from my uncle, who bought it from a guy in Iowa, etc etc, I ran a vin check and it shows bike was never reported stolen but was last sold at a salvage auction. I restored the bike and am currently trying to get a title for it, I can get a bill of sale from my uncle and I actually have atleast a previous iowa registration from one of the previous owners dated back in 2015. Do I have everything I need to use the vermont route, do you think this will work? Thanks~

    1. motorcyclezombies

      It should work. Definitely worth a shot. You will need the bill of sale, but you shouldn’t need to include the previous reg. Good luck!

  38. I did a search on NADA. Considering the bike is in “poor” condition and the fair market value shows “N/A”, what do I do for the 6% tax?

  39. I finally acquired my 1975 Yamah 80 Enduro from my dad, after begging him for it for 30+ years. He said there was never a title to it. And can I enter a dollar in the purchase amount and not have to provide a bill of sale? Thoughts. Advice.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      You’ll need a Bill of Sale – it can state that it was a gift, if necessary. Regardless of purchase price, you’ll need to pay tax on the NADA value along with your application fees.

  40. I own a 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 (675ccs). I bought the bike as a track bike back in 2011 from the original owner who NEVER titled/registered the motorcycle. I didn’t really care because I figured it was always going to be a track bike.

    Fast forward to 2020 and I want to title it. I have the MSO that is under the original owners name, and the bill of sale to me back from 2011. When I took it to the VA DMV, they stated that I could not get a title nor register the bike because the original owner never titled the bike. After explaining to them that it was a track bike, they didn’t want to hear anymore. They said for me to get with the original owner. But I have no way of contacting him after 10 years…

    Would going through VT work in this case? It is going to be impossible for VA to give me a title on this bike.

    I’ve read through this entire thread but still confused on if VT would issue a title? It’s going to be 15 year old bike shortly but I think from what I am reading here after 15 years they only send you a registration then you can take that registration to your HOME state and use that to get a title since VT does not issue titles for motorcycles over 15 years old? Do I have that correct? In this case of it being just shy of 15 years old I’m wondering what do I need to do?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      The MSO and a Bill of Sale should be enough to register and title it for road use for the first time in VA. Sorry to hear about the trouble they’re giving you.

      I don’t see why this wouldn’t work in VT once it hits 15 years old.

      You are correct – you will not receive a VT title. You will receive a registration and plates, which can then be used as proof of ownership to get a title in your state. This is a similar process as if you were moving from one state to another with your own vehicle. If you want to do this, you’ll need to wait.

      In the meantime, I’d try contacting the VA DMV to see if there is a way to do this with what you’ve got.

      Good luck!

      1. The MSO is made out to the original owner who lived in FL. VA is telling me that the FL owner would have to title the bike. According to the book that they brought out to look at it, anything after I believe 1983 or 1993 ( I can’t recall) must be legally titled in the state of FL. So regardless if it was a “track/race bike” the VIN shows it’s 100% streetable (not for offroad use), there for in their eye it should have been titled. The folks at the DMV told me that people do this because they avoid taxes on paying for the item.

        I get it, but I am paying taxes here in VA. I’m not sure why it matters if the first person did or didn’t because it was signed over to me and then I am paying tax here in VA.

        She even called the Richmond headquarters DMV and they said the same thing. I’d have to track the original owner down and have him title it in FL (which means he’d have to pay 14 years of past due tax plus probably late fees (that’s gonna happen right..lol), then he would sign that title to me and VA would then transfer the title to a VA one. Impossible to do 10 years later. It’s truly mind numbing how much of a pita this can be when there is zero record of it anywhere and it’s never been on the road/register/titled/stolen/salvage…etc. You think it would be easier.

        The lady at the DMV said that if MY name was on the MSO then they could title it no problem.. Which makes me wonder if she was hinting at something. Obviously I don’t want to erase ink and write my name down and forge anything then end up in jail..lol

        But, I guess waiting another 2 months really is not a big deal for it to get to the 15 year mark…

        I’m on the VT website question page and it states the following:
        *Is your motorcycle 15 model years or newer?

        *Please Note: Titleable (300cc+ and 15 years old or newer)

        So does that mean I have to wait until the 16 year mark?

        Appreciate all the help. This has truly turned into such a headache for what should have been such a simple thing.

        1. motorcyclezombies

          That definitely sounds like a headache. Such a bummer.

          I’d give it a go with VT in a few months, worst case, you’ll need to wait a little longer. Please be sure to report back.

  41. Tried this because my state stopped scheduling WA state patrol VIN inspections (needed for untitled reg) due to COVID. It worked! Took them 4 weeks to cash my check, then a few more days and my plate came in the mail. Waiting for reg papers. Thank you for the clear, detailed instructions! Much appreciated!

  42. Mailed out all my info 07/31/2020 from vrigina
    Check was cashed 8/28/2020

    Waiting for the tag now then the paper work.
    2006 crf230F

      1. Got my plates! Waiting on registration. My issue was that I bought my bike for 300 bucks. Minumum sale price for vermont is 500 so I owed them an extra 12 bucks for tax. Paid it and they sent it the next day. Plates arrived last week thursday. Have yet to get registration form…

        1. Not in Vermont. They do not issue titles to these bikes at all. However, Vermont residents can apply for an “Exempt Vehicle Title” for vehicles over 15 years old.

  43. When did VT ask that a copy of NADA page be included with application? I send in application on 7/15 and still haven’t heard from them.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      They added that to their instructions fairly recently. It likely helps them speed up the processing a bit. However, if you forget it or sent in your application before they made the change, you’re probably good. The amount of time you’ve waited so far is not unheard of. You can always e-mail them for a status check and they’re usually responsive.

  44. I bought a KE 100 (barn find) out of Virginia. No title (or bill of sale..Yet). I’m assuming if I acquire a bill of sale this process should work. Does it still need a VIN verification?

  45. Tried it this summer for a 1983 Virago and they said I need a VIN verification. Bike is under 500 CC so didn’t think I’d need it. Who would VT accept it from in NY who could do that without hassling about why I am going through VT?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      VT will accept most official VIN Inspections from whoever is authorized to complete them in the other state (i.e. DMV employee, highway patrol, or licensed 3rd party).

      1. Reading into VT registration rules and regulations you only need a VIN verification done if you are looking to receive a title through the state. But if your bike is over 15 years it doesn’t matter because that won’t issue one anyways!

          1. I just purchased on 8/3/20 a 1969 Honda Z50 that has the orignal head light and the original tail light with the license plate bracket. I have a bill of sale.
            Back when these machines came out people that bought them insured and plated them.
            Can I license this bike in Vermont as a motorcycle or a moped?
            Thank You

  46. I live in New York and need to register my bike that has no title will Vermont do it with me living in New York or do I need to have an address there

  47. I sent my paper work in on 7/6/20 for my 1956 R50 BMW and I received my license plate today 7/29/20 now waiting on registration. Very happy to say the least. Thank you very much for the info was very easy and straight forward

  48. Daniel patterson

    So I bought my bike from a party in Oregon where I’m located as well without no title. I’m considering going the VT route but was unsure regarding the vin inspection. Can I have that preformed here or how do I go about this for my 07 Honda 1300 cc cruiser?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      You can have the VIN inspection completed in Oregon. You’ll submit the official form you get from the OR inspection with your VT application.

  49. Hey Motorcycle Zombies!
    Just bought a 1983 Sportster that I’m doing a little bobber build with. Bought the bike for a good price. The previous owner did not register it in his state of Rhode Island. Came with a RI title but it was dated for 1986! The name on the title was not the person I bought it from nor the person he bought it from. And the back was unfortunately signed. Again not by the person I bought it from nor the person he bought it from. So Connecticut is going to give me a hard time 100%. Also this state sucks and I don’t want to give them my money! Anyways I am just curious if anyone has been successful with Vermont Motorcycle registration during COVID-19? I have a bill of sale and I had the bikes VIN Verification done through CT. The paperwork is on official CT letterhead. Any information would be very much appreciated!! Thank you!

    1. motorcyclezombies

      I believe a few folks in the comments above have submitted applications during COVID with success.

      No harm in submitting the application (be sure to make copies of all your paperwork to keep for yourself), though it may take a bit longer than normal.

      Good luck!

  50. Is my motorcycle legal to ride with just the Vermont License plate and application? Or, do I need to wait for the official registration and registration sticker to come a week later?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      It is most likely OK, but to avoid any potential issues you should wait until your stickers arrive.

  51. I purchased a 1977 Honda Goldwing GL-1000. I have a bill of sale from the original owner but he could not find the title. I went to the CA DMV with the bill of sale and an application for title transfer. The bike is out of the DMV system last registered in 1989. I was not able to get a new title. If I go with the Vermont registration would I have a problem getting it titled in California or would I be up to the neck in paperwork again?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      It shouldn’t be a problem. Though CA may or may not require a VIN Inspection when you come back with the VT registration documents seeing as it may be considered an “out-of-state” bike. However – if you go through with VT and want to skip the DMV, AAA can take care of this sort of transaction in California.

      1. Are you certain if I join AAA they can get me a title in my name for the bike with only the bill of sale? Also how much would this cost? Thank you

        1. motorcyclezombies

          No – with a AAA membership in California, you can take care of many DMV tasks at the AAA office. You would still need to get the Vermont registration first. This would just save you the trip back to CA DMV and typically gets you some better customer service.

          The fees are the same as at the DMV, plus the cost of your annual AAA membership (~$50 to ~$120).

  52. I registered a 1973 CL450 with Vermont and got a licence plate with a copy of my submitted form with markups on it from their employees. The Louisiana DMV is giving me grief because the bike is 445cc and I don’t have a Vermont title. Does the title usually come separate or did the Vermont DMV mess up?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Nope. Vermont does not issue titles for bikes over 15 years old or under 300cc.

      After Vermont has accepted your application, you will receive 2 separate items in the mail.

      One is the license plate, which you’ve already received. The second is the registration document and license plate stickers. There can sometimes be a few weeks between receiving each one.

      (If you’ve overpaid the fees or taxes, you may also receive a refund check in the mail.)

      The registration documents (not your application copy), is what serves as proof of ownership and can be used to apply for a title and registration in your home state.

      Wait until you receive the registration document until you apply for the LA documents. After that, the OMV should be able to look up Vermont’s title laws and process your application just fine.

  53. I have a Suzuki DRZ400E that was converted to be street legal. I have no title for it. Does the VT process work for situations like this?

      1. motorcyclezombies

        You may be successful going through Vermont. However, if anything comes up about the bike being “Not Intended for Highway Use” or similar during the application processing, they won’t do it.

        You will need a Bill of Sale or something that demonstrates ownership.

        If the application is denied, you may be able to try again if you can submit any official documents regarding the street legal conversion.

        Won’t hurt to try. Good luck.

  54. I purchased a 1982 ct110. It was used by grounds maintenance crew on a huge private property (church compound) for years and years. It never rode on public highways and the original owner moved on. The bike was sold over an over again to new owners but there was never any paperwork done. I have a bill of sale with the signature of the current owner. Nobody knows the whereabouts of the last registered owner. Vin is clean. Will Vermont accept this?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      You should have everything you need to go ahead with the VT process. Good luck – always great to hear about old bikes with stories like this getting back on the road!

  55. Hello, and thank you for this excellent and hope giving information. I’m sorry to be another “is this going to work for my bike” person, but just want to make sure I’m understanding everything before I send in the papers..
    I have a 1997 suzuki DR350SE, street legal enduro bike.
    Since it’s under 500cc I do not need a VIN verification, correct?
    and since it’s over 15 years old, a title is not required and this should work with a BOS, correct?
    Thanks again!

    1. motorcyclezombies

      You are correct about both of those. The standard application steps should work for your situation. Good luck.

  56. I am in North Carolina and have a 1995 Honda 250 Nighthawk. It is titled in NC by the original owner, but the title has been lost, and the original owner has moved on to parts unknown, so I cannot request a duplicate NC title. That requires a notarized signature or the title holder. I do have a signed bill of sale, so I see no reason why I cannot proceed with the Vermont registration process. Once I get the Vermont registration, I want to use it to obtain a new NC title
    My question is:
    When I take that to the NC DMV, their computer records will show that the bike is already titled in NC. Will that prevent me from obtaining a new NC title?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      If the previous owner’s records are still in the NC DMV system, then that may or may not cause some issues. If the bike hasn’t been registered for a long time, there’s a chance that the records have fallen out.

      You can certainly register with Vermont – whether or not you’ll be successful with this particular transfer situation in NC is uncertain.

      Good luck, let us know how it goes.

  57. I recently purchased a 2014 Kawasaki ninja 300 with no title and clean VIN. I am having issues getting it registered in NY would it be possible to go to Vermont route, or what other options do I have to obtain a title or be able to register the bike?

      1. Thanks. One more thing. How would I be able to find the nada value. And when I do what number I use for the 6%. The average the low or the suggested listed price

  58. Has anyone tries this lately and had success? I filled out my forms and sent all documentation along with a check around 4 weeks ago but have yet to get anything back or hear anything. The check has gone uncashed. Should they have already processed it? I know things are crazy with the pandemic. Not sure if I should send in everything again or go a different route. I hate to go a different route only to have them cash my check after a long period of time. If they didn’t accept it, hopefully they would at least let me know.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      4 weeks is typically on the lower end of the wait time based on the experiences of the folks here at MotorcycleZombies.com

      Considering lockdowns and the resulting backlogs, many DMVs are putting certain transactions on the back-burner. Out-of-state registrations often being one of the transactions that get a lower priority.

      Vermont DMV probably has one of the best customer service departments of state DMVs out there. They tend to be extremely responsive and helpful. If you reach out to them about the status of your application, they are usually able to help. Once we reached out about our application status, and they replied that there was nothing in the system. Two days later they got back to us with an update that it was being processed.

      If there is a problem with your application, they will typically try to reach out and let you know what else they need from you, too.

      Assuming you’ve got all the necessary forms, supporting documents, taxes, and fees, you should be good to go. You may just need to wait a little longer than usual given the circumstances.

    2. In the same boat but just got my forms and checks back yesterday and they said they “don’t register dirt bikes” in Vermont. Not sure if that loophole has closed!

    3. I have 1995 Connecticut title and registration as well as bill of sale but title says rebuilt will I have a problem registering in Vermont?

      1. motorcyclezombies

        Here’s the definition from the VT DMV: “(12) “Rebuilt motor vehicle” means a vehicle upon which a salvage certificate of title, parts-only certificate, or other document indicating the vehicle is not sold for re-registration purposes, has been issued and which has been rebuilt and restored for highway operation”.

        You should be good to go here and in most other states as well.

  59. Michael Petrone

    Just followed your steps for a 2007 kymco 125cc scooter. Fingers crossed in illinois and thanks again!!!!!

    1. Michael Petrone

      Update: mailed in from Chicago on the 10th. Apparently is was delivered to dmv in vermont on the 12th. Today is 19th and no calls, or emails and check hasnt been cashed yet. I know the rona is delaying things just wanted to update.

  60. This works in North Carolina, June 2020!

    I have a 1971 Honda CT90 that my father bought brand new in the 70s. When he passed away I inherited the bike, title and everything. I never got it registered, and it sat in the garage.

    Well about 2 years ago after moving it to NC I decided to fix it up and get it running. I put a lot of work into it.
    Satisfied, I take my title and whatnot down to the NC DMV only to have them tell me it needed a bonded title?!

    Well, I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of jumping through their bearocratic hoops. Especially when I had the original title in my father’s name, and they almost implied that I had stolen the bike from myself or something. Felt that way, anyway.

    Luckily, a buddy of mine tells me about this trick from Vermont. So I gifted them the bike and had them sell it back to me for a dollar for the bill of sale.

    It works!! Just got the license plate today!
    Thank you so much for the written instructions, it made this all very simple.
    I just wish I could get that original title back from the NC dmv cause it’s kind of a keepsake to me. Oh well.

    1. What about an 07 YZ450? What does VT do if the age is not older than 15 years? I did the above process with my 03 KTM and it worked great, but an 07… what’s the process for newer bikes? Hopefully they just issue a title then?

      1. motorcyclezombies

        Since that is a “title-able” bike in Vermont, you’re going to need to provide proof of ownership as part of the registration process – typically the out-of-state title. You may be able to do it with old registration documents.

        You can always give it a try – if you’re not able to do it, they won’t cash your check, and they’ll usually notify you.

    2. How long did it take you to get the title after you mailed it. I’ve been waiting a month and haven’t heard a peep.

      1. Jeff, I mailed it on I think May 10th. I saw the check cash on June 3rd. License plate arrived a couple days after, maybe June 7th, and tags/registration exactly a week later on the 14th.

        Hopefully since I’m replying to you late, you’ve at least already seen the check cash?

  61. Stephens Pounds

    I purchased a 95 EX500 as a track bike and a B.O.L only
    Not on the track anymore and would like to get a Title to register on the street for the state of GA.
    1. Can I get my local police to do the VIN inspection and does it have to be on the Vermont form or Georgia form?
    2. Does the VIN inspection need to be notarized?
    3. Does GA except VT registration to transfer title?
    Love the information, thanks.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      If you are able to get the MCO from the previous owner, you may be able to register and title directly with the GA DOR.

      If not – yes, you can complete the VIN Inspection with your local police or whoever is authorized to do so in your area. Any official, signed form is typically acceptable. It does not need to be notarized.

      Once you’ve received your registration documents from Vermont, you’ll be able to take those and apply for a GA title and registration.

  62. Is the process listed above good for a barn find 1974 Honda CB200, the motorcycle was found on a property I bought. No title, no bill of sale. no odometer. Vin came back as clean . Can I just fill the bill of sale out myself/ have a family member do it?
    Thank you!!

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Assuming you can provide a legitimate Bill of Sale, you’ll be good to go. You’ll need to decide how exactly you want to go about that.

    2. Will Vermont work for a 2013 dr-x400? 393cc that does not have title documents. If not Vermont is there another state?

      1. motorcyclezombies

        VT will not work for this bike (not old enough, displacement too big). Your best bet is going to be to use your Bill of Sale and try to go through the process in your state. Try to get a hold of the previous owner for any registration/title documents if you’re able to. Good luck.

  63. Quick question, just picked up 1977 Honda CT70 70cc and 1993 Suzuki JR50 50cc. Only bill of sale for both. Sounds like I’m good to go for registering the 70cc and then going through the title process with that registration here in WA? The 50 Is not a street legal bike. What’s the best route for just the title?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Yup, the Vermont route will work for the CT. Make copies of the Bill of Sale before sending in your application.

      The 50 sounds like it will be a little trickier. I’d contact the DOL with a general inquiry to see if they can provide any help.

      Good luck!

  64. What do I do in the mean time if I get pulled over while I am waiting for the registration there in vermont

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Yes, you’ll put your Georgia address on the Vermont application. As for riding the bike on public streets without current registration or plates – don’t do that.

  65. This is a great guide! Thank you for putting it up and keeping the comments going!

    I have a 1985 Kawasaki 454LTD barn find, no title, clean VIN check. The engine displacement is technically listed as 454.1 cc. Can I get by without a VIN verification or does VT round up to the nearest 100 or something?

  66. I live in Massachusetts and I just bought a 1980 Honda XL500s from a seller who could only give me a bill of sale as the title is lost and he never registered the bike. Is the Vermont route my best bet for registering the bike?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      If the previous owner can’t get any duplicate documents from the RMV, then yes, Vermont is probably your best bet.

      1. Any idea how a mass resident who registers in VT would get insurance? Or would i then need to move the bike back into MA and the get insurance?

        1. motorcyclezombies

          Correct, you’ll be able to get insurance in Massachusetts and complete the title/reg process after you’ve received your documents from VT.

  67. I shipped 3 Honda motorbikes from Vietnam to NJ.
    One 1964 SS50, two 1967’s.
    Have copies of Vietnam Registrations and paperwork that deletes from Vietnamese registration.
    New Jersey is a real long process with many trips to make for title process.
    Do looking for No Title State for 50cc. Vermont looked perfect except I don’t think they handle 49/50cc bikes in this process. Any suggestions, or just run the long process with New Jersey?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      If New Jersey is where you’ll be keeping the bikes and you already have all the necessary ownership documents, sticking with their process is probably your best bet – as frustrating as it may be. Good luck.

  68. This is the best write up I’ve seen on this process. Simple, clear, straightforward. Much appreciated.

  69. I have a 2007 crf450r and wanting to make it street legal in Kansas. However I do not have a title just need some guidance on how to do so. Anything helps!

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Unfortunately, the bike is too new with too big an engine to go the VT route.

      I’d recommend trying to contact the previous owner about either locating the title or possibly requesting a duplicate from the DOR. However, that’s often a long shot.

      Make sure you get all your documentation together – any previous registration papers, Bill of Sale, VIN Verification if necessary.

      Contact the DOR to see if they have a process for you to follow. You may be able to register and title the bike with the documents you do have along with a Statement of Facts or something similar.

      Good luck!

      1. What is the displacement requirement? I take it it’s dirt bike specific?

        I’ve got a 2013 KTM XC-F 450 that I’d like to plate for Oregon, but they won’t do that. VT won’t work?

      1. Do i not have to get the guy i bought the bike from sign the section 3b? The bill of sale is enough?

        1. I am a PA resident. I just picked up a free 2019 Taotao Hellcat 125CC (its in a bunch of parts). Could I still go about this route? I am unsure if the guy had a title, he bought it as a parts bike for his Grom and I do not have a history of the bike yet.

          1. motorcyclezombies

            This route could work for you. VT does not issues title to bikes under 300cc.

            You will still need a signed Bill of Sale (even though it was free). If he does have a title or an MCO, try to get that as well.

        1. motorcyclezombies

          You’ll get plates and registration papers. VT does not issue titles for older bikes. You can then use the registration documents to register and title the bike in your home state.

  70. Hi I purchased a storage unit 5+ years ago. And it had a 1971 Suzuki trail hopper 50cc bike in it. It has horn lights turn and stop lights. How could I get it titled with out a bill of sale. In illinois.

  71. Can i have a friend fill out section 1 as previous owner because i am not in touch with the original owner anymore and theres no way of contacting him.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Section 1 is for you (the new/current owner to fill out). Assuming you have the Bill of Sale from the PO, you’re good to go.

  72. Which portions of the form need to be filled out? Do i need to fill in section 7? And also, which box do I check in section 4?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      To complete the registration application, you’ll need to fill out:

      • Section 1 (for Vermont DL # you can write your state abbreviation and your DL #).
      • Section 3B (include the seller’s name, address, and date of purchase – the Bill of Sale you’ll include will contain their signature.)
      • Section 4 (check New Registration, Motorcycle)
      • Section 5 (fill out everything applicable here including the # of Wheels and CCs in the Cycle/ATV section
      • Section 6 (fill out Purchase Price only).

      You do not need to fill out section 7.

      If you miss something, the Vermont DMV is typically very helpful in either correcting it for your or getting in touch to help fix the issue.

  73. I’ve got a 86 Honda rebel that I was given they bought it with no title can they make me a bill of sale to go vt route

  74. Buying a 2002 Sportster with no title bill of sale only. The previous owner has registration from the original state of title, possibly still has a lien on the bike he is unsure of that, Cyclevin.com reported no liens. However, a search in the state of FL reports lienholder of a defunct buy here pay here, would the Vermont DMV see the lien or would I still be able to register this bike in VT?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      The state will more than likely see the lien history and whether or not there’s still an active lien on the bike.

      1. Thank you for the prompt reply, My other question if I file with hem and go through I assume they would just send me the check back and let me know there is a lien on it?

        1. motorcyclezombies

          I would probably assume that would be the case. However, there’s also the possibility that they try to notify the previous or current lien holder as well.

  75. I have done the vermont route and have a motorcycle registered in my name with a vermont plate and inspection sticker but no title. Am I now street legal? Do I need an inspection? Would I need an inspection for insurance? If I go to sell this bike to someone, do I send the transfer of ownership to vermont so they get their new registration from vermont too, even though we live in PA? Thanks

    1. motorcyclezombies

      The Vermont registration is your proof of ownership. This is what you can use to get a PA title, registration, and plate. You’ll only need an inspection if PA requires it as part of their application process.

      The bike is street legal if it has all the necessary equipment as required by PA. You’ll need insurance to operate it. I don’t know of any insurance companies that require vehicle inspections.

      If you sell the bike before you transfer it to PA in your name, no, the buyer does not need to do anything through Vermont.

        1. motorcyclezombies

          If you have plans to sell the bike, you don’t need to do any of this. You’ll just need a Bill of Sale.

  76. Hi, I have a 2016 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 that I purchased from a seller in TX – I’m in MS. I could not get the title and I only have a Bill of Sale. If I receive a VIN verification form, and fill out and register the bike in VT; would I then get a title or just registration documentation? Will it be enough to then title in MS? Thanks!

      1. I’m looking to buy a crf450x 2009. The seller doesn’t have a title the VIN is clean. Could I get a VT registration plate with a bill of sale and no title? I want to eventually transfer it into Pa.

          1. I have a 2008 Suzuki 1800 bought in ALA with only a bill of sale . The bike has not been tagged since 2018 by previous owner. There is possibly a lein on the bike not sure.
            Where and how can I get title register bike.

          2. motorcyclezombies

            If there’s an existing lien on the bike, that will need to be taken care of before you’re able to title and register it in your name – anywhere.

            State DMVs will be able to look that up. If the lien is not paid off, the lienholder still controls the title.

            You can use AL DOR’s Motor Vehicle Record Request forms to find out: https://revenue.alabama.gov/motor-vehicle/request-motor-vehicle-records/

            This should point you in the right direction of how you’ll need to get started.

  77. I have a 1948 indian chief restoration project with a bill of sale with a purchase price of $5000 which is most likely less than NADA value. Who determines fair market value for tax purposes in Vermont

  78. Hi, I purchased an old Honda CB500Four from PA and had it shipped in AZ, where I reside. IT does not have a title and was wondering if I could register it in Vermont and also obtain a new title. Thanks for the help.

  79. I have an 05 gsxr600. Would I be able to title it using this method since I only have a bill of sale? I ran vinchecks on it and it came back clean.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      You’ll need a VIN Verification Inspection completed by a state official who’s certified to do so. Sometimes your local DMV can do this, other times you may have to take the bike to highway patrol.

  80. I have a 2005 cbr 600cc rr the bikes got vin check not stolen or salvaged I was given a title but no bill of sale ? What do i do

    1. motorcyclezombies

      If you’ve got the signed title, you should be good. If your state requires a Bill of Sale – I’d ask the seller to draw one up for you.

  81. i have a 2007 yamaha yfz-r6 (600cc)…i bought the bike with no title, but have vin inspection to show not stolen/not salvaged. WY is giving a lot of grief to get it registered/titled. Is there anything VT can do to help

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Unfortunately, a 2007 model just misses the 15 year old mark in 2020. I’d recommend looking into a duplicate/replacement title if WY continues to give you trouble – or seeing if you can get the old registrations along with the Bill of Sale to help demonstrate chain of ownership.

        1. motorcyclezombies

          Your bike is not old enough to go through VT. You’ll need to get in touch with the seller to see about getting a duplicate title.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      15 year-old+ bikes with engines under 500cc typically do not require a VIN inspection. You should be good to go.

        1. motorcyclezombies

          Good luck! Just be sure to send in enough to cover registration + tax fees. They’ll give you a refund if you send too much.

          1. I have an 02 Harley with no title but a clean vin and prev registration and insurance. How much and where do I send my paperwork to. And what paperwork will be needed ?

          2. motorcyclezombies

            To register the motorcycle in Vermont you’ll need the following:

            • Registration Application
            • Bill of Sale
            • VIN Verification Form (assuming the bike is over 500cc)
            • Fees: $48 (for 1 year registration) + 6% of sale price or Fair NADA value, whichever is greater. Checks payable to Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

            It probably wouldn’t hurt to send in a copy of the previous registration as well – assuming it demonstrates the chain of ownership.

            Once you’ve gathered all of that, send it in to:

            Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
            120 State Street
            Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

            In a few weeks you should see your check cashed, then you’ll receive your plate in the mail, and a week or so later you’ll receive the registration sticker and registration card.

      1. Hi,
        I live in new jersey and I have two bikes that do not have titles. A 2001 honda Xr650r and a 1985 250sx. Both in near new condition. I want the 650 to be street legal and i want registrations and plates for both. What do I need to do to accomplish that? Do i or the bikes need to go to vermont? I am 3 hrs from bennington.

        1. motorcyclezombies

          You do not need to take the bikes to Vermont. Simply follow the registration steps above and mail in all your forms, materials, and fees.

  82. Please tell me this will work! It’s been a long and draining process. I live in NC I have a 1978 Honda hawk CB400A who was given to me by the last “owner”. He didn’t have any paper work for the bike except a letter saying he needed to get the bike inspected in 2014 which he never did and now doesn’t have a title for it. We were going to try and do the indemnity bond but I think this way will be better if it works? Should it work?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Make sure you’ve got a bill of sale to send in along with your application and fees and you should be good to go. Worth a shot for sure.

    1. You’ll need a VIN inspection form completed to send in along with your application, but yes, you should be good to go.

  83. Hi got a stolen and recover HD from TX didn’t know it was a non repairable title got inspection form but my state won’t let Me
    register it can I do it in Vermont

  84. I have a 1982 Honda VF750 that I purchased from a guy I know the other day. He bought it from a guy who lost the title so neither of us has it. I ran a VIN check on it and it came up clean. Any thoughts on how to register it? I live in Missouri. thanks!

  85. I have a Hawk 250cc with the MCO from dealer in texas but no bill of sale. Is there any state I can title this in and then transfer to Wisconsin? Thanks

  86. I work in a garage and was given an abandoned moped. It’s been sitting there for 1yr they were going to throw it away. I don’t have any paperwork but I do have keys for it. Can I register/get title in Vermont and then transfer it to Hawaii?

    1. I ran my VIN with a cop friend and once it came up clean I used my best friend’s info to”sell” it to me on the bill of sale. Filled out the Vermont paperwork and sent a check. They ended up sending me a refund because I overpayed! Transferred the plate for a MI title once the Vermont tags expired. Never even had the VIN inspected once tbh. Easy peasy. Bike was 1969 Yamaha ct175.

  87. Hello I’m having a problem getting my 2004 RMZ250 titles in Kentucky. I don’t have tags or plates and the bike has had a lost tile for years now. I have been looking up ways to title the bike but what about getting a title that is not in your name and is lost?

  88. Yu Gean Alex Chang

    Hi from California! thank you for the info! I bought a 1966 Honda s90 from the seller who originally bought the bike for parts but ended up restoring it. We made a bill of sale, no title. he told me that he searched the vin and there is no records in CA. Should I register it in Vermont?
    I am very eager to ride this beauty!!

  89. Jeffery Helmers

    Hi I have a 1982 Honda sabre in Idaho, I purchased a motorcycle from a guy who signed the back and gave me the title and then vanished so I have the title but it’s not my name what can I do

    1. motorcyclezombies

      If he signed the buyer’s portion instead of the seller’s portion that’s definitely a big mistake. Best bet would be to try to track him down if that’s the case. If he signed both the buyer and seller portions of the title – I’d try to correct the error with your name and explain what occurred if any questions come up. Good luck.

  90. Hey there! I’ve got a 93 Fatboy with new frame and casings… So technically the VIN never existed in any state. Can I still use the new numbers on the frame when submitting info to register in Vermont? Or would I need to take it for inspection. (Non Harley frame in CT will be considered composite unfortunately)

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Bikes with engines over a certain size (500cc I believe) will still require a VIN inspection to register in Vermont. Could be worth a try though if no other options prove out. Good luck!

  91. Michael E Bayliff

    I live in Texas and have and out of state title for motorcycle I bought from person living in Colorado can I register the bike in Vermont and then once title is transferred into my name register it in Texas so I can get tags for motorcycle. Right now I have no tags cause they where taken by old owner.

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Hi Michael – You should be able to register the bike in Texas using the Colorado title. If you’re not able to do that for whatever reason, then, yes, you’d be able transfer to Texas from Vermont. I’d try to go through Texas first with the out-of-state CO title. Thanks for visiting Motorcycle Zombies. Good luck.

  92. Could I get a Vermont title or registration for a 1983 Yamaha XS650 if I live in Massachusetts? I tried to register it in MA but can’t because I don’t have the prior owners title or registration who lives in NH. All I have is a Bill of Sale. What are my options? Thanks. Tim

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Vermont seems like your best bet. Fill out the form, provide the current fees, and get a VIN inspection if necessary, and mail it all off. Good luck!

      1. I’m in Rhode island I have a 1985 Honda elite 250 no title or registration only bill of sale. Can I register in VT?

    1. motorcyclezombies

      Hi Dennis,

      You should be able to get a Vermont title for your Triumph through this process. Once you receive the title and plates, you could ride the bike and then transfer it in Hawaii.

      Good luck!

      1. Okay so I purchased a motorcycle from a gentleman and Florida and lost the title and ended up being an open title I live in Georgia and I’m unable to register in Georgia according to this I can register this in Vermont but do I put the Georgia address on the paper when I fill it out to register in Vermont

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